Monday, May 12, 2008

Pazhaiya vaanam...Pazhagiya boomi

After a gap of 5.5 the back. vaazhkai oru vattamgarthu evlo unmaiyana statement..nenaichalay surprisa iruku!! I started my career at an office, a km from where i am working now. The current client is an offshoot division of the one i used to work when i was a fresher. Ennoda previous company manager nameum current one nameum same. My first team size and the current one is same. Enamo en official life fulla rewind aana mathiri iruku. I wish it stops at that. Hope things get better from now on.

OK..matteruku varuvom..As usual i missed all the marriages which happned in the blog world. Guess with my track record the ones coming up will also be missed. So belated wishes to Heidi and Ushi veda...wish u a wonderful married life and advance wishes to billoo Bharani and Saga Arun.


G3 said...

//"Pazhaiya vaanam...Pazhagiya boomi"//

Engum sooriyan sutterikiradhu ;)

G3 said...

All the best for ur new project :)

G3 said...

//So belated wishes to Heidi and Ushi veda...//

Vedakku ini dhaan mrg :)))

ambi said...

Hey gils, back to chennaiyaa? kudos. :)
*ahem, pazhaya officelayum no figures, ingayum..? :p

//Engum sooriyan sutterikiradhu ;)

G3 yekka, neenga DMK vaa? :p

gils said...

//Engum sooriyan sutterikiradhu ;)//
hahaha..nalla response :)

//All the best for ur new project :)//

//Vedakku ini dhaan mrg :)))//
oh..apo advnce wishesa mathiren :)

//ahem, pazhaya officelayum no figures, ingayum..? :p//

athey athey...ditto mr.vambi...