Stars shine down..

Have u ever felt sad..happy..depressed and elated at the same time...Taare zameen par
music does that to u...i thought i would never hear a betterly penned song than the title song of Kal ho Na ho till i listened upon this album...each song is a gem of its personal fav.s are the "ma" song and the one by adnan sami...watta music..wen adnan lifts his voice to high pitch u also feel like flying along with the tempo...awesome lyrics..though i dnt like movies which are tear jerkers..guess i can give this one a try sheerly for the songs and their picturisation...especially the 'Ma' song...i am not a pandit in hindi..u need not be one too to enjoy the soak in the emotions it raises in u...anyone can feel identified with
that song and the situation and the feelings conveyed in that...guess all of us have been moms fav. at one point of time or other in our lives..the song is so simple yet so poignant when u see the picturisation it almost moves u in tears..shankar mahadevans voice is another big plus..i still feel sonu nigam would have mesmerised us even more for this one.."bhum bhum bole" song is a real loosner in this otherwise emotion packed album..i also happned to see the movie before i could finish off this post..well..this is one movie which you cant say is a "OK" movie without people frowning upon you..its something like all 100's are special especially those made by sachin ;)..this movie as claimed by many is surely not for kids and is sheerly for times its too melodramatic..almost like DD awareness campaigns..but most part of the movie is like candid camera..u wud hardly realise that folks are acting except for the portions were aamir pitches in..and to think that this is his first wud be really interesting to know the thot process behind this movie..the kid who plays the lead character is simply awesome..not overdoing..and not underplaying either..perfectly in synch of being an out of synch kid..there is a scene where aamir lists out famous people with dyslexia..the reaction by the kid preparing himself to be called up before everyone is sheer class..somehow cinema looks gud when perfectly normal emotions are expressed in perfectly normal way...but how long can such movies sustain is GOK...this movie has been running packed houses mainly due to the favourable reviews it has got and thru word-of-mouth free publicity..if u are someone who goes to movies just to have a laaf and for brainless comedies this is not one for u...its an almost realistic at times honest attempt to capture the trauma of a normal kid..may be since it reminds of my own childhood enaku avlo interstinga ila nenakaren...but songs..WOW..awesome...ethana thadava
venumnalum kekalam...padam..hmmm..makes u moody...


Kuttibalu said…
the movie is a master piece, just love this movie. last scenela azhuthutaen..

first time commenting here.. ur posts are really cool..
Kuttibalu said…
esp the ode to nalla pasanga.. was awesome..
sanchapanzo said…
un review level a irukku..
padathai parkalamnu mudivu pannitten :)
prithz said…
Songs laam awesome man!

Shankar mahadevan's kid has also sung.. theriyuma?
prithz said…
BTW, Cute title for this post :)

p.s.: Happy new year :)
p.s.s.: I posted the long story i was telling u abt :)
Karthik B.S. said…
ellorum nalla reviews tharaanga .. poi pakkanam.

i got the chance to watch the movie on the very first day.. but preferred to watch Billa instead.. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....
G3 said…
:)) Naanum padatha paathuten.. I liked the concept of the movie.. worth watching it :)
Harish said…
Surely as you said the songs are awesome. After a long time perfect sync between movie and music.

"i got the chance to watch the movie on the very first day.. but preferred to watch Billa instead"
Ungala ellam paatha enakku paavam iruku. :P
Nayantara dress paathundu jollu vittu pogaadeengada na kekaraangala :P

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