Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Genesis of future

Read an article last week that a factory in China has totally replaced their manpower with robots. While it was a 1:10 replacement ratio between manual workers and robots, the productivity increased in indirect proportion. The news was right out of a Hollywood sci-fi movie. It was just a footnote on the local newspaper, yet its significance couldn't be lost for the burgeoning human populace.

Whenever robots replacing manual workers concept is thrown is, predominantly its the auto industry which comes into focus. For they are always R&D heavy and any "cutting" new technology makes it appearance on their work floor before visiting anywhere else.

How far has technology caught up in other domains?

Nowadays, sitting in one continent and remotely performing surgery on a patient are becoming a regular feature. Will robots give doctor a run for their medical money? Will the patients prefer a human face gauging their illness and providing a scribbled note for prescription or a machine that can pinpoint and even predict their illness, based on their historical data and dietary lifestyle? We trust machines more than humans when it comes to deciphering data. Will we trust a machine to review our health based on previous medical reports and follow its inference or will we still long for the proverbial human touch?

Amazon is trying out drones for couriering parcels. Will we soon face the day when drones out fly birds? Will one prefer on time delivery/receipt of his parcel via a flying machine or fight with a delayed courier guy, yet offer them water on a hot sunny day?

Venezuleans are rioting and resorting to armed robberies for stealing food. Yes. You read that right. For food. Supposedly the Saudi of South America is reeling under due to reduced oil rates. On one hand everyone is cribbing about the amount of food wasted by Americans and the tonnes of grains lying rotten in our own Warehouses. Yet there are scores of people dying every minute of hunger. Its such a shame that while nations out do each other on their military spend, the very own citizens whom they strive to protect wouldnt give a damn as to who would lord them as long they get a square meal. Are the defence forces mean to protect the interest of the high and mighty? If so why the common has to bear the expenses of their security while he is rotting for food. What use are all those nukes which can never be fired yet at the cost of so many innocent lives!! What use are all those so called strategic locations to protect which billions are spent, yet those very people who are supposed to be protected are anyways dying of hunger!! We need tht age old weapon for the mass destructor called hunger, which is the biggest weapon of them all - compassion towards fellow humans.

Nothing in nature is metallic. The periodic table of elements that once adorned charts like hunters trophies have climbed down from their colored boxes and are out to conquer the natural world. The rarest of all those elements is not from the periodic table and i really doubt if you have to dig for them. Its called love for fellow beings. Supposedly the cheapest of all of the elements that make a human. May be thats the reason why its at a premium in present world. Probably when some day if it comes with a price tag maybe the world has a chance to survive into the next millenia.

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