Friday, June 20, 2008

Arattai arangam :))

Pona postla vantha comments silatha paathu atheye topic for disciya vachu inoru post thethalaamnu thonithu..

Yeattu suraikkainu title poatum...athu storynu mention panniyum..ennoda sinus valartha mookai..undu illainu pannina puniyavangaluku muthal vanakkam (grrrrr)..How to make friends and influence people was the book i had mentioned in that post. Antha titlea pathutu..ivlo basic matteruku kuda book padikanumanu neria kelvi kanaigalai thoduthirukaanga :D I liked the book. It was not the sort of book which i read usually. But it wasnt that bad as i had thought at first. Not too preachy. Didnt offer any shortcuts. Mostly it was real life examples. I love reading trivias and that book was Sooo full of them. And sila examples where really interesting. I've done the opposite of what was done by the protagonist in a similar situation and it backfired for me like how it was mentioned there. Any book will be interesting the moment it synchs up with you. Try giving this book a read. I think you wouldnot regret it. Not that if it worked for a million people it should for you..but its definitely a safe bet.

Athey flowla another recommendation. Well..intha book lot more famous than the first one. Ekkachakka padam vanthachu based on this. But the books legacy still remains and it holds its own amidst the visual fare meted out. GODFATHER ( thala padam ileenga) by Mario Puzo. I typed 2 full paras about the book and realised howmuchever i gloss about this one. Its simply not enough!! Give it a try. You will surely have a different experience in reading.

To round up my reading is one blog which you must visit if you are a fan of short stories especially in tamil... banuvasan..Romba arumaiya kathai ezhutharar..awesome twists and amazing writeup. Thanks to Divya for introducing me to this site.


G3 said...

Naan dhaan pharshtu :)

G3 said...

Neenga sonna recommendations ellam padichittu varen :))

Starting with the blog recommended :P

Shwetha Robert said...

Thanks for sharing that site's link,
goody gooody stories out there,
must take time to read them.....soon:))

unglukelam story sites link solranga Divya-kka,yengalukelam solradhila,Y Y Y ???

ipdi urupadiyana site sonalum edhunga urupadadhunganu nenaichutanglo:(

gils said...

padinga padinga..avar blog fulla padichiten..awesome stories.enaku rommmba pudichi poach avar style of writing :)

//ipdi urupadiyana site sonalum edhunga urupadadhunganu nenaichutanglo:(//

ROTFL...epdinga ithelam :D...chancela ponga..divs shd see this :D

Ramya Ramani said...


God Father book sooper bookunga..naan bookah padichittu character imagine ellam panninen..ippo dhan recentah padam parthen..ok ennoda imagination oralavu othupochu :P

Banuvasan pathi pottuteengala..avaru ore the kushis that his blog has got so many readersnu...divya sooper recommendation :)

Anonymous said...

//naan bookah padichittu character imagine ellam panninen..//
same blud..i also did the same..michael--surya..Don--of course Kamal no one else..Sonnie--got stuck here..vikram might suit..

//avaru ore the kushis that his blog has got so many readersnu...//

kandipaanga...arumaiya ezhutharar..namma makkaluku theriama vidalama..they deserve to njoy his writings