Thursday, May 09, 2013

A- for avatharam

What is the meaning of the word Avatharam - was a question I read somewhere, but couldn't quite reach to the answer section. While reading the Meluhan trilogy the question again came to mind. Do you guys know that the real meaning of the word "Avatharam" is "descent"?!!! While we worship most of the avatharams as Gods, originally they are a step down from their own divine self. Of course if you take a whole lot of stuff from infinity what remains is still infinitely more. Still why the avatharams are a step down from the divinity called god?!!

To start with, the reason why the avatharams had to be taken by god in first place. Myth, story, fiction or imagination whatever the case maybe,  the mistakes made by gods more often than not are the reason for them to "descend" down to earth. Apart from the first 2, the rest of the cast of the dasavatharam would've been to destroy evil. In other words, the avatars side with the good to root out the evil. This I felt could be another reason why an avatar is never given the due respect as the original divine form, for god never takes sides. Be it good or evil, god grants them their wishes for their penance. When the use of boon becomes abuse, he has to kick himself for being so naïve and takes a different form each time to root out the evil. Such a costly price for being naïve :)

Read somewhere that the dasavatharam actually resonates the life cycle evolution. Machavataram represents that life started in water in aquatic form, koorma-amphibious, varaga-terrestrial and for narasimma I couldn't find any description. Wonder if it would've referred to the first mutant human? half primate half human? and then pygmies in vaamana representation and rest of the series have more than enough explanation. Interestingly the concept of proverbial flooding of the world and a sample of every living thing being taken aboard a mighty ship finds occurrence in both the Bible and here as well!!

Trying this as a part of the a-z series :) not sure how many alphabets I can cover as posts :D lets see :D


Prashanth Ashok said...

Et tu? Nice start by the way

Anonymous said...

I thought you were gonna write about the Nasser's movie.. Good one there!

Anonymous said...

next time my mom scolds me as avatharam, I will probably show her this and say, I was also divine!!! :P
Good one Gils, welcome aboard :D :D
- Vid :)

Deepa Iyer said...

clap clap :D good start.

Ramesh said...

Aha. Meluha has captivated you so much. Please reserve G for Gilsanandam:)