Monday, August 01, 2011

Answer to the question

Not THE answer actually. Felt a paradoxical question can best be replied with a philosophical one and my original response to the query comes in the end. Now to the question. Almighty God. I felt, the key word in that sentence was this word - Almighty.

There are many a staunch believer who swears by HIS existence while an equal, if not more in number, thinks otherwise. In that aspect, god is akin to a concept, which some can accept and some cannot. So end of the day, how you define god is up to your own sweet self. I see god with an elephant head and pot belly while some see him nailed to wood. Some might not even agree to both these versions and say he is form less. To few its their parents, to some their friends and to many the good Samaritan who helped them in time of their need. Since there is no fixed definition of who or what God is, the question of what he can or cannot do is something which is inconclusive. Whenever something good or bad happens, theists always credit or curse god for that. The atheists on the other hand take responsibility for their own actions which they would believe resulted in whatever the outcome was.

Being a theist myself, its my humble opinion that, assuming, such a situation was posed to god, he would simply smile it off. The moment GOD thinks of his own powers, he looses his divinity and becomes mortal. My school teacher used to say - EGO stands for Edging God Out. Every soul is potentially divine as long ego is under control. It applies to GOD too i guess. More than his mightiness, its LOVE which glorifies god. When people worship in front of him, its not the demons HE slayed which comes to their mind, but HIS LOVE and confidence in his LOVE that, irrespective of all their sins and mistakes he would forgive them. To me, the real might of a person be it a mere mortal or divine, lies in the fact that, he can forgive someone for whatever wrong they had done to him. That, to me would be the single most powerful thing which qualifies a person as human, leave alone God. Whether, he can lift the stone or not, hardly matters.

Now to my actual answer :) "Kallai mattum kandaal kadavul theriaathu..kadavulai mattum kandaal kal teriathu"


Anonymous said...
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TheUncanny said...


//EGO stands for Edging God Out//

Didnt know that..really thought provoking stuff!

RS said...

//The moment GOD thinks of his own powers, he looses his divinity and becomes mortal.//

This one sentence replies it all!!!

I was expecting a mokkai reply, Gilse! But this sounds much meaningful....

Venkat.. said...

அழகா சொனீங்க.. அன்பே சிவம்..
seriousa discuss பண்ணனும்னா lifetime பத்தாது.

I guess your school days was with famous mission at mylapore. is it right?

Ramesh said...

Gils - please change your name to zeno - in honour of the original philosopher. In history there were two zenos, so its all right !!!

gils said...


heyy..nice to c u back in action..


intha olagam innuma enna nambuthu..haiioooo haiioooo


way off target :D but i guess my teacher wud've been from one..not necessarily in Mylapore though.

gils said...


enna vachu kaamedi keemadi pannaliye..zeno itha padichaaru...ungala thitti haikkoo potruvaaru :)

Asha said... much to add and subtract to your content.

And for your answer you did'nt ask for it but i will give -10/10(nalla velai naan yosikkalai)

Asha said...

adhu minus ten, verum 10 illai

Asha said...

To be more specific, from the last few lines of your post, according to you i don't qualify as a human because i never forget and never forgive. Infact this nature kills peace of mind and many a times becomes a topic of debate between me and my near ones.

Perissa Ezhudavendan parthen... but ennodu comment ungalukku rendugettana puriyoporudhonnu ezhudinen.

gils said... 10sun asha madam. Forgiving is no easy task. elarum kadvul aaita epdi :) and bye the bye..u cudnt be half as bad as me :D no kampetishun there

Asha said...

arreyyyyyyy........ 10suna?..... yarukk?..... naanga 10perukku koduppom illa! ( enakku smiley ellam easya poda vardudhunga so may be the comment looked serious).

Regarding the compliment --- naan goodnnu........ HE... HE...HE.... varumbodhu eduthundruvom..... I'lll take it. yaru avlo easya kodukkara..... Thank you .... Thank you....I'm taking a bow.....:):)
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Aarti said...

//EGO stands for Edging God Out//

Nice one.. dint know this before!! :D
Quite a deep post