Saturday, August 08, 2015

Art of communication

I forgot the name of the author. Either it was Devadutt Patnaik or Amitav Ghosh. Both of them put in interesting view point based on our epics. In one of the article there was an interesting angle on Gitopadesam. The intent of the article was something else. But I found that thought process intriguing. Krishna when he preached the gita to Arjuna, at the same time Sanjaya was relaying the same Gita to Dritharashtra. While Arjuna grasped the crux of it and went on to win the war, the incumbent king, blinded by jealousy over his brother and love for his kid, chose to ignore the essence of Gita. Despite having been the third ever person to have been blessed with the recital, despite having the ability to understand the slokas more than any of his contemporaries, he didn't call off the war. Gita was perhaps the last ditch attempt by Krishna to stop the war. While he used it to urge Arjuna to take up his bow, he probably hoped that Dritharashtra would become enlightened by the verses and call off the war, which didn't happen, which he was very well aware of. Sometimes even god can't change the fate. I felt it applies to teaching in schools as well. The teachers claim that they preach their subjects in same vein to all the students in the class. Some even get a secondary dosage in the form of remedial/coaching classes. The Arjuna's could be related to the top rankers while the rest fill up their own roles. Same goes for corporate life as well. When the Analyst gives KT on the client requirement to the developers, testers and rest of the team very few get a grasp of it. Comparing their BRD to Gita is a sacrilege in itself. Its just for analogy. Wherever the case is, whatever the situation is, direct form of communication always helps. Direct receipt of communicated information also happens to be the best of the lot. Be it battle or just another BRD, the audience response determines the result.

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Ramesh said...

Only Gils can weave a BRD into a Gita and Mahabaratha post !! :)

So the learning is that if the developer is contended with his appraisal, increment and is not jealous of his neighbour's increment, he will create good software. Else he will create something that will lead to war.

Swami Gilsananda's upadesam :):):):)