Saturday, August 15, 2015

Jaya he

69th independence day.

Varusha varusham ithu onnu vanthuruthu. Intha varusham weekendla vanthuruchaynu feel aagaravangalla I the also there.

Epdi pullayar chathurthi anniki pulayaara nenachukitu kozhakattai saapdramo, Krishna jayanthi anniki krishanara nenachukittu seeda murukku saapdramo, adhey mathiri aug 15th anniki mattum India pathi naalu vaartha polambi, poradi sudhanthiram vaanginavangala pathi naalu vaartha nallatha sollitu, pudhu padam pattimanram tvla paathutu, school pasanga kitta mutaai vaangi saaptu santhoshama irukaratha vitutu edhuku intha postungareengala. Namakku topic kedaikarathu vaalu release mathiri naalu varushathuku oru vaati thaan nadakuthu. Kedachatha miss panalaaaammooo.

Do we really worth celebrating this day? Nammala maathiri oru worst people irukka mudiyuma, for being so ignorant and careless about those who really mattered for this country. We take so much effort to celebrate our cricketers, movie folks, politicians, the level of hero worship that we take too has been made management case studies by foreign folks. But they can also make a case study about the way we treated our real heroes.

This great man, who pawned his life for our prosperity and freedom, who underwent tortures which are so well documented that the British government can be sued for human rights violation. They should be ashamed of the way they treated the colonies. But even they were in awe of this great man that, when he was about to be released, they made elaborate security arrangements, fearing public backlash. But those guys were stunned at the number of people who turned up - four. Just 4 people came to receive this great man who served two life terms, went bankrupt to start first private shipping company in support of his countrymen. Right from my school days I've seen my friend win so many oratorical competitions giving speech about this great man. Va.Voo.Sudhanthiram pillai should be worshipped like a god who walked. But is relegated to be remembered once a year like thithi.

I heard about this for the first time today in one pattimandram. Till now, I never had a chance to read about this great man's life post his release. Every textbook, magazine I read on him, described about his sufferings in jail. But not one word on how the Indians treated him when he was released. Probably one of the richest man on his glory days, he was rich enough to start his own shipping company. He gave up everything for this country. Our freedom. And what our countrymen did for him would've hurt him more than what the British did to him.

This man and lot other folks, deserve all the ratnas and bhhushans and vibushans. They should all be honoured and worshipped with institutes and awards named after them. We should take their life story to the world in the form of movies. Let them be award winning documentaries to be screened to the world. It may not shame the British but probably show the slumdog attitude of our zillion plus crowd. Our school syllabus should all be re-written. It all talks about what the British did to our leaders who fought for our freedom. It should start talking about what we did for them. Maybe that would awaken that forgotten sense of nationalism in us?


Ramesh said...

That is true even today Gilsu. The famous who are remembered and feted tend to be those in the entertainment industry - be it film stars or sportsmen or even TV actors. Many heroes who do yeomen acts even today hardly get a mention. Its simply a reflection of what we in society value more.

Isn't the pattimandram one of the finest aspects of Tamil culture. I wonder why it doesn't happen more often. So many people speak so well - oratory seems to be a natural talent amongst Tamilians. If they could lower their voice and not speak so fast, I could watch pattimandrams every day.

gils said...

Depends on who the judge and participants are.. I like sugi sivams speech