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Arasiyalla ithelaam saatharanamappa....

People wearing glasses, are most of the time, considered to be studious serious kind by the non-specs wearing crowd. "Adai..naangallaam anjaan classlaye anju arrears vacha crowd da" karpooram adichi sathiyam panna kooda.."ada..engala vida kammi thaanpa" solitu pora gumbal thaan neria iruku. Somehow there is a notion about me amidst my street people that..this is one padips party. There is one telugu family on our apartment whose kid is an equal mix of calvin and dennis. And one fine saturday afternoon..that kids mom decided that he needs to be coached in all his subjects (read that the parents had to go out and i became the bakra, as usual!!!). On marched kid, from his room, armed with a bucket load of books. There was a standing instruction from the mom, not to leave for home without completing allllllllllll the homeworks. That kid was wearing a specs bigger than me and going by the logic defined over the first few lines i should've been more alert. He opened h

Athiri puthiri aarambam..

Kaveri prachanai mathiri ennoda kalyanamum oru unsolvable issueva irukum nenakren :D Latest topic for my new team mates - how to get GILS married!!! Lunch timela ithaan topic for discussion. Antha discussionla uthirtha sila "mani" below: * Going forward i should attend any event which involves a crowd :) (god only knows what they had in mind). Especially marriages. Enga invitation pathalum oru copy eduthutu anga appear aaidanumaam. Should never miss a chance to attend any marriage was the main point. (I am a purposeful absentee to any marriage or engagement event, of relatives. Somehow..cant stand that crowd..though its full of known faces..and even if i want to attend it never really happens!!! i've missed many a friend's engagement and marriage :( ) * "see gils..we all know how boring you can be. So u better dont open your mouth and let the other person talk. The more you talk..i am very sure..the other person would end up regretting that day of their


* Does any of u have recurring dreams? chinna vayasula.. my sleeps were haunted with one recurring dream, nightmare rather. That the entire world is going down under sea with waves thrashing around everywhere and i am the lone survivor. And cinema effect mathiri naan irukara edathula mattum konjama light and suthi vara oray irutu and dark sky and bluish green ocean in all its fury. Type panrapovay lighta bayama iruku :) and it suddenly stopped occuring. Didnt even realise when it stopped. Offlate that same dream is a bit different scenario. Every single living thing in this planet is wiped off. I am the lone survivor!!! kita thatta "I am Legend" Will Smith mathiri naan yarachum kannula thenpada maataangalaanu suthitruken. All shops..malls..roads...ella edathulayum thedren. Not a soul in sight. I try to guess the meaning behind these dreams. Maybe insecurea feel panrapolaam ipdi thonutho?? Me being a lonely soul, outlasting all my near and dear ones, has occured

Review time again :)

Another weekend..another movie :) my "Moviethon" extends its unbeaten streak to 5 (or is it 6??) now :) But this time..more than the movie..the movie watching experience was the engine behind this post. "Percy Jackson and the Lightening thief" tickets were booked in Devi Kala theater. Last time KCK movie Devi Paradisela paathu antha theater mela konjam nalla impression irunthichi. So dint bother much to enquire about the theater and went. Athulenthu kodumai begins. * 12.30 showku..kozhandhaiya 11.30kay vara vachu..koluthara veyilla (kannuku kulirchiya neria nadanthathu vera matter) one hour nikka utta kodumaikaara g3 ku kandanam. * Theater ullara pona etho conference room mathiri irunthichi!! Enga opice meeting room would be slightly bigger than the theater!! * Screen atha vida kodumai. Peria size LCD tv mathiri irunthichi :( * Top AC. Pazhaiya kalyana mandapam mathiri neria fan..which were not running. * Ultimate kodumai..power cuts. We almost decided t

I the back :)

Dear makkas and makkis..hope allz well with u folks. Neria updates to share from myside aana elaam solrathukullaye maranthu poachu :( hmmm..pudusa laptop vaangien :) my biggest expense for myself tilldate :D aana use panna suthama timey ila :( my timings are such that i go home dead tired and poitu flat aaida vendi thaan. Today got net connection also..woohoo. Since there is no net in opice..atleast weekendlayachum inimay online varuven nenakren. Just noticed..regulara post potrunthapo i hardly had arnd 40 followers..ippo the count shows 66!!!! inimay postay podalina inum neria per follow panuvangalo??!!! :D :D Neria changes on work front. I am always just another face in the crowd and have never ever considered myself as a leadership material. Unlike my sis, whose very presence will make you realise that you are dealing with someone with authority. More than authority..she emnates that "I am a responsible" person sort of aura of which i am the total antithesis of. For some..