Sunday, December 03, 2006

Paartha nyabagam illaiyo...part 6

Mu.Ka.Su (as requested by Sat :) infact enakkay flow maranthu poachu...)
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The story so far....

Uma rushes to the hospital to find her hubby Ram in a serious condition. The doctor incharge of treating Ram introduces her to a colonel who claims to reveal the secret behind Rams condition. On other hand there is an evil Doc, who tries to kidnap Ram from the hospital in vain. The colonel begins to narrate the incidents which lead to the situation on we go..................

"Project Sindbad", contd the colonel, "in the entire history of CASR it was the most complicated and dangerous project ever undertaken...we needed someone special like Ram to conceive it in first place...Before anything you should know the reason behind such a dangerous project..the reason has a face...a brain,sinister but superbly sharp brain, a name...i feel sorry and ashamed to say that in one way i am responsible for this but in a way proud to be associated with such a genius called Doc Aum. you cannot help appreciate his genius inspite of the monster he is..what started as a pathbreaking discovery and boon for mankind..apparently became a deadly weapon and a explain more about it i would require the services of the gud doc and the renowned psychiatrist." The col. paused for a minut before continuing.
"It all started three years back when Doc. Aum approached CASR for funding his project, exactly at a time when CASR was thrown open for private scientist participation. His plans and ideas where extrodinary and to begin with no one actually believed him and were sceptical about his skills. I was the one who supported his cause and pushed for his funding. Little did i knew that the Doc had other intentions. Ram joined us at around the same time. He quickly grew up the ranks and soon became indispensible for us. He became my right hand man and i had chosen him to be my successor. He had an amazing grasp for things and can learn stu in a jiffy. Soon his path crossed with the Doc who took an immediate liking for him. He was mightily impressed with Ram and was very close to him. Lucky that Ram didnot get tempted with the Docs offer and joined the wrong side. Had that been the case we wouldnt've been talking here so freely."
"Doc.Aum was so impressed with the skills of Ram that he let him on his most dangerous secret. There was a highly sensitive project on which the Doc was secretly working and had made tremendous project. He reported the progress only to me and no one in the faculty knew about the project at all. With the help of Ram i found out that he had forged all the reports and the project itself was aimed at a different purpose rather than the one it was intended for. We had a big fight that day...i had called the doc to my room.."
The doc barged in without asking for any excuse..
"I hope you've some really burning reason for making me leave all my work and come for this meeting.."
"Doc..u mite be the most brilliant being ever to walk on two legs...still in this place i am the commanding officer and indiscipline wouldnt be tolerated.."
"ok..ok...come to the point..."
I was still fuming at this arrogance..."what are the projects you are working on currently Doc"
His eyes narrowed. "You dragged me all the way here to ask this dumb question?!! you think i got nothing worthwhile to do? am i ur house maid or what? let me make onething clear mr.Army man...just because you are funding me..dont expect me to sit and beg before you..i know how to sponsor my projects..infact i am doin you a favour by staying with u...remember that..". The doc banged the door and left without even waiting for the col. response.
The col. thought for a while and buzzed his asst. "Call up Ram and ask him to return back from his vacation asap".

"Dai...ennada romba silenta vara..enna vishayam..." asked uma.
"Iyarakai azhagai rasikiran.." enru namuttu siripudan sonnan ram.
"enna kooda vachundey siteadikariya..antha sleeveless ponna nee vacha kannu vaangama pakarathan naanum note panikitu thaan iruken...onnu yabgam vachuko..nee en kuda varapo site adika vendamnu sollala...aana konjam range maintain pannu...atleast enna vida paakka nalla irukka madhiri paaru...ivlo summarana figurlaam site adichu en maanatha vangatha..."
"aaha..mangaiyar kula thilagam...bharathi kanda Parker pen...nee thaandi en raasathi..u c...enna poruthavaraikum pengal renday vagai...ahzaga irukaravanga...romba azhaga irukaravanga..." before even he could complete..he barely missed the knockout punch from Uma...
"hey..ok..ok..relax..fone adikuthu par....ipo fone panni en uyira kaapathina antha puniyavaan yara irunthaalum...halo..Ram here..." satre viraipudan.."yes sir..thank you sir...sure sir..i will get ready..."
"Yaar kitenthu fone?"
"Naan seekram kilambanum...urgent velai.."
"sorry my dear...intha vacationukaaga kenji koothadi..naan en manager kita leave vaangi iruken...i can waste it..." enru kovathudan Uma koorinaal...
"seri seri...romba kenjatha...intha mathiri konji pesiye kaariyatha saadichiduviye...epo ponum..."
"illa...Naaliku fone panni epo kilambarennu sollanum..."
"ipo thaana vantha..adukulla kilambariye...nee enna army officera...apdi enna thaan thala pora projecto..."Uma said in a complaining tone...
" is not in the number of breaths you take...but in those which take your breath away...come let me raise a toast for us...
Never lie steal cheat or drink..if u must..
lie in the arms of the one u luv
cheat death
steal away from bad company
lets drink in these moments my love..."
"My dear romantic Ram...naanum "Hitch" padam paathuten..." she winked and said "But you are better than Will Smith my sweet pie..."
With a warm embrace they melted into each other...

"Hey Ram...what a pleasent surprise...when did u come..hows your wife..." asked Dr.Aum.
"Just came doc...everything is fine in my end...hows your work going on.."
"Adhu kedakatum....u where not expected to be here by next week right? how come so early?? dont tell me that meddlin col. called u up from your vacation..."
"As a matter of fact yes..." the bitterness in Ram's voice took doc by surprise..
"Hmmm...interesting...Ram...if you dont mind...come and meet me in my lad sometime..i got to discuss some very interesting stuff with you..."
"Oh..sure doc...that would be something i would look forward to.."
"And be discreet about it.." the doc almost whispered..."for everyones good"...
Ram was not sure whether it was meant as a warning or advice....still he was eager to visit the much talked about famous but secret lab of doc.Aum.

Nyabagangal Thodarum...

Part 7 already started..guess will finish it by 8 or max all depends on the mood and time...iduvay chinnatha start panni ivlo periya episodea vanthruchu... will try to make it shorter next time :)


prithz said...

me the firstttttttthuuuuuuu!!!! nemore white choc icecream due!!! :D

prithz said...

I wonder where u r taking this story! suthi suthi.. kadaisila.. mokkai ya mudichunga na.. avlodhan.. yeannoda icecream count will touch unbelievable the warnings! :D

seri.. andha middle part between uma n raam, super!

KK said...

Gils neenga serious'a oru srial yezhuthalam... :)
Bharathi kanda Parker pen...super!!! :)

G3 said...

Padichu mudichitten.. Innikku ottara mood illa.. so me only the attendence now :)

gils said...

complan gal strikes again :D mokkai..hmmm...i want to give a nice run up to the end...epdi mudiyumnu solrathukilla... :D

seriousa iruntha thaan serial...aana intha story poruthavaraikum...iduvaraikum padikaravangala thavira vera yaarum azhala :D :D

huh...silence before storm?

G3 said...

//silence before storm//
Ada paavingala.. nalladhukkae kaalam illa..

Innikku konjam sandhosha moodla okkandhirukken.. seri edho mathavangalum sandhoshama irukkatumae otta venaamnu paatha enakkae reveata?

Unga katchi makkal soldra maadiri kali muthiduthu.. :P

gils said...

romba naal saapdama vachi apdithaan..muthidum..aaana unga capacuttyku neenga muthalaam vidra type kidyathey?? :D

G3 said...

Me thalayil adichufying after reading ur reply.. Ivlo mokkaiya oru replya.. :(

priya said...

Gils: Epdi ipdi ellam yoseekareenga:-)) Fiction story a erukey..

gils said...

unga post padicha effect mokkai pravagam :D

fiction story?? purila

Kittu said...

epdi ivlo perisa ezudhareenga :)

gils said...

velgum velgum...illiye..font size less than normal size...*AHEM*...i can hear G3 n gang howling MOKKAI MOKKAI... :) enna panrathu...pravagam padichathulenthu oray mokkai pravagama varuthu :D

gils said...

btw..en thatha perum kittu :D how cuteu :D

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Hahaha.. Engayo poiteenga! :)
Epdi ipdi ellam??? ;) Anyways jokes apart.. tht was really good :)
Nice thought!

G3 said...

//pravagam padichathulenthu oray mokkai pravagama varuthu :D //
Grr.. Edho unga mariyaadhaiya blogla kaapathanumaennu thitara wordsalaan sensor cut panni inga podaama vidaren..

Aanalum idhellam too much.. oru kozhandhaiya otradhukkum oru alavu venam? :(

gils said...


Sat said... danks!....aana innuma mudikala
idhu too much :(

gils said...

LOL...ungalukaagavay innum naalu episode extra podalaamnu thonuthu :D :D ennaga panrathu..naanum epiogue vara try panren..uhumm...mudiya matenguthu

prithz said...

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hehe.. adhu dhan yeppovo panniyaache! :D

Priya said...

aha, neenga pudhu post pathadha pakkave illaye!
yappa, thalaya suthudhu padichu.

//Part 7 already started..guess will finish it by 8 or max all depends on the mood and time...iduvay chinnatha start panni ivlo periya episodea vanthruchu... will try to make it shorter next time //
Neenga solradhellam naanga namba mattom. Mudicha appuram dhan nambuvom.:)

Karthik B.S. said...

epppa innadhu idhu Gils innavum indha kadhai mudialaya?

indha kadhayayai mudikkum ennam illayo? ;) ;)

gils said...

:D ithana izhuthutu takkunu mudicha neengalaa pheel pannuveengalaynu thaan :D :D G3 avvvvvvvvvvvvnu azhara sound kekuthu :D

nee thaanapa un postla poata 27 28 part mela expect panrenu...innum one fourth kooda varalaye :D

KK said...

Saga kathai continue pannunga :)

gils said...

:D KKna..adutha part almost ready..thot of clubbing 7 and that i can finish it by next part..mega post aaidichi... :D guess i am on target to finish it by 9 :D