Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A paradox called life

"Arrrrrrrrrrrjunnn...enga kelambita"
"Amma..naan velayaada poren"
"Classku kelambara neram aachu..po elaathiyum readya eduthuko.."
"Ammmaa...pleasssseeema..en friendskelamm inniki thaan leave..inniki oru naaliku class venaamay"
"Evlo fees katti... kashtapattu alanju tirinju serthu vitrukoam..adampudikaama kelambu"
With a dejected look Arjun took his bat,pads and gloves and started for his cricket coaching class.


RS said...

paradox,indeed!! :D

Asha said...

Hey, Enga veetu vaasal le ottu kettingala?
(Did you eaves drop outside my home?)

These kids are the ones who pester the parents to enroll them in class, once enrolled they want to play freely not under the gudiance of a strict master.

So i have not enrolled him in a cricket camp, instead the kids of my complex are now coached by a resident volunteer uncle. Only problem is the coach uncle comes to the ground( amphi theatre of our complex) at sharp 6.00 a.m whereas the kids are woken up by the parents and they come slowly at 7.00a.m.

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - where did this idea strike you ????

Yes indeed. Its possible to make even the most interesting of activities into a chore.

On second thoughts, maybe th hero of this piece is Gils himself ?? :):)

RamMmm said...

nachchu observation. That is what happens. cricket vaenuuum, aana vaendaaaam.

Aarti said...

ha ha.. paradox indeed...

Anonymous said...

aaha ipdiyum oru angle varumo..interesting :) teaches me again that there are more than one way to look at things always :) thanks.

Anonymous said...

ada neenga vera...nanlaam romba romba somberi categorynga...naanavum velayada po maaten..anupinalum po maaten..namaku epovum comics thaan :)





UmaS said...

Gud one Gils...

Me said...

:) I read it fully! YAY!

And this is a paradox!


BSK said...

nalla irukkey kadha! Halwa saapda kooley keepangala?

chennaigirl said...

Very good. Ithukku per thaan nitharsanam. :)
Not only kids even we fall into that category illaya. Atleast to drop and pick up, oru naal leave nna even i rejoice more than the kid ;p

gils said...



heeeyyy..vantia..gud gud..sekrama post poda aarambi

gils said...

:) srikrishna sweetlalaam tharuvaanga nenakren

aaaha ethana naal kazhichi vanthirukeenga:)