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Truly madly deeply

What is the starting point for identifying your passion? Does it start from childhood? Is it a matter of co-incidence that makes you stumble onto it? Or is it sheer fate that leads you to it? Even if you figure it out, how to start believing? Off late one question that rings in mind non-stop is on the topic of trust. How does people begin to trust whoever the other person maybe? To have trust in one's own abilities and backing themselves is a totally different aspect, over which at least we can have a semblance of control. But how or when does one start trusting another person? Does it start with the other person doing things on expected lines? Does it get strengthened in one’s ability to predict the reactions and responses of the other? What happens when the other person on whom you base your trust happens to be your spiritual guru?!! I got drawn into a conversation by accident that set the stream of questions raised above. It was between two of my colleagues who are also absolu

Who killed 9 AM?

People who are unfortunate enough to visit by this blog would know about the punctuality of gilsbert and how comfortable and dependable he is in keeping up on time, which has been explained in no less than several thousand words across so many posts. It so happened one day that, despite all his reluctance, he had to set up a call early in the day, to catch up on the tasks to be done, before the clients came barging in the evening. After much deliberation, it was decided to be scheduled at 9 AM. Much to his surprise, there were hardly any takers for the call. The responses for rejection were more on the lines of  "i would be on commute and hence tentative" or more simply since they left late yesterday, joining a call at 9 was simply out of question for those invited. Not one of them mentioned that they had a conflict with another call at that time, which usually would be the standard response for rejection. And when he checked their calendars before setting the call, the 9 t

To B.E or not B.E

"Do you understand physics jokes?" A rather innocuous sentence or question. But the situation in context was hilarious or sad, depends on which side of the conversation you were. A friend of mine, your typical America mappillai, recently had a skype chat with his possible bride-to-be. Ponnu paakrangaratha epdi solrathu? hunting sonna sandaiku varanga. Anyways. While discussing about their respective profiles, that girl suddenly had popped the question. Though he had heard the question, he was kind of confused as to if he heard it right and had it reconfirmed. While deliberating over the question, it was explained to him that, since he was from art and science background and not an engineer, that girl had wondered out loud, would he be able to appreciate nerdy jokes like science jokes. Needless to say on the status of the discussion. He polambified to me and was funny cursing the day he chose not to take up engineering and settled for B.Sc. Though we had a hearty laugh at

The second of the seven

Some time back i had posted about a person, whose life story stunned me, for it was what i felt, would've been my life story, had the choices i made been any different. Personality wise his was an extreme version of mine. Anything i had in mild he was the wilder version, the espresso to me latte. It was an interesting study in contrast for me as i had a ring side view of what would've possibly happened in my life if i had chosen the other road that i left behind. I had even posted about it in this very blog. There is a saying that there are always seven people in the world, who look the same - possibly the crudest translation of "unna mathiriye ezhu per ulagathula irupanga". Recently, i met the second of the seven. This guy's life story was a lot more similar and curiously, our lives had been interconnecting for past decade and a half without either of us realizing. We had stayed on the same street, on houses on either side of the road. When he was in Hyderabad,