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L for - Lost

When you loose something that has been a part and parcel of you how do you react? Sad? remorse? frightened? grief? helpless? Ipdi adukikittay pogalam. Aprum postku content thetha mudiyama thaan ipdi line by line adikarengara unmai terinjidum. Matter of the subject is, general tendency of reaction over a personal loss would be some or all of those listed above right? But I the felt overjoyed today over something that I realised lost from me. 6 years back on one fateful day I bought a corduroy jeans from a Live-in factory outlet. At that time itself it was a tight fit for me. I had worn it only a few times and after a while I outgrew the cloth :) (itha vida deejenta weight potutennu solla mudiathu nenakren :D ) Cut to circa yesterday. After my sis complained to mom that something might have been dead or dying in my clothes bureau, mom raised red flag and I was given two choices - either to clean my bureau or to clean my bureau. Armed with enough ammo to tackle any alien s

K for - Kutti tag

Avvvv....epdilaam title vachu post thetha vendi iruku....intha ABCD post seriesku title vachu maaallaala. Define yourself in 6 words. Athaan intha tag oda special tea. This post has been published as a part of ‘CBC’s Six-Word Memoir Tag’. Read previous post by poonai  here Poonai is - Vidhyalakshmi Devanathan by name; Singer with fame; Potti thatting for profession; Painting theevira obsession; Trekker by passion; Hair style always in fashion; Blogger with a purpose; Photosku tharuvaa pala pose; Complete entertainment set...and Enga ellaroda chella pet :D Now to me in 6 words...ennatha solrathu...epdi paathalum rendu wordku mela thera maatenguthu..hmmm!! Already sonnathu thaan...repeet telecast. Atcharam Pisagaathu..Altogether Pisagiya..Agmark Gemini. Ippo "passing the baton"  section. Intha seriesla aduthu post poda poravangala pathi solanumna.. Ivanga Bar ku povanga aana thanni adikka ila.. FACEBOOKla  logo thavira like podatha sectionay keda

J for - Jawani Deewani

One advantage of suttufying scenes from already superhit movies is that, if done in the right mixture, they rarely fail. For those scenes would've been the very reason the other movies would've become hits. This weekend, went for Yeh Jawani hai Deewani movie. Deepika, Ranbir, Kalki, Aditya roy kapur, Faroq sheikh and it was a glittering star cast to say the least. The movie had positive reviews from almost all the papers and critics and being Karan johar's production it was hardly surprising. Even the crappiest of movies from Dharma productions gets rave reviews always. What pulled me to the movie was undoubtedly Deeps. She looks so refreshing on each movie and is always a treat to watch. In this movie, she has tried to pull a "Priety" ala Kal ho na ho carrying the same name "Neyna" and even the "chasmish" tag name. Like the zingy Zinta from the movie, she too doesn't smile till almost halfway into the first half. With apparently no reaso

H - for haiiooo haiooo

Baashai teriaatha oorla namma makkal podra scene irukkay :) typicall theriyum..ivan namma oor kaara paya thaannu.. I met my first room mate in Banglore courtesy an incident like this. It was my first trip to Bengalooru and having trouble navigating within singara Chennai itself, I was kind of wondering how will I kuppai kottify in the jelabi desam. I boarded the bus from Majestic to commence the first of my numerous trips on the same route to Kempfort. Being my first ever trip outside of Chennai, I was super terrified on the 6 hour train journey to catch a wink of sleep and zombie walked myself to the bus stand after asking for direction from every single person on the station. "Kodihalli hogithini??" Asked one abala kural. Till date my kannada hasn't reached a state to understand if that was a question or an answer. "Kodihalli hogithini?" asked the same voice again. Pencilla kodu poata mathiri oru body. Antha bodyoda framework thaandi rendu sideum extend

G for- Gilosophically speaking

Ennada "F" kaprum "I" post vanthutu Ippo "G" varuthay paakreengala.. ABCD la kolaaru illa...Inferno review post munnadiye schedule panniten...aana "G" and "H" topicla post podrathukulla.."I" release aaidichi :D:D Certain times and days in life makes one wonder what did they do to deserve such a day. Most of the time people realise this on the worst day of their life. Have ever one wondered on the happiest day of their life?? Last weekend I got a call from 6t, my google search in Chennai :) She helps me with pinpoint GPS to reach my destination whenever I am lost for route, which is almost always the case. She called me to Odyssey to meet and told me its the one next to Adyar depot. Enakku terinja history geography padi...adyar depot kitta Odyssey lethu..still..Googley sonnaparum no appealnu I went. When I was about to get down, I called her and this time google recalculated the route and pointed me towards Adyar terminus.

I for -Inferno

Ever since Angels n Demons and Davinci Code, Dan Brown has become a cult of his own. He could undoubtedly lay claim for starting a new genre of fiction - religious symbolism based thrillers. Apart from the Robert Langdon series, his other two novels - Digital fortress and Deception point hardly made the kind of bubble that made "brand Brown". Of the two Digital fortress atleast has a decent first half. Deception point is total crap. After his last novel, Lost symbol, I was totally disappointed. Padichathu ennamo onlinela thaan..irunthaalum...felt cheated with the ending. It was a 600 plus page thriller with so many twists and turns and was one helluva ride. But felt the ending totally screwed it up. It read more like a prayachitham for Davinci code. But then atleast it felt a good read till climax. But unlike Lost symbol, Inferno is a huge let down right from the start. The first few pages bear the hallmark of any Dan Brown novel and form the crux of things to follow. As