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Kanavu meipada vendum..

P.S: makkalay...another love story from another budding author friend of mine..this guy is very serious into taking writing as a profession and this one is his first ever work on a public domain :) so wishing him a hearty congrats on his maiden effort and submitting it for your review..any review is welcome..

P.S.S: vara vara intha blog Doordarshanoda valarum kalaignar program mathiri aaidihichila :D hehehee....

“……..I was up earlier than normal days that day. I wonder what had made me go early there. There is freshness in the atmosphere and the cool breeze only increased the pleasantness. I am little happier for whatsoever reason. Oh! Here she comes, looking beautiful in that probably new dress. Is that a miracle? I remember now that I had woken up after a dream and she was certainly in the dream. And something in my dream had made me come earlier today. Is it real?
“What is your plan for the weekend?” I ask.
We smile to each other. No one has come yet. She is comfortable at my presence. Did I really wake up or this is the continuation of dream? If it is a dream, then I wouldn’t want to ever wake up. We walk upstairs as if we realize what exactly we need to do. In the terrace, coffee is served and we sit opposite to each other. We sip hot coffee while the cool breeze brushes our faces.
I am afraid that she can hear my heartbeats. Today is the day. Now is the time. I have to say. It would be a foolish thing, but I have to do say it. I am not even sure whether my voice would reach across properly. Let me warm up………………
“Ting Tong” the calling bell rang; I could hear her rushing downstairs. She opened the door hurriedly and on seeing me disappointment clouded her face.
“Are you expecting someone?”, I asked
“Vishal told he would be here at 8 am” she replied

Talk of the devil and there he was, he came and banged us as if he was dropped from the sky.
“Hey folks ... what’s up!!!?” "Hi Dipti …you look beautiful." and he gave a mild hug to Dipti and said “Many many happy returns of the day”
Vishal and Dipti are buddy friends—the usual studied-in-the-same-school-and-same- class mates.
Obviously Vishal must’ve read the nervous streak on my face & asked me “Are you in the verge of proposing Dipti? Ha-ha...”
Dipti threw a pointed look at Vishal , he immediately reacted saying “Am sorry Dipti, but I couldn’t resist, see his face is pale, hands shivering, nervous stature, honesty in his eyes, typical scene whre a guy to propose a girl.. “

I felt as if I was made naked.. Dipti’s weird look just got weirder and said “you’ll never grow up Vishal and your movie funda …”
“sorry sorry… fine guys how about celebarting by going to movie and beach today???”
“I am sorry, I can’t stare at the screen for 3 hours” Dipti said
I was just watching the conversation and waiting for my heart beat to become normal, silently admiring Dipti’s cuteness in her anger.
I wanted to watch the latest movie of Will Smith and proposed it…Vishal approved instantly but Dipti was still not convinced..
“Not a bad choice, English movie… just 90 minutes, no songs, no falthoo scenes, also I like Will Smith, but it’s a new movie how will we get the tickets?”
Vishal was just waiting for these words and immediately jumped in “leave it to me.. just be in the Maxie Mall at 12:30 PM I will be there with the tickets – screen 4”. He just vanished shouting his bye’s abruptly as he came.
I always hated people calling me Sandy, making it sound like a girl’s name.. I prefer to be called with my full name Sandeep.
Dipti being my neighbor, I was dreaming to take her in my bike to the movie, just then got an SMS “goin out to meet my frnd for a drama rehearsal, cu in mall 12:3”.
Sometimes I feel like I should stop dreaming….
I then realized that I haven’t still wish Dipti on her birthday. I was at a loss to figure out a good gift for her.
I ended up buying only a red rose and was waiting in the mall, somebody closed my eyes from my back, I touched the hand to feel it so soft with a ring on it and some nail polish, thinking it must be Dipti.. I turned back with joy, though the hand was taken from my eyes I was still closing my eyes and handing over the rose by saying “Wish you a wonderful Birthday Dipti” I opened my eyes to see Vishal looking at my face and bursting in to laugh, he just used Dipti’s hand to fool me. Dipti moved away into the wash room. God only knows how much time girls spend their for make up in a day,
When she came back only I saw her properly. She was looking ravishing in a black salwar contrasting to her skin color which is polished browinsh white. Her mild pinkish lipstick, long ear drops and Bindi were just adding to her beauty. As soon as she saw the rose in my hand she just grabbed it and said sooo cute… (when girls say cute the word becomes even more cuter isnt it  ).
She then gave me the rose back and said “sorry, sorry... I let you give it to me”.
I felt like kneeling down and give it to her, but by then Vishal just pulled my hand and said “c’mon, I cant miss the trailer and the Ads”
I had to rush and told her "you look gorgeous" & gave the rose to Dipti backwards and said “have a wonderful Birthday”
She was so immersed in the rose and said “thank u sooooooo much…”
I never thought we could make girls happy with such inexpensive stuff..
We all went in to the theatre at 12. 45 itself though the show was at 1 PM. Dipti sat in between Vishal and myself.. I kept my hand folded to allow Dipti keep her hand on seat handle, looks like she was also thinking the same and was folding her hand all the while, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and wanted to watch it again.
We came out of the Theatre had some snacks in the mall and went to the beach. I had a nostalgic feeling that I was walking with Dipti in the beach and was wondering if this scene was in my dream that early morning..
Dipti and Vishal went to play in the water and were jumping as if they never saw water before. I was made the watchman for all their belongings. Dipti came back after sometime…leavign vishal who was flirting with some other girls playing nearby.
I wished Dipti would lean on me.. before my thought process could complete.. she came and put her head on my shoulders.. my nostalgic feeling continued and I felt as if I got the power to know what is going to happen next.
I wanted her to fondle my hair and instantly she did the same, for a second I was shocked, but the situation was such that I wanted to enjoy every moment. Beach.. cool breeze.. My Lovely Dipti…sitting to me.. I couldn’t’ve asked for anything more for this right moment…
She then asked me suddenly “why do you think he, though was teaching everybody how to express love, himself couldn’t do it, was it because of Ego?”
I then realized that she was talking about Will Smith in the movie. I replied saying “no… not Ego, its fear”.
“Fear, phew.” she gasped…
I said “Yes, Fear, Fear of a negative reply, Fear of the other side”
She started digging me further “what negative reply? What other side?”
I had this philosophy and I had to share with her now “Yes, a man /woman when they are in love, they start dreaming about the other person in every aspect of life, they would virtually get married and live almost the rest of the life. So when they propose to them and a simple “No” would demolish their entire dream, something like their half life is dead, that pain is simply inexplicable……But I can tell you, the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself”, I added
“Hmm good explanation”, she said “but what if it’s yes? The possibility of the dream come true that makes the life interesting” she quoted.
“Phew that joy is unbounded….You would mostly see in the movies, the hero would run & run to distress himself from that tremendous pressure & to overcome that joy” I explained.
“Very interesting”… she said
…….A big silence… ……… I can’t wait anymore.. I have to open up…
“Sandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep” came a boooming voice. It was Vishal and as always he came at the wrong time. “Dipti and I are getting married” he screamed.
For a second, my heart beat stopped, I looked at Dipti’s face to see her reaction, it was reaction less she was neither happy nor surprised, I didn’t know how to read it, Vishal kept on blabbering "we decided this morning at my house" and I couldn’t hear anything after, Suddenly I felt as if my power had a program error, my nostalgic feeling was not in synch. I still felt that the dream this morning was over joyous which made me wake up…
I was recollecting the sequence since this morning.. "Was that’s the reason she was expecting Vishal badly this morning? Was Vishal the friend whom she meant in the SMS and that’s y they came together to the movie? Was that’s the reason she did not keep her hand in the seat handle in the theatre? Was that’s the reason they were overjoyed and playing in the beach now? Was that’s the reason she is so happy and was leaning on me....?
I Zipped my thoughts and saw the time in my wrist watch to escape myself from the scene, I saw the date it was 9/11, I felt as if it was my life’s 9/11, I looked at the beach and I felt like a tsunami hit in my life….
I said “great!!!”.. I felt as if I was half dead, I was frozen and had no other words..
Dipti left the scene. At the same time I got a was my cousin.. I had promised to accompany him for the shopping that evening,
“hello.., ya I am.. Hello.. Hello..” .. My mobile battery conked off.
Vishal was going to buy some corn for himself… I asked Vishal to lend his mobile to call my cousin back, his mobile beeped.
“Vishal… SMS for you” I said. He was far away that he couldn’t hear my words, I called my cousin and waited for Vishal to come back, I was tempted to open the was from Dipti…the message read like.. “Don’t over act you fool.., looks like only I have dreams on Sandeep, just leave it ”
Vishal grabbed the phone from me and he read the SMS and said
“Yes. You stupid…..Dipti is in love with you… she didn’t know how to express to you, that’s y she got up early and came to your house.. that’s y she came to my house after our morning meet to ask me how to let you know… you dump fellow……, she asked me if you have ever spoken about her to me, I know you like her but whenever I talk about her you snub me. It was me who gave the plan for this Dipti Vishal marriage drama. You are cheating yourself, you are cheating Dipti.. You are the most expressionless soul I have ever seen in my life … Sandeep - You are insane, you are…”
His words were penetrating me as if somebody is shooting at me with AK-47.
My blood cells started moving faster, I walked towards Dipti as if my heart battery was fully charged. I looked at her eyes; she had a sad look,
“I have a gift for you” I said.
“Ho what’s it” she asked in a very boring tone….
“Myself” I said.
She screamed and said “what…………….”
“Yes….. Myself……, I … love you… I .love… you……I love you Dipti. I love you soooo much….”
She immediately caught my collars with both of her hands, looked at my eyes, and hugged me…
I could now recollect the dream this morning thoroughly as if I see in big screen. With the cool breeze in the sea shore, the sun set looks like an orange ball immersing in the sea, and the sky reflecting its color in the dusty clouds…the bluish water. Only the sea waves having the right decibels to reach the ears…. . Dipti Hugging me …weeping “I tooo love you .. You idiot, I tooo love you …….”
Tears in my eyes fell on my hand emphasizing me to realize it’s real…

“Dream Come True – A love story.”


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gd flow and description.

//the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself//

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Intha kathai real life story maathiri illa irukku :D//


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Nice story,well narrated!!

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//the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself//

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Hey sounds like a real story, very well writtern :) ask him/her to contiune writing. Got the the style of writing and good flow

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