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Who is afraid of Chetan Bhagat

Ever since his five point someone became a hit and set him on path to become the commercially most successful of Indian authors writing in English, Chetan Bhagat has always been at the center of one controversy or other. In a country, more specifically in an era, where success is worshipped and "success"ors even more so, the adulation received by CB is only matched by the audacity with which he continues to defy all odds in raking up bigger and growing box office collections for his novels, which are, to quote in comparison, like Harris Jayaraj music for movies, a mere copy or rehash of same old setup with different names. Yet, surprisingly, that is the least of all the pointed criticism barbs thrown at CB, with the topmost cry being from the language Nazis, who crib and cry over the cheap level of language used by him. Some even go to the extent that those budding authors who get “inspired” by CB may spawn and their tribe may ultimately result in the death of English la

Remo - Movie review

Much ado about Remo could very well be an apt title for this post. Siva Karthikeyan has reinvented the tried and tested success formula of wastrel hero winning laddu heroine, patented by Dhanush and Vijay and Ajith and who-is-who in the movie industry. At some point of time in their career, before their image started deciding scripts for them, all mass heroes have been victim of picking scripts that were bordering on female harassment to abuse, when the same scenario if applied to the villain would lead to fatal consequences for him what might earn catcalls and whistles and even duet for the hero, mocking the heroine. And all said and done, if she, sanely, decides to reject the advances of the hero, there would be even more bashing bhashans on how selfish womenfolk are as compared to how selfless and pure the guys who woo are, who are in fact wastrels as pronounced by all and sundry, right from their own parents to peers to people of their parish. Rajini successfully tapped the male

Vijay sethupathi - movie review

Vijay sethupathi actor thaana..athenna padam per mathiri review potrukannu pongum singangalay..avar paatuku daily oru padam release pannitu poraru. Avlo moviesum thani thaniya review poda mudila. Still, as an actor he has impressed one and all. So mothama a review on him as an actor across all his movies would be apt nu felt. Exact sequence epo started therila,except for sethupathi and possibly rekka (which I’vent seen yet) in almost all his movies, be it soodhu kavvum or pizza or idharkuthane aasapattai balakumara or even the recent ones like iraivi,kadhalum kadanthu pogum, nanum rowdy thaan, aandavan kattalai or even dharma dhurai for that matter, (shabba..padam perlam mothama sollavay ithana neram aaguthay..intha manushan epdi ivlo padam nadichi release vera panraro) his character always stands out on each of the movie and is always that of a middle class person. His looks, but for soodhu kavvum, is almost same in all the movies,except for trimming of the facial hair. His voice mo

PINK -Movie review

After a really long time, a movie review :) Have been hearing and reading rave reviews about this movie. The title suggested it could be yet-another-feminist flick, hell bent on painting all men bad and how miserable and suffering women folk are. But the positive reviews aroused curiosity on the movie. More than being feminist, the movie scared the heck out of me is an understatement. To rephrase, its one of the scariest movies i've ever seen. It doesn't have any jump out of your skin kind of horror or make your spine chill kind of bgm's and sudden heart stopping twists on screen play. What makes the skin crawly moments of the movie is its candidness. When people watch horror flicks, they kind of know what to expect, the least of which being getting scared. They may jump at the shadows for a while, till the after effects of the movie passes by. But movies like PINK would surely give you sleepless nights, more so if you care for the women in your family. More than a stor