Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thank you for the music

A typical Sunday mass -an usual motley bunch of people who had came in to sing paeans to their Lord. Soon they lost themselves in the choir which reverberated across the entire chapel. Everyone were getting soaked in the divinity of the voices. But one mind alone was thinking a wee bit different. No doubt that person also was attracted towards the choir recital. But his thoughts were bordering on the inquisitive spirit leave alone spiritual. His young mind was curious to understand the magic of the voice which captivated everyone in the chapel. He was eager to know why the same voice is felt less pronounced while in an open area than in an closed space. He was frantic to find out where the sound went missing. He wanted to know if the same effect can be felt had they not been standing inside the crowded chapel. He wanted to experience the same feeling however far and apart he was. He wanted the same experience to be enjoyed by millions of people at the same time irrespective of wherever they were. He wanted to break down the barriers and establish the supremacy of sound over air. He wanted to prove that the content matters more than the medium.

Needless to say, he was shunted down by his relatives and friends. Witch hunted by the church. Laughed at by his peers who suggested him to check his mental capacity. Soon he achieved the impossible with the words "Are you ready?" The first ever words transmitted across the sea over a wireless medium. The man was Marconi.

Thanks to his invention - the radio - everyday the travails of my travel seem less tiring. Infact, when they play good ol Raja songs, at times i feel i can travel a little bit more too, till the song is over :) One man's invention has created a whole new industry and zillions of dependent ones. Like Alice i cant think of 6 (or was it ten?) impossible things to do. But had i been in his era, i would've easily added wireless transmission across continents right on top of the list. Even in this age of ipods and ipads..couldnt imagine life without radio. Special thanks to the guy who added the radio component to cell phones. They are assured place in heaven and till the time the last active ear is around they would be blessed.

P.S:First para chumma bittu. Marconi mandaila avan sister adichathunaalathaan transister kandupudichaanu sandaikulaam varapdaathu. Newtonuku Apple mathiri avanuku enna inspire aachu therila. So bittai mannikka :)


Ramesh said...

One of the greatest inventions indeed. But surprised that you listen to it. I know its a good companion during your two hour journey, but why not the ipod ?? Still delighted to hear of a fellow radio lover.

gils said...

ipodna static range of song choice..radiona options neria...variety is the spice thala hehehe

Asha said...

Enjoy....Radio is here to stay, come ipad,ipod or whatever.

I too enjoy radio, Infact, I made a post on it long back. here is the link.

chennaigirl said...

//ipodna static range of song choice..radiona options neria...//

I totally agree. Surprise element and the excitement on hearing your favourite number and the long forgotten gems gives such a pleasure illaya.

gils said...


u also the radio likes...oh nice nice :) i ur post now read


nt jus tht..u get to hear pearls of wisdom in programs like "mr.maakan" "vetti mandram" and all :)

RamMmm said...

naanum ennada idhunnu first paravai padichchuttu, last paravukku vandhadhum adhu oru bitnnu therinju grrr... aanalum imagination nerayavae irukku.:) me no hearing the bak-bak-yap-yap on radio most of the time.

gils said...

hehehee :D :D intha olagam inuma enna nambitruku :D