Saturday, May 25, 2013

E for -Ennna koduma saaar ithu

"Arangetra velai" padam paathirukeengala?

Athula Sakthi Nadaga Sabha owner VK Ramasamykku adikadi wrong calls varum. Each time he would answer the phone only to get pissed off.

Same thing with our landline number. Ours and enga area Oriental Bank of Commerce number differ just by the last digit. On an average we will get atleast half a dozen calls per day. And when we tell them that they've the wrong number, at times people refuse to believe and would argue how can the number they dialled be wrong when they are so sure of it!!! Adai...thappa dial pannathu nee...enna kaetta enaku epdi theriyum nu badil solli maalaathu. Oru stageku mela ivanunga imsai thaangaama..the moment they say Oriental we used to cut the call saying wrong number.

Ipdithaan one day, we got a call for the bank.

"Hello..OBC yaa?"
"huh? ileenga naanga MBC"
This time the line got disconnected from the other end.

Annilenthu eppo call vanthaalum ithaan response. Namma oorula caste nameka panjam. Each time a different category. And ipolaam avlo frequenta call varathilla :D


Ramesh said...

Did you not know that one further number change and it was Rajnikanth's unlisted number.

Tring Tring

Hullo (Imagine Rajni's screen voice).

Gilsa ??

............ Gilsu to continue story in comments column !

sahi said...

ha hha.. well same case with us.. but instead of OBC the call would be for a gas agency1.. and many times people have fought with us saying we dont book the gas and they would raise the issue with the higher officials..:P