Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Destiny's child

When she pinged last week, i responded with mixed feelings of joy in connecting with her again and incoming sense of bad news. Sadly, my hunch turned out to be true. There are topics that makes me queasy and the best i would be able to offer would be a silent and patient listen in such conversations. When she told the news of her mom's demise, i thought that would be the final straw that broke the camel's back.

"B" ,as i know her, has been destiny's infamous child. I used to tease her that worse case, she can sell her life story as a script to Sun TV and they would get the ultimate tear jerker mega serial ever. Jokes and kiddings apart, hers is nothing but a life of struggle. I strongly believe that, when god gives you suffering, it would be directly proportional to the impending happiness. It would help my mind to wander away beyond the issue into the future of peace and happiness. It gave a sense that the issue on hand will end soon and there will be light at the tunnel's end, always. But in her case, it only seemed to be a precursor wave of sadness to the following bigger one. Some of her issues, one wouldnt even have imagined possible in such a short span of lifetime. And having forced into a situation where she had to stay away from family, she had to face through all the issues alone. Its a major achievement that she had maintained her sanity amidst all the chaos, that goes by the term life and that she was able to swim through the never ending tides with a smiley face makes her eligible for a Nobel for human endurance. She has always been my favorite tease buddy for she is always a great sport and anyone who talks to her couldnt even believe the sadness behind all those cheer.

An amazingly independent person who not only self sponsored her studies but almost always saved some money to send for her parents, all this in a salary that would make meagre sound plentiful. I always keep telling after every major breakdown that finally it has turned the corner and couldnt go any worse from here, she will only smile and tell "lets wait and see". Pessimistic as it might sound, life has always proved her right by throwing in one challenge after another. Any adult, having to face similar situations, would've either ended their life or gone insane. But this kid, she dealt with each and every adverse situation with aplomb and continues to fight with every single cell in her. Her pillows might never have been dry from her tears, but to the outer world, she is always this cheery kid. Some might even consider her haughty for she never gives up. For all my petty cribbing's and cravings, i just think of her and the things that she face day in and day out. It reiterates the zillion things that i take for granted and makes me wonder what she wouldnt give just for a day's break from her life.

Even the news of her mom's demise, the way she broke the news to the world is a lesson in personal diplomacy. She was elegant as always and calm. I could sense the inner storms raging inside her which she would've got used to after all these years. But her outside facade is always that of calm and serene, never betraying the real emotions. For all i know, she would come out of this irreplaceable loss even more stronger and if life has every taught her anything, it maynot let up on her any sooner. But, i am sure as the sun rising tomorrow, this kid will fight. Oh yes. She is a fighter to the core and would give it back to life as much as it throws problems at her. Blessed are her parents for having given birth to such a wonderful person. I always use her as the example to motivate my friends and they at times have tough time to believe if such a person really exist in flesh and blood!! And the kind of things that she has to face at such an young age, all alone, staying far away from home, is material enough for any inspirational block buster. I kid her that, if at all she decides to make a book out of her life, the distribution rights should be given to me. It would put any best seller a run for its money.

Dear B, It has always been a pleasure and a privilege to have known you all these years. I know you are too proud to reject any help. Its high time life gave you your long pending share of joy and happiness. You will always be on my prayers, on those that are for you - to give you more strength and on those that are for me - to make me atleast half as strong as you. Proud of you B.


Aarti said...

Awww, such a total Heart warming piece Gils.. for a minute i dint know if i was really on ur blog or was reading someone else's blog...

good luck to "B" and may your wishes for her come true :))

Asha said...

God bless her and give her strength to bear the loss. PErhaps, she will have only happiness in future.

Ravi said...

A blog for a friend, seems B had inspired you a lot.

In a sense we are all destiny's child, keep fighting till we reach the end ( not sure what the end is !! ).

Wish B has the super strength to withstand the loss.

Avada Kedavra said...

Hope she gets all the strength to face these terrible times!

Ramesh said...

That there are such people in the world is a testimony to the indomitable will of the human spirit.

B - you are a heroine. May you have all the strength in the world and may you achieve many times more happiness than all the sorrows that have been piled on you.

Sivaranjini Balasubramanian said...

Gils, you have been nominated for Leisbster Award by the awesome me :P

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