Monday, October 25, 2010

Endhiran - review

Kanden Enthiranai :) After almost a month since its been released, atlast managed to see the movie. The most awaited movie of the year become the most waited movie for me :) still no regrets. Had i seen it riding the hype wave, maybe i might have felt euphoric (another way of getting over the "iam-conned-lemme-grin-and-bear-it" feeling). Anyways, for the uninitiated (still biding their time to watch it) its not your typical Rajini movie. At the same time, to say that, had any one else, other than the big man, had donned the role, it wouldnt have been as effective, would be the understatement of the decade. I dont remember if Rajini had done a triple role before. Quite a few double acts for sure. But in this one, he really does manages to pull it off with elan. Each role, interstingly, well distinguished from other. Probably, that shows the amount of time Shankar must've had in shaping up the characters. He claims, he had this in cans for almost a decade now. And the effort shows in some places, like the robot while running horizontally stamps on the mouth of a guy who tries to spit from train and the scene where it slashes the corrupt traffic police's hand, which has the typical Shankar stamp on it.

Though i would still proclaim it as a Sujatha movie. The masters stamp is splashed all over it. I am more than reminded of the "Juno" character, created by Sujatha, by Chitti 1.0. Especially the last scene where it/he says "Naan oru joke sollatta" :) Sila dialogslaam Nachunu iruku. Like "Lovenu vanthuta Robotkum nut kazhandirum" and "Enna nakkala?..Illa Nickel. Boltlaam Nickella senjathu". I was literally laughing out loud for the second one. That exam scene where the robo helps aishu to bittu adichify, her reaction on getting caught and the robot's faithfullness in the following me thats the best scene in the movie :) Loved it. Period or should i say "dot". On the climax portion, touted as India's answer to Hollywood..well..the lesser said the better. Avlo onnum
impressivea ila. Infact, the graphics scores in many other scenes in the movie rather than the climax. Chitti 2.0 character allows Rajini to re visit his bad ass days and man!! he rocks. The body language and facial expression change menacingly. So different from chitti 1.0. Music looks good and sounds less so. Aish, though she comes throughout the movie, hardly registers her presence except for the 2 kissing scenes. Though in that mosquito bite scene, its again Rajini who steals the thunder.

This movie is a typical scifi masala movie. Infact, if scifi movies have to run
successfully, atleast the indian made ones, this movie would be a reference point on
managing the right mix. Shankar, though some touts him as the "James cameron" of India, manages to match him in budget and showmanship. A little bit of Speilberg-ness on the content side will help too :)


RS said...

"Manushanga thangala kaapithika poi solluvaanga nu therinjikitaen" - i liked this dialogue as well....

Aana baas, this time i see movie before don gilsu. In the theatre. Didn't like songs, though. Felt like most of them didnot fit in the movie. OK va irundhuchu, so much for all the hype..........

Glad to see Gils back in action. Romba naala yaaro yeluthra blog mathiri irundhadhu....:) :) :)

Anonymous said...

ooh u the saw before me :) gud gud :)

savita said...


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Anonymous said...

Nice review Gils.. I havent seen other Rajni movies, except Shivaji little bit so cant comment on his acting or direction etc.. but it was an entertaining movie for sure.. but one should not think of logic or science while watching it :)

RamMmm said...

Endhiran was 'cool' in parts. Aish doesn't look her age at all, botox or not. Thought she was good in Raavan as well (didn't see Raavanan yet). Wish more of Rajni in negative shade roles. He rocks. Tiring lead-in to the climax. As you say, could have been shortened.

Aaga moththam, I liked it. Was expecting that it may be a dud for all the excessive hype by Sun Pictures. Thankfully, it was not. It was El Niño's first Tamil movie and he is a Rajni fan now. He saw the 2nd half of Sivaji on DVD and was hooked. :)

UmaS said...

Naan innum wait panren...ticketukaga.... :) Pathitu solren... :) :)

U are the first one to tell that the Sujatha stamp is seen...I heard that there are no credits to him, except for a small line....anyway, its a huge effort for tamil cinema...and I am glad the graphics makes it more fun to watch. Of course, Rajni Rocks. :)

Anu said...

Watching it coming Saturday. Will read your review adhukku aprom. Just hopped to say a hi :)

1. Shift nu yedho kelvi pattene?
2. Yendha theatre watching?

Aarti krishnakumar said...

Nice.. U managed to watch the movie... :D

I would rate this movie 2/5..
There were some scenes that were so not needed that just annoyed me to no end..
The fire scene
the mosquito scene

honsetly, dint see anythin Ahaa oho abt it... Yes, its a typical Shankar flick.... Rajini- good, Ash- kezhavi looks better than in Raavanan , but will hopefully start acting one day..

Song Locations- WOW [ machu pichu n the 1st song desert place]

Lottsaaa traces of ironman, Bicentinial man, Robocop n some more!! :D

Ramesh said...

Gilsu - Onnumae puriyaliye ..... Neenga intha moviewkku ennai taku ??

R-ambam said...

hee hee I thought u didnt wanna review this movie.. ippo thaan paatheengala :D Achhachooo ! :P

first weekend paaatha engalukkum ithey bulb thaan ...
music was bad and I hate to say this .. :) peppy numbers were good.BGM didnt make a mark !

Thalaivar padam illa but plan pannapove (10 yrs ago ) rajini , aysh, rehman work panniruntha it would have been better I felt .
Shankar is still going strong I might add. :)