Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ironman 3

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha Gils, went movie watching again this weekend. This is that time of the year when superheroes throng the Hollywood story stables. And Marvel comics has been the leading the way for the past decade. Its the third and (Spoiler alert) probably the last instalment of Ironman. Certain people are made for certain roles or is it the other way round, we would never know. Like Munnabhai for Sanjay dutt, Krissh for Hrithik, Dhoom for Abishek its Ironman for Robert Downey Junior. I know...kanraavi comparison...just to drive home the point :) I am sure the scriptwriters would've wracked their minds to make Tony Starc as close to the original comic character in the first instalment and after seeing RDJ rock the screen they wud've changed tack and made Ironman as close to RDJ's wacko personality in the next two instalments. Such is the man's onscreen persona that, he makes Tony Starc the most charismatic, macho, egoistic and megalomaniac of all the alter egos of all superheroes combined. Infact that's what makes Ironman the most amazing of all superheroes, which otherwise is just a geeky techie billionaire inside an iron suit. Unlike other heroines, Gwenneth Paltrow is no dumb blonde sidekick who squeals in distress and bates eyelids. She is the brain and calming "Pepper" to the otherwise uncontrollable Tony. In this part of the series, she gets to do some daredevil stunts of her own and in the climax even saves the superhero, with her own forced upon superpower. I think all the scriptwriters have gone overboard in projecting the powers of the femme fatale. Be it Batman (in Dark knight rises) or Spiderman (Amazing spiderman) its the ladies who come to the rescue. With Man of Steel looming large next, hope the original superhero bucks the trend :) Story wise, to be honest, I couldn't quite follow. Maybe katha purinjiruntha wud've liked it more!! But felt dull and drab. Till now couldn't figure out why the natural limb growing medicine makes one a weapon by superheating them. And how come the villain alone gets to regenerated a zillion times, only to die by getting beaten with a uruttukattai from semma kattai heroine and not the rest of the adiyaals. And what is the link to "Mandarin" Ben Kingsley, who, another spoiler alert, is not the villain, but one comedy piece. BUT...But..the paisa vassool moment is the climax. Oru Ironman vanthaalay pattaya kelappum, when RDJ and the army major gets surrounded by villains, an army of Ironman comes to rescue them. Enthiranla athanai Rajani vanthapo theaterla whistle parakara mathiri imagine pannikunga. The stunt sequences were the real life saver in the movie. There is a scene when he is tied to one frame. He asks villains adiyaal how far is Florida from that place. They taunt him and breaks his Dora watch. He threatens the person who breaks the watch that he would kill him first and when he struggles like Manohara Sivaji to break the shackles they laugh at him only to be stunned to see the armour flying to EDJ. Appo theaterla vantha whistles paakanumay!!! Felt like pakka masala action movie in tamil. And it was scintillating too. Apart from few wisecracks here and there and awesome stunt sequences, there is nothing more to write about. Final scenela RDJ destroys all the ironman suits and even undergoes operation to get his heart treated. Ithoda subamnu poattraanga. Adutha seriesku probably it will take several more years and a much younger hero maybe. The action sequences on the disaster portions are getting so realistic and awesome with each movie. Wonder what is in store when the Man of Steel lights up the screen :) Hope Superman doesnt disappoints like Ironman :)


Ramesh said...

Yes, I know that you are recent US returned, but its s absolute insult to watch Ironman in Chennaipattinam. Please stay with reviewing
Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum,
Pesu, Amara, Biriyani and Endrendrum Punnagai !!!!!

Thamizhmaangani said...

unaku intha 'paragraphing' meethu enna kaandu-nu theriyalai!!!

Brian Haley said...

I would like to know why it is an insult to watch Iron Man in Chennaipattinam, or what that even means. I'm afraid I do not understand the language you switch to, but English, German, or Spanish and we're in business. (