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Review time - Movies

2013 has been really amazing in the kind of movies i got to watch compared to 2012 which was an year of mokkais. Onnu kooda therala.

First one that comes to mind is Django unchained. Typical Quentin Tarantino movie where additionally he thumbs his nose on racism. The movie is a mass masala entertainer with splashes of senti scenes thrown in. A story ,which in the hands Spielberg, could've been an emotional tearjerker, Tarantino plays with fire and comes out trumps. Its the story set in a time when blacks where sold on auctions to the highest bidder as slaves and how badly they were treated by their white lords. Its a story of how one guy rises above these inhuman practices and takes revenge with the help of another white guy. Django gets freed by a white guy who is a bounty hunter. The scenes where they effortlessly shoot their way across the situations they find themselves in are so violent that its almost comical. The movie has so much blood splashing they might acutally post a warning sign for front benchers to watch out for all those blood and goo. Django wants to free his wife from the clutches of slavery and with the help of the white guy sets in search of "Candyland" where she is kept captive. DiCaprio is amazingly villainic on a cameo role. Samuel Jackson as DiCaprio's servant in chief is menacing. A very serious theme handled with utmost casualness. But albeit a very bold and brave attempt.

Next in line is Looper. Apdiye Terminator -2 Judgement day voda modern day remake. Supposedly a sci fi theme but filmed in a contemproray mode. The story takes place in future with the flashback sequences also happening in future. Its has some chillingly horror scenes where the thug trying to escape starts loosing/melting each parts of his body during time travel as his past self gets brutually beaten and smashed to death. Its the story of a contract killer, going back in time to kill the guy who tries to kill him in future. The contract killer tries to take out the bad guy when he is a kid so that the entire future will change. But in the climax realises that he is the one responsible for the kid to take up the path of violence and takes his own life. After Damien Omen, this is one kid that would sure send a chill down your spine. The concept of telekinetic power is handled eerily and the scifi angle never goes overboard but retains its casual touch. Overall a decent movie with a not so unique concept.

Apruma...Argo. It just grabs you by the eyeballs and makes you freeze in attention within the first half hour of the movie. It looks like candid camera of Iran hostage crisis and what happened within the consulate when the mob goes beserk and ransacks the office. Very realistically picturised and with all those grainy seedy films like erstwhile movies, it looks so realistic. A must watch movie with brilliant screenplay. So many novels have been written on the same theme and similar movies have also been made. But none so original and realistic. Ben Affleck is one highly underrated actor but seriously ignored director. With this one, he should stake his rightful place. Must watch movie.

Next in queue - Lincoln, Good day to Die hard - 5th in the Die hard series. Me a big time fan of Bruce Willis.Have seen most of  his movies and all of his die hard franchise. Die hard is one movie series that i never miss a chance to watch just for the sheer awesomeness of the characters. Hope the 5th lives up to its reputation. And for Lincoln, even if its a mokka movie, i will anyway watch. I love the character of Abbey Lincoln as a person. His struggles in real life, the number of times he lost and how he finally won the ultimate office post in US, his fight against slavery and above all his statue in Washington...simply in awe of this person. Of all the Americans, if there is one guy i really admire, that would be Lincoln and who better than the master director Spielberg to handle the movie. Hope the movie doesnt disappoint.

Movie review avlo thaan..aduthathu books :)


Asha said…
even i like Abe lincoln :)just two months and already into so many movies. will await your book review. stockholm syndrome padicchen as always you kalakkings in fiction. but how is it you are in chennai bloggers club.adhu charlotteendru allava irukka vendum?
gils said…
uchaani kelailenthu elanee kedaikuthungarathukaaga thennai maram vaanathula velayuthu sollida mudiyuma..ver tharaila thaana irukum :) *epdi gils ithelaam..unnala mattum...avvvvvvvvv*
Asha said…
aiya.....saami......thappu....thappu..inimay solla matten. adhukku ivlo peria dandanaiya? aana.....epdi gils ...thamizh socrates daan neenga.
gils said…
heheheheh :))
RS said…
I like Lincoln too: What an inspiration he is! Waiting to watch the movie (A vacation followed by neck deep work is holding me from watching immediately)

//uchaani kelailenthu elanee kedaikuthungarathukaaga thennai maram vaanathula velayuthu sollida mudiyuma..ver tharaila thaana irukum :) *epdi gils ithelaam..unnala mattum...avvvvvvvvv*//

vaazhkaila neenga ellam nalla varuveenga pa!! Mudiyyyala!!
gils said…
hehehe... asha madam n athivasi 10sun :)
Ramesh said…
Looks like Gilsu watches two movies a day ???

For a change, why don't you watch Thiruneelakantar or Ambikapathy and write a review :):)
gils said…
:D:D would love to ...just need the dvds :D

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