Friday, May 19, 2006

The lil' black mark

Upon my left index finger..sits proudly..a lill black mark. Black marks are something which people generally hides. But this is one mark i would show off with pride. Its one mark which everyone should be proud to own. Its the prize for exercising your civic duty. Yes. Its the indelible ink mark for casting your vote. I hated CIVICS as a subject in school. I never liked those boooooring dragging never ending paragraphs of information, which i now feel were very very critical and useful. Usually History classes are known for the lullaby effect they produce and civics classes are the mother of all lullabies. Keeping the eyes open itself would be a Herculean task. Listening would be next to impossible. I used to wonder why the hell i should know the average age to be elected president of zilla parishad. But when i went to the booth to cast my vote, when my name was called and when i pressed the button against "my candidate's name felt a thrill running through me which was hard to express. It was as if its my vote which decided the fate of who would win and without me casting the vote it would have been a huge waste. After long struggle got myself a voter id and wen i proudly presented the id proof to the poll booth officer my joy knew no bounds. My first vote. Taste of power. Power to decide ones fate. Amazing. As spidey says With great power comes great responsibility. Hope everyone realizes the power at their finger tips and exercise their right. You may or may not be a fan of civics but being a civilian it gives immense pleasure in exciting your right to veto or vote someone to power. Try it to feel it. If you'vent voted u SURE have missed something BIG.


sanchapanzo said...

hmm.. .ennamo solre..
but you see.. your vote hardly makes a difference da... that's the truth..
in democracy.. it s the junta who call the shots.. you are just a infinitesimally small part of that really huge junta.. and if you think you can play a major part in deciding who gets elected.. then, i think you are wrong..

gils said...

well..considering the size of our universe amongst billions of other universes and our galaxy amongst zillion others..and our planet amongst a lot more and v in comparison to all is not even a speck of dust...tht doesnt mean tht v can be swept away jlt as if v r nothing rt..each of us are individually and collectively worth much more than vat v think...its wat v think determines the worth..unna mathiri if everyone decides saying tht my vote is not of use...collectively YES...till last election i never knew a diff between poll booth and paal booth..but oru thadava vote poatathukkey ivlo pesaren...dont underestimate the power of black ink...vasiyam vachitaanga machi...thirunthiten :)

sanchapanzo said...


etho cinema dialogue kaeta mari irukku .. :-)

gils said...

aayutha ezhuthunnu sathaama kekutha :D

Vidya said...

Good for you Vid(h)ya.... Good that you voted... Each and every vote counts, you know !!

If every person thinks the same way as you do, then the politicians will know that they cannot take the common people for granted. Because we vote for them to serve us better, make our livings better..


gils said...

same name so sa(n)me view? !1 ;))...u r the first person to support me in this..seriousness thieryama pesaraangala or they jus dont idea abt tht...considering the reservation rage runnin in the country...if still people are indifferent towards rajani says..AANDAVANAALA KOODA KAAPATHA MUDIYAATHU :)

sanchapanzo said...


off the topic:

your phone number changed?
call me in my mobile da.. oru help vendum

Known Stranger said...

fine history and civics is my favorite subject - i never left it even after 10th. when ever i could get time i read the 10th history book of friends brothers and sisters. it has information of my past. Now little more interested and reads better authors. b ut hieeih never voted in my life of 8 years..ehiehe i dont think i will ever vote too... ehieheih

i dont have a Voters id. heieheihe never applied for it.. but will critize the whole indian policitics..

ellam vetti thinnai pecchu than.. enna vethalai pakku onuu than koorachall

gils said...

hmm..time to change buddy...ayutha ezhuthu RDBnu ungaliukaaga neriya padam eduthurukaanga.. paarunga