Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Junior the Naradhar

It was on the day of his school interview, like Prakash raj from “Abhiyum Naanum”, we both were equally tensed around, how junior would handle the session. We reached the school venue an hour early. The security guy must’ve seen thousands of “enthu pattaanis” like us I guess. He shooed us away and asked to come back ten minutes before the interview time slot. When we finally entered the auditorium, it was like an outpatient ward of a hospital. Some kids were screaming, in some case it was the parents. One guy was seen chastising his kid and wife in equal measure. The kid was not repeating the rhymes he was trying to teach and was looking elsewhere. The receptionist was calling out names in her own sweet order. Junior felt restless and started walking over the chairs. There was a huge ground, which was one of the primary reason for us to pick that school, just outside the auditorium and junior wanted to check it out. When I was taking him out, wifey sternly warned not to step away from her ear shot as they may call us anytime. We were loitering around the bushes near the entrance, when junior started pestering for a walk on the sand. When he asks for something, he would plead with folded hands and puppy dog eyes, which would be impossible to resist. I didn’t realize how far we had moved from the venue, when suddenly I could hear some familiar scream. It was wifey, standing near the entrance, with her eyes blazing and luckily for us, the presence of other parents, prevented any beatings. She solidly scolded me for taking him out so far and making him all sweaty in the hot sun, with impending interview. Not that the school rejected anyone based on the session, but it was a fair chance not to risk. After listening to the verbal barrage, junior mildly asked “Did amma scold you a lot today?”!!!
During the interview, they showed some pics and asked him to name them, which he did with ease. One pic was a bouncer even for me, for it was made out of several cuttings of paper. I was thinking of which shape it represented, when junior called it out as elephant, which apparently it was!! Seems the “craft” work was done by the teacher who asked the question and she beamed with pride that someone did manage to make out whatever was the shape she had actually intended. The session went well and they asked us to pay the fees for enrolling the kid. On the way back, he patted wifey and said “don’t scold appa” and smiled at me. She thought I was the one who had directed him and was staring mad at me. Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvv… Pandrathellaam pannitu..epdi korthu viduthu!!!


Ramesh said...

Madam - please don't scold Gilsu. He is our favourite blogger.

Because of non identification of the elephant, interview result is as follows

Junior - Selected
Gilsu - Rejected

gils said...

Hehehe.. Correct verdict. Enna ketruntha would. Have told it looked like some untamed bush

Savitha said...

Lovely. Junior is growing up at astonishing speed. Everyday is a milestone. How I miss the wonderful 1yr old days - already!

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