Well i must admit i dint had any expectation of any sort before watching the movie..except tht some of the songs were too gud....but wow...tht movie was a clean ambush on unsuspecting folks like me...wont say its the best movie ever made sorta thing..but it was easily lot better than some of the mediocre stuff churned frm B'wood..all the songs were too gud..catchy and easy on the ears and very pleasent....and for a change it was a lady lead in the movie who gets to occupy the lions share of the reels...pity..she cud've helped herself with a better voice...shiny ahuja was amazing....emraan-serial kisser-hashmi...does wat he does best...overall its a pleasent weekend watch...chk it out


sanchapanzo said…
podangu.. me kaduppu after seeing this movie..
cant really digest this..
i think this whole mahesh bhat-clan have to do osme decently original movie-making.. plagiarising anything and everything :(

the lead-lady's make-up looked bad in lots of segments(though she looked beautiful and i think she s better off without makeup).. and that patriotic sh** in the end by emraan.. thanga mudiyale.. i wish they make some decent stuff.. btw, the songs were good.. to agree with you on that
gils said…
hahaa...u knw wat he almost sounded hmmm unpatriotic...come to think of it..serial kisser hashmi mouthing "desh ke liye mein qurbaan"..ha...gimme a this rate mallika sherawat will do an item number next wearing two piece with our national flag colors embossed to "distract" phoren elements in the name of desh bhakti...but still...i liked tht ahuja guy...cmon..he looks rt out of english movies...tho looking wooden on some scenes...and the movie has decent twists...but plagiarising...nee irukkara english padam ellam erkanavay paathita...athaan...the last englipis padam which saw was "XCVB" with font size god-knows-wat on my opticians mirror :D
Sat said…
Right abt the lady's voice...squeaky !
But for once the lady did not ahve model-slick-silky-shiny hair...and thank god for those perms!
Sat said…
This movie did have something unbearable and irritating and that one big black spot though...emran hashmi...yuck!
Sat said…
And before I forget...tag's where you answer the questions from the blog of the person who tagged you just they way they have...only the answers have to be your own :D
Let me give you the oppurtunity to try...You are tagged! :P
gils said…
hmm.u wont believe friend is punch drunk with this movie...inum cd return pannala..he saw it once with me...then again with another friend of mine..and now with his wife..all these in a span of 30 hrs!!...nut case..still i've fallen in luv with those songs...its haunting me wherever i go..u wont believe yesterday we heard the song in RC and tuned into Radio Mirchi again to hear the same song playing ..and today morning again in Radio city...either they forgot to switch off the CD or both the stations are sharing the same cd!!!
gils said…
gils under at"tag" huh..hmm..ogie...will give it a shot :)
Known Stranger said…
hmm irrunthallum namma puthu petttai poola varuumaaa

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