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Let me take the pleasure of introducing..namba fellow blogger (yet-to-be-listed-in-our-union) pugazh Nandoo (surukkama anathakrishnan nithyanandan...'a' kum 'n' kum nadula erumbu oorara mathiri ungaluku intha per therinja athku nan porupila)..

I always suspected that many of our gud samaritan blog makkal silenta neria matter senjukitu..velila solama is one such person in "hiding" all these days..SMILE nu oru NGO (govt registerd) naalu varushama nadathikitu varar.

Atha pathi neria information namma kuda share pannika virupapadarar..ipothaiku oru test blogsite for that org matum than iruku..further details awaited from Nandu.

I just took this oppertunity to give an intro for nandoo to share his thoughts and info abt SMILE to us watch out for this space folks :) more to follow


Divya said…
Glad to see your link to Mr.Nandu's blog,
will visit his page:))
Divya said…
why dont u give the direct link to that site instead of the it???
Divya said…
it wud be ez for ur blog readers to visit that page[]
instead of copy pasting the url:)))

just my suggestion!
Anonymous said…
maathiten divs :)

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