Gils tho bacchaa hai ji

To err is human,They say.

To repeatedly err? Probably they would call it Gils i guess. Here is to the reason why.

"Gils i've volunteered your name for this new training program."

"Ehcuseme saar..isnt NOMINATE the right word?"

"Nominate panna evanda poreenga..athaan i volunteered you. You attend the session on behalf of the team and impart the wisdom back to the team once your session is over" and so beamed the damager.

"But no interest in conducting Sunday mass for the team"

"Sunday mass?? this is a training on corporate crap. You the mistake"

"The only training i am going to get by attending this session is going to be on Prayer..Praying for dear life as to when its going to get over. And if you want me to share it with the team wouldnt it be akin to conducting sermon on sunday mass?"

Damager gives that look which ladies does nowadays looking at onion prices. " have two choices..either you go or you go"

"Santhosh subramaniam Prakash raj mathri choice kudutha epdi" nu manasukkulla pulambiavaaaray gils goes to the training.

Here is a tip: Gils way of staying awake in training is to ask questions. More the snore..more questions from senor. (Its no mere happenstance that senor and snore are anagrams of each other). The trainer is impressed to the point that she asks Gils to stop asking questions for being the only "active" participant i should give opportunity to others also to participate. Needless to say i lost a few friends from that session, who like me, were "volunteered".

After surviving the ordeal, damager meets Gils near the transformer like place, which every office nowadays has (probably to generate their own electricity??)

"So was the training"

Gils points two fingers on his head, imitates brain bursting out and mockingly keeps the gun back on its holster. As expected, unexpectedly, the trainer crossed the place the moment the scene began. Looking at Gils reaction, she turns beet root in color.

"Hi trainer..i was explaining how mind blowing the session was really" even before gils could complete she stomps off.

Damager palms his forehead wondering why the hell he sent Gils to training.

" my defence i erred on the left side of caution"

Damager gives Gils the same look which Alice gives to Jabberwocky in the movie climax.

Gils points to the "CAUTION: 10,000 Volts" board on top of his head and runs for dear life.


Ramesh said…
Ha Ha Ha . Classic gils post.

Plizzz to expand on how pretty the trainer was - so much so that Gils asked lots of questions.

With the training, Gils is now immediately promoted in the damager's place.
gils said…
i wud've termed her ring master...sheerly for the number of rings she was wearing..coincidentally the trainings was a circus and no wonder i was sent for that :)
kanagu said…
LOL anna!!! sema comedy :) :)

Software engineer vazhvil ithellam sagacham thane :D :D
RamMmm said…
gils will be given a honorary post in the training department for training other gils-clones. :-) :-) at the 'You have been volunteered' part. unga companyla training attend pannalainna blacklist ellaam panna maattaangala. ippdi pannitteengalae. pen saabam pollaadhadhu. ladduvum urundai, ulagamum urundai. thirumbi varum umakku :-) :-)
Anonymous said…
Ha ha ha....

I wonder at ur sense of humor....

Hey am bit curious to know how u look... post ur photo if possible... :)

PS: Never mind.. Just in curiosity am asking...

:) :) :)
gils said…
:) danx


:D naan traininga :D :D LOL :D :D tickles to even think of it :D :D Pennn saabam pollathathaa irukalam..aunty saabam sellaathu :D
gils said…

en fotova!! athu posta vida kaamedia irukunga :)
Anonymous said…
ada paravaaleengo...
unga posta enjoy panra mathiri unga photo vayum enjoy panna, nanga ready... neenga readya....????

chumma romba bigu pannama photo va podungo....

:) :)
Asha said…
Ada..da... comment adikka naangulum room pottu yosikunum polirikkay?

excellent flow....

Btw u are most welcome to blogroll, pleasure is mine. but unga alavukku ezhuda enakku theriyaday
gils said…

oru abbavee siruvanai ipidilaam overa kalaaikapdaaathu


nanri hai
Anonymous said…
ada innum kalaika arambikavele... adhukulla ipdi sonna eppudi..??

too much ah pannama photo podungo....

:) :)
gils said…
aaha..anonynga..aarunga neenga
Anonymous said…
kandippa ungalukku enna theriyadhu... so no use in revealing my identity..

but one ur blog fan nu vechukongole...

:) :)
Avada Kedavra said…
lol..poor damager :P

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