Tuesday, January 04, 2011

News sans sense

I have been noticing this similarity for a while now. Every year, Jan 1st newspaper page one, would be majorly covered with all the disasters and death news of the previous day. Atleast news kedaikalaina, ivangaly vandi eduthutu poitu accident panitaachum atha front pagela potruvanga nenakren.

"Vizhuppuram arugil payanigal peruthu marathil mothiyathu"

Athaan perlaye vizhupuramnu irukulla..driver paathu otirukanum. Paakama oatti vizhunthaprum news aadichinu varutha patta epdi.

"Tanker lorryum Vanum mothi kondathil pathu per bali"

There exists no newspaper which doesnt boast of this particular news. Right from "Daily thanthi" to "Daily Bugle" this is a "HAS-TO-BE-THERE" news. If you are not printing this news, it means your paper is not worth it. Your reporters are cheating on you. Even if such a travesty doesnt happen, its your "pathirgai dharmam" to print this news.


OOrla thousand and 5 nalla news irukarachay saavu news mela namma journalistsku en ivlo aasai nu GOK. Ofcours..accident matter is serious and has to be conveyed. Aana atheye maathi maathi front page newsa poatu athoda importanceay podichi.

And more festive the occasion is, more morbid the news would be. Yen intha kola veri. Oru vela nalla naalu mela kannu patrumnu irukumo?? Inimay newspaperlalaam..Internation..national..sports..sectionsoda...accidents nu oru sectionum poda solanum. Oorala olagathula nadakara athana accidents pathina newsum (neria peroda marriage utpada) antha sectionla thaan cover panannumnu law pass pananum. Front page should definitely be devoid of any morbid news, other than show stoppers. Kaalangaathala paper paatha etho funeral poitu vantha effect varuthu. Newsa maathungappa. Mudiala.


Ramesh said...

The sad reality of human nature is that bad news sell and good news does not. Newspapers only print what readers want to read. But I do agree that all ad news without any good at all is just repelling.

Asha said...

Newspaperlu mathram illa, Even the tholaikatchi petti. neenga vena parunga exactaa 6'0 clock evening, vilakku vecchittu thirumbina orey hospital scenum funeral scenum daan indha mega serialla..

Thank god this month for the margazhi maha utsavam.I wish all the months were margazhi.

BSK said...

naal'la inna pa nalla naalu, ketta naalu? :P

On a more serious note, read somewhere that Israeli newspapers doesn't not print any morbid news like accidents, terrorist attacks etc. on their front pages. Andha madhiri namma papersum try pannalam'nu me thinks..

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

:) he he ...Yeah...newspapers are focusing more on the commercial point rather than to deliver the facts as they are!

chennaigirl said...

Actually in school they gave P holiday homework. Prepare a scrapbook - interesting pictures/news from newspaper. Newspaper kamikkave bayamma irukku ippo :( We oppethified with suppliments.

RamMmm said...

switch on your filters. don't read that news. Actually sometime back (oru 3-4 varusham munnaalannu nenaikkaraen) when only depressing news used to come, there was a website called goodnewsindia.com (It is still there, but not updated) with everyday stories about India that were uplifting. Maybe we need more like that.