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Ada... Dumeelu thaan dumeelu thaan...gilsu gun nula sutta dumeelu thaan :D:D
Erkanavay athu dappanguthu song..athula lyrics change vera thevayaanu kekareengalaa :D the floating in air :D

Enaku pudikumngarathaala generalise pannala, but i guess, for most of the guys, their childhood aasai would definitely be to own a toy gun. The noisier and funkier it is the better. Me a huge fan of all LEO Toys products ( a kambeni that was swallowed up by the Fisherprice, Toys R Us monsters..down with FDI ). They had launched a machine gun model that made the typical rat-tat-tat-tat-tat noise along with flashing lights and also came with a dart. It was the ultimate toy i could ever imagine and whenever i went to my friends place who had bought that gun, i would never keep it down. It was way too expensive and i never had a chance to own one. Once while walking on the Nagai kadai Madaveethi my dad suddenly asked me, "Do you remember that gun toy?". I was into my second job then and was surprised that he still remembered my craze for that toy. I later realised that he never forgot that i never had the gun.

After watching an episode of How I Met your mother, in which Barnie creates a ruckus in a Laser tag competition, we were chatting about trying it out once and were enquiring about it. Casually i threw in the idea of going to a shooting range, if at all there is one near by and trying it out with the real stuff. Never did i realise that it would be taken so seriously :) My roomie got all 3 of us coupons with great deal (almost 85% Off !!) and last weekend we all went for shooting. While those two were literally freaking out with fear, hearing the REAL noises made from REAL guns with REAL bullets, i was trembling with excitement.  There was a mandatory video watch on safety procedures before the shoot. Never had i watched a documentary so intently and seriously in my life. By the time it got over, I could recite every single syllable of what was told in that 30 mins video. Looking at the wide eyed stares we were giving and posing with all the guns, the guy at the counter who was giving out the guns, started his sales pitch to us. He told that since we were trying for the first ever time, we should go for one with minimum recoil and suggested a .9MM. Makkalay, cinemala kaatrathelaam summa ullullaaikku. The real ones are amazingly heavy and loaded ones even more so. Ivlo ganama irukkay vera model pakalam sollitu he showed a colt revolver. That model is in existence for past 200 years. He said, that's more of a ladies and rookies gun as it can be concealed in purse or pocket and easy to use too. No safety latch and all. Just point and shoot..literally. Since it was looking more like our roll cap deepavali thupaaki and was literally weightless, we wanted to see something in between range and he showed us a Smith and wesson gun. When the choice came for picking the gun, we were so greedy that, we followed the "Kodaali kathai" and took all 3 of them. There was an instructor who taught us how to load the bullets and he again repeated the safety instructions. After that he left the lane to us and went. I wanted to take the first shot and the roomies were more than willing to let me try for they were still shaking.

We set the target at 5 feet initially and i started with the revolver. The moment i took aim, it all came flooding back. The scenes i had imagined with my toy gun, all those years of unfullfilled aasais. For a minute i didnt know what to do. And suddenly i was brought back to my sesnses with a deafening noise. I had pulled the trigger subconsciously and the bullet had struck right at the neck of the target. Al three of us were jumping with joy and the people from pakkathu lanes, guess they wud've been used to seeing such things, gave us that been-there-done-that look and continued with their shooting. We took turns of 5 bullets each and tried out all the 3 guns. One hour flew like anything and soon we were the only people left on the shooting lane and the caretaker lady had to literally drag us out. Last try, Last try solliye we stayed for 15 more minutes. Athuku mela late panna, that lady made it abundantly clear that she might have to use her gun on us to bring us out. Ara manasoda we came out.

For a person who never had a chance to try a toy gun, it was an initiation with Beretta, Colt and Smith&Wesson.

There goes an entry from my bucket list :)


RS said…
:) :)

Gils on a bucket-list-ticking-spree.....
Asha said…
wow, that's an experience!

Childhood asai niravethifiedaaa!
adhukudaan solradhu kuzhandaigal kettadu ellam vangi kudakka koodadunnu.

Indha madiri earn panra joyla daanay fulfilment?

R-ambam said…
they sure have a way of enjoying life here with all it takes to get the thrill dont they ?
hmm enjoy maadi !

hey i took the farmer fair pistol that was pretty heavy ,went way off the target :( but u know the dissappointment actually triggers the want more, ironic !
Vincy said…
That cartoon you have put up reminded me of my son with a Gun.. the same Leo toys. This one came with yellow pellets and my little whirlwind never missed his targets, so much so we had to ban him from using it. ( his fav' targets were his mom and dad and it hurt like hell ).

I remember hiding it and he still found it and this time targeted all the tubelights, and we realised the damage much later in the evening.

Ahhh.. boys and guns... you brought back some memories.

Nice to read your experience I was touched by your dad's comment. Surprisingly these comments take on a new meaning when we ourselves become a parent.
Ramesh said…
OMG. Gilsu is now elected as a leading member of the Tea Party

Gilsu engeyo poittaru. Thirumbi vara mathiri theriyale :):)
Aarti said…

aduthathu on list ennathu???????????

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