Sunday, August 14, 2011

Movie time :)

Weekend Movie Watchla intha vaaram Masala movie time :)

Certain dishes cannot be had on a regular basis. Usuala saapdra Saadham rasam bore adichi tiffen items pakkam ponaalum sari illa chapaathi Naan nu roti items pakkam ponaalum sari, they never feel grand. Either on a feast or on any treats..the king of dishes is always the Biryaani. Being a veggie i cant comment on the NV part of it. But i am sure every single Non veggie out there would vouch for my statement. What is food without a dash of spice every now and then. Ada namma blog titlum itheye thaan solluthu. Just noted the link :) Now to the movies.

Kaanchana - Muni part 2:

Typical example for the dish mentioned above. It has the correctly proportioned mix of comedy, horror, fight, item songs and itsy bitsy sentiments with space for a light message to be thrown in too. The story for Muni part 1 itself was a rather meek repeat of yesteryear movies. The highlight being the Bayanthaangolli Hero. Lawarence has rightly sensed the scoring point of that character and has exploited it bit more in the second part. Instead of one aavi as in first installment, there are 3 aavis in the sequel. Orey interesting/curious twist is that one of those aavis is a transgender. Sarathkumar make up poadama nadichi kalakirukaar ;) Guess of all his full length character based movies till date, this one which hardly takes 10 minutes of screen time, stands out. Good choice for the role. Devadarshini (Marma desam madam) and Sreeman semmaya pannirukaanga. With her goli gundu eyes, Devadarshini looks more scary than the CG created pei. Lakshmi rai - Item. Ashtay. Lawrence dons director, story/screen play/dialog writer, dance master and hero hats and comes out with flying colors in all the departments. His acting once the pei poonthufies in his body is top class. Dancela kekkavay venaam. But the real Heroine/lead performer of the movie is Kovai Sarala.

Ethana naalachu antha keechu kovai kural kaettu. "Maatuku meals vaikalaam vaa"nu marumagalai koopdrapuvum seri "Romba Dippiculta irukay..konjam discount please" nu parigaarathula thallubadi kekarapovum seri..ammani kalakirukaangov. Movie has a racy first half and second half doesnt drag either. Just like all other movies of his, intha padathulayum he show cases the talent hidden in the physically challenged people. Firstlaam paakarapo show podraannu thonum. Aana me beginning to like his sincerity in his efforts towards the handicapped and kudos to him for showing guts to create a lead character based on a transgender. In an industry driven by superstitions, this would serve as a path breaking attempt. Obviously it was an exploitative effort. But he does it with flair by not insulting them in anyway. That itself should be a major positive thing from a masala movie director. As for the horror portions..well..lesser said the better.

Gils verdict: If not for anything else you can watch the movie once for its comic portions. Definitely not a horror movie. Typical weekend masala entertainer.

Buddah hoga tera baap: There is a scene in "7G rainbow colony" movie, in which the hero throws papers and raises his hand over his head to worship Rajini as he appears in the title song of his movie "Baba". That one scene is enough to convey what hero worship means, especially to non tamil speaking masses. The craze, the mass hysteria which Rajini can create on screen (even off screen for that matter) is unparalleled. Though not exactly in the same league as per adulation standards, Amithabh will always be known as the original character behind yesteryear Rajini hits. Most of his movies when remade in tamil went to Rajini who modelled himself on Amitabh. I sincerely wish, this one movie too, for every single Rajini fans sake, is remade in tamil with Rajini in lead. For, if Amithabh can rock so much, in this character, with Rajini it would be a blockbuster to say the least. I am bit jealous of Bollywood, for they have heroes like Amitabh who can BE old, LOOK old and still get such wonderful characters. Inga kashtam.

The sole plus point of the movie is that, it has NO PRETENCE. The director knows, he is making a masala movie and has gone ahead in full throttle. I would say, it was a more than decent gambit to have a 60 year old play the action hero. Amitabh does what he does best. Smashes thugs and shoots dozens with a single bullet. He is the heart and soul of the movie and he is fully aware of it. The way he mocks SRK with sly comments, the way he carries himself in such atrocious costumes, chancela. Singam singam thaan. There are some amazing one liners in the movie. Especially the way he self censors the swear words with BEEP and when one thug asks him if he wants coffee or tea the casual way in which he replies that neither mixes well with soda. And every time when people calls him Buddah (oldie) the way he reorts back, asathal performance. Imagine Rajini in such scenes. WHISTLE PATTAYA KELAPPUM. Story - Vijayoda Pokirya remix pannirukaaru. No wonder the director is same for both movies. Athula Paiyan police appava sutruvaanga. Paiyan rowdiesa poattu thalliruvaan. Ithulayum Paiyan police. Aana paiyana sututaangannu appa rowdiesa poattu thallidraaru. Avlovay ishtorree.

Gils Verdict: Paisa vassool movie. Watch it with a bag of popcorn. Certain movies are best watched leaving your mind outside. This one is right on top of that list.


Ramesh said...

What do you mean "intha vaaram masala movie time" ????? Are there any other kinds ?????

Enna romba pasiyoda intha posta ezhuthineengala ??

RS said...

present sir

Asha said...

weekendla movie magica?..njoy!!.innum enni few yearskula....adhu enna discipline? haan....hypocritic disciplinenala(wrt ur prev. post) oru movieyum parka mudiyadu...apprum... unga pasangaloda his, geo mattum illa math,science school projectellam panni koduthu.. ellathuleyum neenga pista gosthu top scorer daan.

TheUncanny said...

I dunno abt the movi gils,
But all the kanchana posters arnd the city are terror.....

Whenever I pass any kanchana poster on the roadside, I stop and gape at it for 5mins...

lakshmi said...

yennathu! Kanchana horror movie kedaiyatha! ayiyayoooo.... naan trailor pathutu oru 4 paeru kitta "semma horror movie! seatlayae mucha poitaena pathukoiyaen" nu elam beethiya kelapitaenae.... cha.. asingapatan auto karan..

Lawerence vaiya polanthukitu 4 times snakea sozhatrathu parthu wronga calculation potaen....Lakshmi inimae avathu padam parthutu review kudu....

Epadi sirr ungalala matum at a stretch 4 padam elam parka mudiyuthu..Gilsu, enna mathiri trailer parthutu review kudukringala, illa nijamavae padam parkringala????

gils said...


:)) heheheh ejatlee


attendance marked :)

gils said...


hehehe...antha maathri asambaavitham nadakrachay paathukalaam


poster mattum thaan derror movie kaammedi peice

gils said...


//yennathu! Kanchana horror movie kedaiyatha! ayiyayoooo.... naan trailor pathutu oru 4 paeru kitta "semma horror movie! seatlayae mucha poitaena pathukoiyaen" nu elam beethiya kelapitaenae.... cha.. asingapatan auto karan..//

rotfl unga birendlaam 10sun aaga poraanga :)