Monday, October 17, 2016

Remo - Movie review

Much ado about Remo could very well be an apt title for this post. Siva Karthikeyan has reinvented the tried and tested success formula of wastrel hero winning laddu heroine, patented by Dhanush and Vijay and Ajith and who-is-who in the movie industry. At some point of time in their career, before their image started deciding scripts for them, all mass heroes have been victim of picking scripts that were bordering on female harassment to abuse, when the same scenario if applied to the villain would lead to fatal consequences for him what might earn catcalls and whistles and even duet for the hero, mocking the heroine. And all said and done, if she, sanely, decides to reject the advances of the hero, there would be even more bashing bhashans on how selfish womenfolk are as compared to how selfless and pure the guys who woo are, who are in fact wastrels as pronounced by all and sundry, right from their own parents to peers to people of their parish.

Rajini successfully tapped the male ego in his movies, wherein he would be that alpha male who would tame the adaavadi heroine and despite all his repeated attempts to embarrass her,she would still swoon for him over her pampering parents. He was rarely unemployed in most of his movies, which never mattered as even though he was a poor guy struggling to make ends meet, dwelling in slums, he would still be seen sporting Nikes and Lee jeans and all designer wear with one thundu on his shoulders to portray his poverty. His success formula was diluted by his son-in-law, Dhanush, to the extent possible, wherein whether he plays a rag picker or rogue, his claim over the heroine would be unquestioned. Such was the clout of the formula that he even had a movie, where in the sensible heroine would be slapped with a legal notice for rejecting the love of a tea seller hero to choose over a dabbu party second hero and no prize for guessing who wins the case in that hit movie. Most of the movies, irrespective of who the hero is, be it Arya or Vishal or Vishnu, the pattern and hit formula was always the same – wastrel hero, love at first sight with good looking, employed heroine, who after one wooing song falls in love, followed by romantic duet , rejects him for trivial reason, followed by tasmac song and rejoins with him, may be out of fear of more such songs!! Ashtey. You have your hit formulae for most of the movies of the past decade.

One look at SivaKarthikeyan’s movies would give you where he is heading to.
Manam kothi paravai – job less guy chases heroine, wins over her and secures good job in life. sangam – jobless guy chases school pass out heroine, wins her in end.
Kedi billa- same as above.
Rajini murugan –same as above.
Maan karate – same as above.
Only movie where he was employed was Khaki sattai and that flopped!!! Imagine the guts of the guy to break the tradition!!

So poor guy, tries the winning formulae in his new movie and all hell breaks loose. In the movie he tries to get a job as an actor and dons nurse getup to improvise which results in him finally winning the heroine, who apparently would’ve become doctor on patient quota to get herself treated is my reasonable guess. Couldn’t imagine a dumber doctor and a dabba hospital where anyone can wear a skirt and become a nurse administering medicines for patients!! Ivangalam doctor sonna potrukara lab coat kuda nambathu. The twist in story could be that even though he is a wastrel and without even knowing the expansion for MBBS, he still comes out as a better nurse than the heroine, who wouldn’t even know the difference between compound and compounder. His defence in validating that the storyline is different from his other movies, could very well be for a fact that both the lead pair are makku plasthri in the movie and not just the hero alone. Keerthi Suresh for what it’s worth, looks cute and chirpy. Satish and motta Rajendran evoke few laughs. Oru sila song nalla iruntha mathiri irunthichi aana manasula ottala. Mathabadi it’s a timepass movie at best.

Gils verdict – Sivakarthikeyan mela kothichu ezhara makkal elaam should realize that rather than venting their ire on media, had they stopped watching his movie or such movies, that itself would’ve led the producers to hunt for different script. Atha ututu pullaya azha udrathulam too much. A breezy entertainer for Siva fans and for those who are accustomed to such nonsense of a story on screen.


Gayathiri said...

semma review ji!!!

Exactly!! we are all in some way responsible for his unbearable, unreasonable, himalaya success.

himalaya= rajini= SK!!

Ramesh said...

I refuse to read any more movie reviews from Gilsu for the reasons I mentioned in my comment to the last post.

I am going on strike :)