Decision time

This is one question which has been lingering on my mind for a while...and after reading "The Chamber" by Grisham it has grown in strength. Should we have capital punishment? Do we have the right to take others lives, even through legal medium? From a victims perspective it might sound justified. I've argued on both sides of the issue with myself and few of my friends. But the vote is evenly divided on both sides. Eager to hear ur views on that.


sanchapanzo said…
capital punishment doesnt make sense to me..

i feel deterrents are meant to remain unused, once it is used it will cease to be a deterrent forever!
gils said…
hmm...difft view point...but wat do u think abt the roles of prisons...frm a theoretical perspective its supposed to be a place of reform repent and wen released shd be rejenuvated..but nowadays its meant more as a punishing tool and the term reformatory is no longer in existence...if u look at juvenile are sent for reforming to reformatories...if u ask an adult level prisons shd also serve the same purpose..may be in difft ways...but thts clearly not happening....guess its same with capital punishment also...u cant make a person better by killing him...(WOW...interesting thot huh :))...any comments?
oliveoyl said…
But according to Hindu Mythology, your karma does not end even when your life ends. We all have heard about the famous Garuda Purana (Namma Stranger ku nandri:-)where the entire topic is about how a soul gets punished after life in Naraga depending upon the seriousness of the faults done. I believe capital punishment is similar to that.... yenna the former is after death and the latter is before death.... thats it!!!
gils said…
oliveoyl!!! nice name UP ...if not for ur mail id wud've been wondering who is this..:)..well lif after death irukaangarathay its a debatable topic..and moreover if u r a victim...u wud crave for vengaence...which again leads to a vicious circle...and again..goin by ur concept life after death is a stuff determined not by cant question the authority of it...but can a system legally kill a person?is it wat law is meant for??
Known Stranger said…
if it is taking my life - it is not allowed - if it is taking the life of others whom i want to take - it is right. heieheihe i am a hypocrite

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