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First weekend in US. First movie outing. Ipdi neria memorable milestones cross panni paakka pona padam. Was it worthy? Very tough to say yes.

How do you say a movie is good or bad? Expectations that you have about the lead pair or director or storyline or your take on the subject that is being told. This is one movie, which is out to confuse you, even if you go in with zero expectations. The ensemble cast (given their royal background) and crew make it sound a delicious one. You got the pairing of the year for the lead roles with Kamal's daughter and Rajini's SIL donning them with Rajini's daughter manning the ship as director. One thing is sure as eternity. How many ever national awards Dhanush goes on to win and how best ever Shruthi performs on screen or catch a controversy or two off the screen, neither He not She will be able to get over the cloud of their father and in law from hovering over them.

As far the movie, both have given wonderful performances. They have crackling chemisty between them and it translates so wonderfully on screen. Its hard to believe they were not real life pair in some scenes. Especially the way Shruthi sits on his lap each time and the looks that they share during teen love phase and post marriage romantic scenes, all are awesome and a delight to watch. Shiva Karthikeyan has a blink and miss role and has managed to survive on his image built in Television. Prabhu hardly gets as enough screen space to fit his bulk. Rohini and Banupriya are wasted. The kid who comes as Shruthi's sister is so cute. Probably the cutest sister after DDLJ's chutki :) Dhanush looks like he was shuttling between Mayakkam Enna and this movie. Get up looks ditto on both movies and one can relate the scenes which would've over lapped.

Story - apdi onnu iruntha thaana solrathukku!!! Lead pair fall in love as school kids..gets married after chinnatha oru parental confrontation with 3 4 songs in first half..Second halfla..Kolaveri song with the worst ever choreography you can imagine happens. Sathiyama solren. A huge huge let down to the song that gave lifeline to the movie..and more importantly Dhanush falls sick with bipolar disorder and commits suicide in the end. The last 20 minutes which was touted as Oscar level screenplay tortures you to death, literally. No dialogue and just crying, crying and more crying. Everyone cries their heart out till the end, with Dhanush cutting his neck off ( probably in wonderment as to why in the world he agreed to do this movie??!!). After bombarding your mind with such gory visuals, there is a one second advice bit which suggests that Suicide is not a solution for anything.

Gils verdict - Bipolar disorder vantha..extreme reactions varumaam. Either you will feel extremely sad or manically angry. Intha padathula intha rendum oray timela varathaala Dhanush commits suicide. I feel the same after watching the movie, extremely sad for watching it and angry at these buggers for making me watch it...Grrrrrrrr. Padathuku 3 kku badila 7.5 nu per vachirukalam.


Ramesh said…
Aha - Gilsu goes to US. First weekend - and what does he do - go watch a Tamil movie .........

Best piece of the review is your going ga ga over Shruthi (whoever she is) especially when she sits on the lap of the hero :):)

Shruthi ellam vittudunga thalaivare. Jane Doe eppadi irukka ???
Appu said…
What about that saranya? the sis of Nayan in Dhanush nayan movie ??

am tempted to watch this for the so called "romantic" scenes :P

there are other ways to spend the week ends ping me in private :D :P

@Ramesh Shruthi is worth it :P :D *Drools*
Asha said…
andha tirupati scene aprum naan padamay parkalai. avlo bore.. but kolaveri(audio) is semma mass.
Thamizhmaangani said…
//Especially the way Shruthi sits on his lap each time and the looks that they share during teen love phase and post marriage romantic scenes, all are awesome and a delight to watch//

I second that!!! it would be a best movie from a female director if she had paid more attention to screenplay in the 2nd half!!
rs said…
Neenga flight yeri pona kadhaiya potta nemba santhosa patrupom, like you did in:http://supershanki.blogspot.com/2010/03/payanangal-mudivathillai.html

BTW, antha post-um, "atha pathi next postula meet panrapo solren...varta.. " nu solli mudicheenga, innum mudikra valiya kaanom. Bad, Gils, v bad
RamMmm said…
Rajini's BIL???

SIL saar SIL.

Enjoy Amreeka!!! Yendha ooru? North-east, South, South-east, West, North-west, Great plains. :-)
Aarti said…
ejcuse me, i read only 2 lines... Rajni's BIL??? yaaruppa athu? shoulnt it be SIL!! mappillai thaane Dhanush... conpused....

and btw, all that scene puttings u did at inox abt inime enga tamil padam, friendsoda.. tsk tsk... ellam kathula pochchu illa... pona 1st weekend padam u went!! vanga thirumbi.. irukku!!

seri, ippo poyi meethi post padikka porein...
Avada Kedavra said…
You in US? where? when? how?
how are you Gils? long time :)
Your word verification is giving me lot of trouble..unable to comment :(
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