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The other side of the mirror

It was a typical sunny morning, where in, that helium hydrogen gaseous mixture high up on the sky, probably had a similar dawn break as mine and was at its cranky best. One may say it would be unfair on the milk man to have been blamed for me stepping on the milk packet half asleep. But with no coffee to start my day that was already breaking out with a throbbing head ache, wasn’t the best of scenario. I hurriedly stuffed some bread slices for lunch, made a mental note to buy some jam packet at the office canteen and rushed to the lift, only to realize half way down that my ID was left on the dining table. By the time I caught the same lift back, it had more stops than public transport on peak traffic route. I dashed out of the lift half hoping to catch it back and let out a whoop when I managed to step back inside, finally the day was beginning to look bright. Suddenly there was all darkness and the lift lurched open.  The famed Bangalore power cut decided to make a cameo entry on my

Drishyam 2 – movie review

When “Drishyam” movie was launched, little did that director would’ve known that his movie would be such a raging hit and would get recreated in so many other languages. The storyline was such a fancy one that it became a decent hit across every language it was made. Leaving aside the controversy that the script could’ve been an “inspired” version of the Keigo Higashino superhit novel “Devotion of suspect X”, the storyline was nevertheless a superb adaptation for Indian setup, especially in Malayalam. The sequel starts right where the first part ended and the best part being majority of the cast from the first part being present, giving it a genuine sense of continuation. Another interesting aspect about the sequel being, rather than being a ‘spiritual” sequel, it is an actual set of events that happens in the lives of all those people who were part of the previous one. The script is exceptionally well researched and weaves through a web of issues and possibilities that might’ve happen

Two sides of same coin

Recently saw 2 interviews on Chai with Chitra channel. One was the most controversial of all the conversations on the channel by 7th channel Narayanan and other was that of director S.R.Dhasaradhan. The first one was all bitter and negative about most of the famous celebrities of tinsel town. In fact, every single person whose name came up on that chat, were complained about and criticized, even though the same was massaged towards the end as being cordial at present. Maniratnam, Shankar, Ajith, Kamal, Gautham Menon, Other movie producers, distributors none were spared. In fact, that interview series gained wide reach and many visits mainly because of the criticism of Ajith, whose fans bayed for the blood of the producer. He was even interviewed by other magazines for his statements on Ajith. Probably that was his intent as well for as claimed by himself, 9 out of his ten films were duds and even those that ran never got him any money. He sounded like a sore loser and like a gambler wh

Unwritten responses to Unposted queries

From The Contemplative one:  I often wonder if at all there is a situation where in the future me ever visited the present me, how that would go. This blog space in fact was never in plan to go beyond a couple of years. As it enters the 18th year, some of the older posts make me wonder, if at any point that time, would I’ve been able to guess where I am and what I am today? As I look back, I still have the same hobbies, same favorites, my dislikes haven’t changed much - be it for food or for my taste in any other field. I still like to be pampered and being lazy. I am still clueless how to be the dad my kid deserves. And even after 2 decades in the same industry I’ve no clue where my career is heading as well. To repeat my favorite quote, I feel like that proverbial ant, that keeps coursing through its journey, in the river called life, clinging onto the solitary leaf, which fell from a far off tree. When I look at my friends, they all seem to have a purpose, thinking about future, pla

Invasion by Robin cook – book review

I thought I had finished reading all of Robin cook’s old novels when I stumbled on this one. Usually it will take me a couple of chapters at least to figure out if I’ve read that book previously or not. But for this one, I even went to the extent of searching the blog for any review posts and was surprised to find none!! The story was very interesting and more than the Dean koontz novel, that was wildly quoted to foretell the present pandemic I felt this book would be a strong contender as well. As much as every novel based on a pandemic is giving similar feelings, the side effects of the coronavirus pandemic are yet to be assessed in full detail and that is where I feel this novel could provide a line of thought amongst the many already. One such effect that is not fully assessed I feel is the impact to sleep – be it for those affected and not as well. Personally, my sleep cycle has gone a 360 degree changeover. My typical day which usually started around 7 to 730 is now pushed by alm

Bliss – movie review

Amazon seems to have perfected the knack of picking one worst movie after another. Bliss is anything but as the name suggests, probably the end credits would’ve given that feeling for those who would’ve watched it on theater!! I hate psychedelic movies which kinds of validates drug usage and glorifies its after effects in the form of likeable hallucinations. This movie, how much ever it tries to polish itself as a psychological one, the bare to bones storyline is, how a drug addict along with his lady companion finds bliss in using those “magic crystals” and eventually joins a rehab. As the last one second scene, he is shown as a clean guy connecting back with his daughter. The “Bliss” environment gives him super powers, his favorite setup for a palatial house, warm and cold swimming pool, basically every materialistic wish he has in real world. Owen Wilson, wondering what he was actually smoking when he signed up for this movie, along with Salma Hayek has tried their damn best in maki

Just junior things

I often compare how I was as a kid looking at the things junior does. This covid situation has been a blessing in the sense that last 1 year I’ve been with junior at home every single day. He calls me as his friend to everyone as we play with his toys but is very clear that its mommy dearest who takes the first place on the preference list despite her being away in office for most part of the day. He speaks his mind out most of the time and is turning out into adamant ayyasamy. The kind of tantrums he throws would put movie kids to shame and I wonder whether he was born in operation theater or movie. Sometime back , he was overacting to get a new toy and I was actually awestruck at the way he was pressing for his case. AVM studiosla vitta adutha kamal ready.  His online classes at times results in really funny situations. Yesterday, his maths teacher had given an assignment to be finished during the class itself. The kids have to finish writing 40 to 50 and she was taking part in that

Raavan by Amish – book review

I had forgotten how I reacted when I read the earlier books by Amish on this new series. In fact, by the time I finished the book, which was quite racy to its credit, I was actually confused for a reaction. I actually went back to my own post on the first part of this Ramayan series, to understand how I felt after reading “Scion of Ishvaku”. Not sure if I should be glad or sad that the feeling remains the same as previous. The fatigue caused by these cringe worthy copies of that epic and sacred puranas have long given way to morbid fear. Our culture is not like western philosophy and culture where in everything can be mocked and made fun of, for they have their sense of individualism as the most sacred core. They respect what that makes an individual and even legally ensure nothing crosses that boundary. But our culture has a different concept altogether. Our way of life is interwoven with god. God is not a separate entity and our epics and puranas are not mere creative works of illust