Monday, July 10, 2017

Fiction crate - incentive for your interest

Few weeks back I received a parcel, which had a slogan printed t-shirt and a thriller genre book by an Indian author. I knew that I’ve been nominated for the review and the parcel was expected but I had little clue on the concept of book curation and about the subscription box “Fiction crate”. Due to postal delay, the parcel reached me after a month’s delay and the hand written note along with the parcel, acknowledging the same, was a pleasant experience. It’s been a really long while since I received parcels with notes, that too handwritten. It was very personalized and was quite literally charmingly old world. There were some cute book marks as well and one trivia tag.

The tee shirt that accompanied had a slogan on book reading and felt it was tailor made for me, literally and figuratively!! I’ve started reading the novel a while back and will post a separate review on it later in this space. Thanks to Brags for clarifying that the concept was to post a review about this concept of subscription boxes and not on the book.
I Googled to figure out more about this concept and for those who are into subscribing books, this concept would be a pleasant surprise, especially Fiction crate. They don't just send you books, with cute hand written notes and book marks. But also have surprise goodies like slogan carrying tee shirts, all for a nominal amount. They've various packages for subscription and each of them have surprise goodies alongside the books. You can select your genre and they are pretty prompt in dispatch.
You can check out for more details about this subscription facility and from what I read looks like they come out pretty nominal cost wise and considering that they provide a personalized experience for those who subscribe in the form of surprise goodies, they have an winner upfront. The handwritten notes are a sure plus and is quite charming to say the least. Also you can refer and relate to first-hand experience of other book worms who had a taste of fiction crate and their service.

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