Friday, April 12, 2013

Chinna kannan has grown :)

Few years back I had mentioned about one sweet lil devil..infact two of cousin's kids. It was about their "criminal" escapades. Whenever I meet them, they are at various sizes and shapes, literally and figuratively. I first saw them on the day of their birth. Tiny, puny and having born few weeks in advance bit pale too. Next visit was when they were talking and my god they could talk. You can read about them on these posts
post 1 , post 2 , post 3 Each time I will have some memorable incidents with those sweet rascals and this time was no exception either. One of the deadly duo has a pronunciation problem and can't say "sa" it comes as "aa". Instead of calling "Chithappa" he will say "athappa" and he started realising much before that we are making fun of his "spello" and would try to escape. This time when I was teasing him, my aunt, who is his grandma by the way, told me that it runs in the family and I am no less than those guys. Then only I realised I still call her "Mumummaa"  and my uncle as "Papppappa" :D:D I couldn't make out the word "Periamma" or "Periappa" as a kid and ended up calling them like that and I still do till this date :)
Back to the plot. It so happens that in their school, the kids had been given "voluntary" home work (!)whatever that means and for each assignment that they finish they will be given a star. These guys do these stuff with relish and everyday they get a badge. The day I went my manni was asking them to show their badges to me and I found one missing for the previous day.

"Daai..where is the badge for yesterday"
"Tholanju poachu" he replied (that it got lost)
" should've been more careful..see you lost the star"
"athunaala enna athappa...doing homework is important.. star naalikum kedaikum"

!!! I was stunned for a moment. What a profound thought. It could've been something totally innocent and he is too small a kid for having realised the significance of what he said, but it felt so happy that his thoughts are in the right direction. I could see a sense of satisfaction on manni's face at his reply :)
Way to go kutti paiyaa :) You're on the right track.


Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

athaikku meesa molacha chittappa :)

Aarti said...

aww, such a chweetu post this is.. :))

Anonymous said...

Children tend to surprise you when you least expect it.

Asha said...

Right attitude kutti paiyaa! loved the attitude!! Profound and cool!!!

BTW his athappa still calls his aunt what? Grow up, Gils!

gils said...


:)) paravaalaye tamizhlaam pesara..




verrry true :)

Anonymous said...


growin old is mandatory...grwng up is optional :)

Ramesh said...

Any teacher, or parent, or school, who can instill such a belief in a child deserves a few million stars. Athappa - pl go and give a start to whoever was behind this idea.

Asha said...

@ anonymous - Haiyo!!! enna oru thathuvum....modern day socrates why hide behind anonymous?

gils said...

spoken like true thala :)


ohh..nallatha thaan solreenagala///appo anony nan thaan :) hehehe