Payanangal Thodargirathu - Bye bye Chennai :(

A long over due post. Ever since i landed in Chennai, i was expecting this day, when the city would shun me away. It lasted a year and half this time. Had a lot more doubts than usual this time and the role of dice chimed in way too many changes. Was dreading the D-day and with each passing day, the waves of change were raging towards my shore of comfort and finally they did cross the line, washing me into its realm. Feeling as comfortable as a solitary log on a stormy sea, i swallowed down the bitterness and embarked on the journey into unknown. In short - Chennai ennai poda vennai endrathu.

Ennada..etho pei pada intro mathiri irukku paakreengala :) kitta thatta apdithaan. Athenna therila..romba naal kazhichi blog adikka vantha oray petera thaan varutu!! Seri...kathaikku varuvom.

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils..marched again into Meenambaakkam airport, my favourite haunt spots of kodumais. The last time i visited an aiport for departure, i had enough kodumais to post a book rather a blog. Recollecting all those incidents, i stayed alert anticipating more. My flight was scheduled for early morning 5AM.  Midnight 5AM kelaam naan school padikarapo kooda ezhunthathu kedayathu. Since had to be there 3 hours before..anniki thookam already arohara aaidihci. Boarding pass vaanga enga porathunu teriama..mariyaathaioda paathitrunthen (i mean..thiru thiru you see..).
Went and asked a security guy "ehcuseme respected officer.. as i am suffering from boarding pass..kindly grant me the path".
"kyaa bola?"
"kaayum ila pazhamum ila." nu manasukulla thitikitay "boarding pass..where hai?" i asked
" come..1 hour..wait karo"
"kounder ilaati enna santhanam comedy kooda ok" solalaam paathen..kaila long size gun paathutu ten steps came back. Erkanavay ara thookathula was roaming..ithula innum one hour wait. Somehow managed to stay awake. Vaikunta Ekadasi sorga vaasa thorappuku kooda naan avlo eagera paathathu illa. Finala...the counter opened. 'Engeyum Kaathal' Hansika mathiri oru lady came and sat at the counter. 'Guna' Kamal mathiri ..paartha vizhi paartha padiye i went near the counter.
"Good morning sir"
"!!nadu rathiri 12.45 ku good morninga!!"
"why are you singing??"
"how are you sir"
"Wow..nice to hear that from our first customer for today..can we have the bags weighed sir"
That lady waved to me and smilingly said she will wait. Avlothaanga..30 kilo suitcase muttakose kanakka thooki weight machinela vachiten. zzzzzhwwwkkk. Rewind to 30 Kilo. Anga thaan vidhi weight roobathula velayaada started.
Hansika lady said "sorry sir you are over weight"
"Ipdiye nee sirichikitay iruntha pakkathila irukaravangalaam nyayapadi weightless thaana aaganum" (mind voice)
"Ileenga..Amaanga.konjam weight potuten...gym poitruken..already started reducing"
" sir..your bags..permissible weight is need to remove atleast 4 kilos of it"
Hurriedly removed some clothes in a plastic bag and rechecked the weight. It was still over weight by few kilos..which she graciously allowed.
I stayed there in the pretext of watching the bag moving to the end of the conveyor..and the moment it moved inside the square opening, then only the realisation stuck that, after rechecking the weight i had forgotten to lock the suitcase :(
Athuku adutha half hour epdi avlo fasta odichinu onnum puriala. Muppathu mukkodi devargal plus akkam bakkam religionla kadan vaangi athana saamikum serthu pray pannitu went and asked one "Can i help you" guy. He coolly said.."not problem sir. Unlike other airways..enga airwaysla thiruttu bayam avlo kedayaathu"
"Nalla kudukarraiya pulli vevaram"nu.. kadisila namma kaila onnumilla..literally and figuratively nu God mela weighta poattutu went to the gate. After a while felt very thirsty..kondu vantha water bottle gaali. Inga anga suthi enga paathalum duty free kadaiya irunthuchi aana anga iruntha thanniye vera. Thedi pudichi oru kadaila thanni bottle vaanga pona..appo thaan realised..pursela iruntha rupeeslaam veetlaye vachitu vantennu :( Asked that kadaikaran will they accept dollar for which they promptly said yes. Enaku terinji India todayla dollar kuduthu thanni vaangina oray sonagiri naana thaan irupen. Avlo eagera avan dollar accepted sonnapovay ushaar aagirukanum. 51rs exchange ratena he took it only for 31 rs!! 20 rupees commissionaam!! ennnnaa koduma saar ithu nu nonthukittay took that and came. Had another 2 hours to kill and pasi already started to  vayitha killu. Patni kedakka pazhakka pattuko maganaynu sollikittay was awaiting my flight.

~Kodumais Kontinued..


Aarti said…
Gils gils- ayyo pavamga neenga.. Ippadi thookatha ellam kalaichindu duty consciousa kilambi poyiteengale.. Unga damaged Rhomba miss pannuvaru ungala :-)

Ada Ada enna pagal kollai.. 20 ruba commissions.. Avan kadaila velai irukka ketteengala?? :-))

Intha weekend Enga Entha pudhu koothu? Kalakunga
Ramesh said…
Brilliant. Brilliant. We have missed your unique bl;og for a little while now.

Awaiting Kodumais Part II. Hope the series will extend to when you landed too :)Not to mention Gils dialogue to Hansika at 33000 ft :):)
Thamizhmaangani said…
Appu said…
cant u claim your onroute expenses??? btw dint i tell u to weigh it more than twice before leaving home ? sorry then teknical pault ;)
Venkat said…
"ehcuseme officer.. i am suffering from your long break..kindly grant me one more post" :)

when motwani said "sir you are overweight" neenga "you too" nu reply kuduthirunthaa avanga baga check panratha marathutu avanga weighta check panirupanga neega escape ayirukalaam..
G3 said…
u dont have relocation expense??? Naan porappo allowed bagger 28 Kgs... adhu illama took extra baggage of 36 kgs[Ellam saapadu itemnu naan solli than ungalukku theriyanumnu illae :P]. paid the amount and got it reimbursed from aapis :P

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