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850. Thank you

Whenever he wakes up, the first person he looks out for is his mom. How much ever me and my mom pamper him, junior will always look out for his mom as the first choice and we are all a joint distant second. For all the effort that she takes to make sure he is fed on time, even during odd hours and for having a parallel processing running on mind about him 24/7, despite the fact that he spends very less of his waking hours with her, his reactions when he sees her back from office, the liberty with which he tries out all his antics first with her and then using us for replicating, it all has a clear hall mark of a sense of gratitude hard written on it. You may term it mother love, genetics, 9 months advance acquaintance etc. But it all boils down to three people who live with you, of which two are not to be seen during majority of your day time, yet you choose one of them as your play mate. Even for voicing out his gibberish, learning new things like an ink over blotting paper, his first

Week that wasn't

Whenever I post a movie review, I often mention how a good looking couple with crackling chemistry on screen, make even normal and monotonous screen play look magical in a movie. Vijay Anthony, time and again proves that with a good script, looks doesn’t matter at all. Right from his first movie, Naan, which literally was the trendsetter movie of music directors donning the lead actor role, his follow-up movie Salim which was a sequel, he has showed his acumen in picking the right script that suits his limitations as an actor at the same time keeps the audience hooked. His last movie, released few months back, raised quite a few eyebrows with its title as Pichaikaaran. In the superstition abound cine industry, any negative title or one with negative connotation are always a strict NO. To rub it in he has went on to register more such “unlucky” titles for his upcoming movies as well. Pichaikaran turned out to be the biggest hit of his career and probably one of the highest grosser of th


Thurmugi seems to be the year of the right. Both from a political standpoint and also from a literal sense. We see the rise of right across the globe, with some even managing to win the coveted House post on the far side of the planet. Never before has the world nations been so united in being discorded for similar reasons. Nationalism and Patriotism are tested and verified as many times, if not more than, blood sugar and cholesterol and this is a common phenomenon world over. Powers to be and incumbent power centers, both drive their people away from their home in the game of one-uppance and civil wars, on who is more right in catering to their scattering masses. Insane statements by people in power are taken at face value and in deeper sense and are fought against and for on the streets. Right has never been so wrong and right at the same time. Opinions are never debated but are fought over and aren't at rest till the opposition is grounded to dust. There are more character assas

SWEEK memories

As a part of the entry for SWEEK, where n you’ve to reminiscence how blogging changed your life, i thought of blogging a post. The flashbacks were sporadic and random and to streamline the thought process and recollections wanted to trace back to my very first post. Since I post at a random frequency had kind of forgotten from when it all started. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious was the very first word on my blog. Should it be called a word or a sentence begs a debate of its own. The back story behind the post says that it all started 10 years and 9 months ago to this date when I was impressed and intrigued curious word that I stumbled upon on a quiz show where one of the teams were named the same. Per my own volition, I had googled for the word and what originally started as a mean to record anything that interests me and is intriguing is continuing in the same way in one form or other across 846 posts. As I glance across the posts, they are nothing short of a chronological arc

The one Indian girl - review

After my previous post on CB, I am stumped for a start for this post. Right from the title, there is a formulaic approach. This guy has some fetish for numbers in title – 5 point someone, 1 night at call center, 3 mistakes of my life, 2 states, revolution 2020 and 1 Indian girl. And yes he deals in fractions as well with “half girlfriend” !!! Either he has a fetish for Maths or was  a Maths buff, but the titles are more like buffoonery. There is this other guy, Matt Reilly, who gives similar titles to his books – 7 ancient wonders, 6 sacred stones, 5 great warriors. At least he sticks to Natural numbers and with any mercy the series might stop after one. Shudders at the thought that they might get an extension as a whole number or integer series. Coming back to CB, thann muyarchiyil satrum Manam thalaratha vikra’mad’hithiya gils finished his latest book as well. Not sure if it had got to do with the previous post or the typical mindset to desperately try to support the underdog, I ki