Color color what color u choose..

If someone asks me to pick my fav color..i would be really stumped. I can think of colors only based on the dresses i've and every one of them would be a favourite. And i am very bad at choosing favourites. Almost socialist when it comes to favoritism :) Read somewhere that what we perceive about colors tells a lot about our psychological frame of mind. I was thinking of few colors and jotted down whatever first came to mind when i thought of them. I have no clue as to what they tell about me :D if someone can decipher that would be great :d How about you folks giving it a try..lets see how much we match :)

Disci: Sila descriptionlaam padichitu vaasthu padi ithu workout agathu athu ithunulaam solapdaathu. As usual ithu oru mokkai post.

Red: First thing which comes to mind is kumkum powder on a wooden bowl sort of thing. Maybe because i am used to see those shops near by the temple on my way home all these years?? Though phonetically Red rhymes with Blood..enaku visuala thonarathu enamo kumkum thaan. To me this color symbolises..erichal..irritation..or something really dark. sort of messy.

Green: Plants obviously comes to mind at thought of green. A sense of chillness and cool accompanies when i think of this color. Something which can be revisited again and again. To me color of life is green. Green symbolises beginning to me. Treasure. Priceless. Somehow expenditure, if it had a color would look green to me :) Thinking on dollar terms?? maybe :)

Blue: Color of mirage/fake. This color is bit dubious according to me. Everyone compares something big and monumental to sky and blue occupies the proud position of being its color. But how far in the sky is actually blue?? Beyond a small portion its all dark. This color boasts of being one of the many colors of the sea and again for a short period of time. In short this color is like power hungry people who attach themselves to sources of power but wouldnt dare to occupy the throne themselves. Enjoying the benefits without dirtying their hands sort of color. Color of parasite.

Yellow: Brightness. Joy. Smile. Somehow whenever i think of yellow the smiling emoticon only comes to mind. May be because i am addicted to Net :D Sign of positiveness. Energy. Whenever i wear yellow, i feel charged up that day. Again my perception.

White: Blank. Scary. Weak. Somehow White color scares me more than black!! Maybe because of my detest for hospitals which are white throughout. Again purity is associated with this color which i somewhat disagree. This is the weakest weak that even a slight addition of anything else will change it. Color of high maintanence.

Black: Truly the king of colors. 99.9% of everything known to man is associated with dark. Even gods are construed to be dark. Something which is infinite and immense and unmeasurable. Dense. I would call it the color of pure unadultrated truth. A poor thing which is often linked as sign of evil. Color of silence and strength. So powerful a color, words wouldnt do justice.


Red: Vibrant, good luck (Chinese infulence), nice if combined with white. Like only certain shades of red.

Green- Not a very fav color, though plants do come to mind when some one says green.

Blue- love sky blue.. there are some real nice shades of blue that im all ga ga over..

Yellow- Ditto ur thoughts.

White- peace, tranquility and my fav color

Black- Love love love this color..
Ramesh said…
Gilsu - You say you can choose colours only on the basis of the dresses you have. And then you list Red, Green, Yellow .... Thalaivare - Red pantum green shirtum pottundu oru photo post pannungalen ....
ambulisamma said…
Neriya color(figure) pathuthu ezhuthineengala? illa oru color adichutu ezhuthineengala?
ennaamo romba mokkai pottu irukkeenga.

// Thalaivare - Red pantum green shirtum pottundu oru photo post pannungalen ....//

Indha madhiri oru photo edutha ponnu vettuku kuda sowgaryama irukkum.(applicable only if u r going for arranged marriage)
Swaram said…
He he.. my fav colours are red and blue .. red for me is somehw enthusiasm and blue serenity .. nt sure whatz above the blue skies .. but they for me signify serenity :D

Su's favv colour is yellow and me hates :P
Poonguzhali said…
red - majesty!! power!!

green - hillstations!! refreshing... pleasing... new beginning...
//Somehow expenditure, if it had a color would look green to me :) Thinking on dollar terms?? maybe :)// -hehe...

blue - luv the shades... unaku en blue mela ivlo kovam?! :P

yellow - i shud agree with you... sunshine, sunflower, happiness and smileys!! :D

white - angels!! :D sanctity... love the shades agen... sometimes scares me as well...

black!!!!!!!!! classss yozzz!!! for some unknown reasons the absence of colors is my favorite!! actually no words to describe!! jus luvvv black...

the title is nostalgic!! :)

good post gillette!! liked it!
lostworld said…
Nice post. I love, sorry, .. I am obsessed with red. I own red sandals, red watch, red wallet, red mobilephone too:) I shall stop, you would've got the pt. I agree with black being the king of colours. Whenever I paint, I'm truly scared of black. It can make or break the picture in 1 single stroke!!
R-ambam said…
red : positive energy
green : good to eat , but not to put on
blue: my fav,its decent, may be the jeans best suited colour
yellow: beautiful
black : alluring but not my favourite..

no one colour can best suit everything we purchase..idam porul eval kalam matters with everything.
hope none of the things discussed here has anything to do with the skin colour :)

why jingu cha post? kalyana ponnuku pudavai eduthuteengala?
chennaigirl said…
Red - Enakku stop sign thaan nyabagam varum, girl childkku red vibrant ah romba nalla irukkum.

blue - Paintings and wall colour.

green - Enakku maangathaan nyabagam vararthu..

yellow - P would say athu girls color maaa.

white,black - i like the combination more than anything. It would just capture my attention whererever it is.
Ennoda outfits ellame either black , white or a combination sort thaaan.
RamMmm said…
Second R-ambam on the jingu chaa post? Gils is hiding something and giving only masked hints. naangellaam Sherlock Holmes/Watson alavukku kandu pidichchuduvomla :-D

Red - Harsh, confusing color for me. Ravishing on dresses. :-)
Green - Soothes, as long as it is mild green
Blue - Soaring, Ever sat back and watch the clouds pass by on a blue sky? Azure, it is.
Yellow - Brightness, Early morning sun/sky
White - Lofty goals? Needs maintenance and dilutes. Stark color
Black - Fits everything. Reminds me of no escape from this color. (Black Hole?)
aaarti said…
Aamam, yaaru ketta ungakitta enna fav colornu????? ennakellam no thinking, one nimute, will scream... only one color me the likeys the beshttttt.... BLUE :-))

seri, etho neenga keteengannu itha ezhutharein... purinja sollunga!! :D

Red: Blood, gory, bright, red capsicum..very few ppl can carry off this color!! :D

Green-plants, nature, love clicking pics of it all, but not for clothes or samaan :)

Blue- MY FAV FAV COLOR-sky,emotions, soothing happiness,attitude. n soo much more.. like aquamarine n turquoise alos...

Yellow- sunflower, bright

White- peace, bare,empty

Black- mysterious, beautiful
lakshmi said…
ada.. colour pathi ivlo paecha...

naan intha post title padichu vaera enna vo nenachaen... cha dissapointed...

for me colours na figures, figures na colurs....
Anonymous said…
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Matangi Mawley said…
On black, I agree!
Danny Kenech said…
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