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Kolai kolaiya munthirikka -7

“Dei Ram..keezha paaru..athennada anga anga..karuppa… round shape la irukku?  Namma oorla maadulaam karuppu colour la thaan saani podutha?” asked Anil “Aama veyil jaasthi athaan…podaangu…pudhusa road potrukaangada.” replied Ram. “Konjama thaar potrukaanga sollu..road potrukaangannu sollatha. Ennada ithu thammathundu thaar sinthi iruku..idha poi road nu solra!!” “Corporationa solliyum kutham illada…night time la than road poda varaanga. Makkal ellarum road a parking lot pola use panni vandilaam velila niruthina..avanga epdi road poda mudiyum. Adhaan…vandi niruthinathu poga engalam edam iruko anga mattum road podranga!!” “Idhu uchakatta kodumaida. Roaduku macham vacha pola iruku paatha, andha macham thaan road nu solra.” “Idhula mazhai vandha thanni thengama enna pannum. Appo kooda paaru..water wash selavu micham nu vandilam velila niruthitu poiduvanga” “Ipolam risk edukarathilla. Mazhai vellam vanthu vandiye kaanama poiduthu. Singaara Chennai Sink aagara Chennai aaitu varuthu” “Nammakku

Fast and Furious

This is one franchise I’ve been avoiding for a really long time for I was always under the impression that they were nothing but car game/races shown at different setting. I happened to saw the trailer of one of the movies from that franchise where space, satellite and things were being shown. Was wondering how come a series that made its name on car races is now dealing with space and that curiosity dragged me into watching the same. I am not able to put a word, whether it was surprise, shock, funny ( as in gabtun vijaykanth/ balayya movies sense), but they actually were driving car in space, crashing it on an enemy satellite and even getting rescued by a team floating around on a pod!!! That one scene was proof of pudding about the franchise, where it showed the extent to which they take car and their care about the prime USP of the franchise!! I saw a couple of movies out of the 9 or 10 that has been churned out of that factory line and there is not one impossible sequence that you

Of manners and mischief

The fact that junior addresses me or anyone at home as “vaadaa..podaa” has always been a subject of debate. He addresses anyone outside of the immediate family as “neenga vaanga” and even within the family, even though he may call them in singular, the “da” part is respectfully mine for getting addressed. Seeing that it is becoming a eye-brow raising topic amongst guests and other people, wifey is embarrassed at best and would be at beetroot red boiling angry in such situations, on me not on junior, for never discouraging him to use a respectful way of addressing. Even though there is absolute merit what the lady says like every other thing she says, I find it funny and never really bothered about it. Last week was a “vedham pudidu” moment that resulted in this post. We had visited my cousin’s and junior was so happy that he had an amazing variety of new toys to play along with kids his age. For the next 5 hours, he hardly came near us and was constantly on the run, creating their own

Jaya he

As India celebrates its 75th I Day, just realized this space has seen 16 of that special day!! I am an unabashed nationalist who doesn’t have any inhibition in saying my nation is the greatest. It is probably one of the most defining mis-statement ever, applicable for any country. But no nationalist, in their true sense would shy away from saying the same. Of course, they know in their heart as well as any other next person that, the statement is light years away from truth. But the intent behind the statement being, some day as in certain very niche and micro areas, how the nation has always surpassed its peers, it may grow into the greatest across majority of spheres. It is a forward looking statement, full of positivity about the country and not to be taken at face value or in literal sense. I belong to that group of individuals who would cheer for India, across any game be it goli, gilli or ludo. During my school days we used to play a dumbed down version of battleship and there wo

Of travels and company

 I am not a big fan of travelling and this space has seen much of my travails that accompany my travels. Getting into any transportation, be it airplane/train or bus, makes me queasy for it is a deviation from my daily routine that requires extra attention. I need to be mindful of the date of travel, timings, duration of stay, place of stay, things to carry and things to safeguard..too much of responsibility. As a family we rarely travelled when I was a kid and all these inhibitions could’ve been extra flavor of my laziness. And throw in a bit of travel sickness, you got your perfect recipe ready to avoid any travel. I used to have lot of nauseating sensation whenever the travel involves train. That stench from toilet or even the pantry car for that matter would be revolting to say the least. Ditto for flight travel especially on long distance ones where the stewardess roll in the food cart. Within that closed confines of circulated air that stench would be unbearable. But ever since j

Of exams and results

Couple of months back, wifey had actually registered for some exams related to her work. There were 3 papers that she had to take in one go, with individual pass mark of 45 and overall pass mark of 50. Her colleagues and friends who had taken those exams prior had warned her of the difficulty level and extent of preparation needed, alongside mentioning about the pass percentage of people who clear the exam in the first attempt. Just like justice, the more delayed more denied, information related exams also, should be relegated under same category. If not provided timely they only serve the purpose of putting the fear of god in people, making them doubt if they would be able to clear the exams. Had those trivia about those exams been told to her much earlier, chances of her not taking them would’ve been bit high. But having already registered, that too with just a month to go, she had no choice but to give it an honest try and honest try it was!! In between we had a temple run long dela