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Akkadaanu naanga udai poatta..

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam maaratha Vikramaathithan mathiri Gils enters office sharp at 10.30 for 9.30 shift. Damager looks at Gils and sighs (the exhaust air includes wildest of swear words which cant even be represented by all the wild characters in keyboard and finally ends with "ivan ethana thadava sonalum timeku varamaataan so tholayuthu").

"Gils..inniki enna day?"

"Today aapicer"

"Ketrukavay koodathu..adaii daii daii...inniki enna daaayyyy"

Damagera kaalangaathala azha uda venaam solitu "Monday aapicer"

"Monday anniki potukitu vara dressa ithu? Saaku mootaiya pirichi vitta mathiri oru pant. Chessboardla rangoli veladina mathiri oru sattai. Unnalaam roadla naai thoratharathaalaa thaan nee intha timekaachum office vara nenakren"

"Aapicer..intha dressku enna kurachal aapicer"

"Ellaamay jasthi..arent u aware of dress code?"

"Kodu poata dress neria iruku aapicer..atha solreengala"

"Adi vaanga pora maganay"

"No kovams aapicer. Less tensun more work. More work less tensun"

"HR kannula sikkara anniki irukudi unaku"

"Aapicer nangalaam Yoooooth aapicer. Iskooloda intha uniform podra kodumailaam over nu nenacha..inum ipdi dress codunu penal code poata epdi aapicer"

"Client vantha enna nenapaan"

"Dress nallarukay Indian traditional costumenu neanpaan"

"Velayadatha gils. Be serious. Naalilenthu ozhunga formalsla varalainaaa..."

"Veetuku anupiduveengala aaapicer..haiaaa"

"Waitees...Loss of pay poatu veetuku anupiduven"

"Aiayago..enna kodumai...seri..try panren"

Nextday @ opice:

Damager gives that same villain look seein gils entering opice at 10.45.

"Saaree aapicer. Neenga sonna mathiri costume theda konjam time aidichi"

"Ithu thaan unga oorla formalsa?"

"Enna aapicer.."neer thaan jackson duraia" rangeku kekareenga. Ithu formals ilama ennathu?"

"Nike la epo formals poda arambichaanga"

"Neenga sattai pantku thana soneenga..shoeku solalaye nethu..."

"Karumam..poi tholai.."



"Y tension aapicer"

"Enna kolam ithu"

"Opicer..neenga sollamaye naan oru vela panitu vanthiruken. Tie poatukitu vanthiruken parunga. Paaratuveenga paatha..thitreengalay"

"Tie ya thupatta mathiri poatu why maanatha vangara"

"Katta therilaye opicer..athaan differenta try panen"

"Kitta vaa..naan oradiya iruki thallidren..epovum vara mathiriye vanthu thola..maanam poguthu unnala"

"Thank you opicer"

Gils goes away humming "Vetri meethu vetri vanthu ennai serummmm"

I hate this concept of dress code. Somehow being punctual and coming in formals are two things which can never be programmed into me. And more the insistance on dress code more creative my dressing sense becomes :D Finala things are back to normal now :D


R-ambam said…
"back to normal" .. being formal means normal in corporate... ennamo poanga.. romba artisticaa kadamai paaratreengannu namburein!!

LOL !! sure u r in full form :)
Ramesh said…
Ah! the sartorial extravagances of gils. Can there be anything more interesting.

Dress as you like gils, damager or no damager ...
RamMmm said…
aapicer, ennoda orkutla vandhu paarungannu ellaam sollaaama, oru padam podum oye, umadhu thirukkolaththai, kattam pohtta sattaiyaidan. :-)

ungalukku keela oru 4, 5 paer irukkaraangannu sonnadhaa nyabagam, neengalae ippadinnaa, avungala nenaichchu paaththaen, chippu chippaa varudhu. hee hee hee.

indha kandhar kolaththaiyellaam kalaaikka (appuram kalaikka) oruththi varuvaa. appuram paakalaam, umma saettai yeppdeennu. :^)

adhuvarai ensaai.
chennaigirl said…
@Ram-Paarthu ivar avangala maathidama iruntha seri. Apparam kattam potta saree, salwar thaan irukkum
kadaila poi checked than venumnu kettu vaanguveengalo.
Shift nightah illa day yaa?
RS said…
signature Gils post had me literally ROTCL(rolling on the couch laughing:D)....
Asha said…
wow, a creative post. Beautifully weaved humour into a day today incident.

dhool kilappunga.
PK said…
gud sense of humor... :)

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