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Kolai kolaiya munthirikka -4

 Exactly after 2 years, picking this thread up :D Ram and Anil carry “Sivaraman the body” tied in veshti outside. “Eppa..ponam ganam ganakkaranpa ivan” exclaims Ram “Dei..nejamavay idhu ponam thaanda” clarifies Anil “Aanalum inthaal paavamda. Thookarathuku naalu per kooda illa” “Romba mukkiyam. Venam policeku phone pannatta. Naalu enna naapathu per varuvanga” “Aama ivana epdida namma kooda kootitu porathu” “Ivana illa idha. Ennamo morning doggie walking kootitu pora mathiri solra. Bikela thana vanthom. Bikelaye eduthutu po vendi thaan” “Ennadhu..dead bodyoda triplesa..naan varala” “Dei Anil..nicea escape aaga paakaria..pichiduven..nee thaan vandi oattara. Naan pillionla bodyoda varen” “Pilli sooniyamoda varengara polavay iruku. Body dispose pannathum bike mechanic shed ku eduthutu ponum” “Enda..serviceku vid aporia” “Illa..water wash vittu kulipaatanum. Padupaavi..Apache vandiya ipdi amarar oorthi aakitiyeda” “Polambaatha..vandiya edu” On the way they get stopped by a traffic police “A

I’m travelling alone by Samuel Bjork – book review

Well begun may be half done. But good finish is what gets you a well done. This book falters at the last hurdle and the hype it generates over the first 400 pages falls flat on the last 46. Thanks to mister Mages for sharing this book. A racy thriller nevertheless that keeps you hooked as much as it can. Even the ending is not outright blasphemous but compared to the knots and narration and the thickened plot, it comes out very weak. The story begins with a gruesome murder, where a 6 year old girl is found hanging on a tree top with all her school kit. Wonder what makes a Norwegian thriller author mind tick, for they happen to be the most psychotic folks around, going by some of the books that I’ve read by them. Very methodical and detailed when it coms to describing the kills or the gruesomeness of it and more often than not, it involves children. Unlike brightness that can be increased or decreased, darkness has always thought to be on single scale. But these folks, keep pushing the

Tamizh ini mella saagum

Ipdilaam tanglishla type panna seekramavay sethirum nu solreengala..rightu. Coming to the topic, the reason behind this post is the way in which the language is being introduced for my kid. Ever since the classes started, every single day has been more disappointing and irritating as a participant on those classes as I sit along with my kid. The reason behind those emotions being, the poor way of taking the kids through to something that is so special and wonderful. The alphabets have been introduced bang on day 1 and kids were asked to start practicing writing them. Most of them had no clue what they were doing and were mistaking it for some art form. The way the alphabets were introduced was also horrible. For the first letter, it was explained as a “laddu with a curve, intersecting with a sleeping line and a standing line”!!! And this on the very second class of the language getting introduced!! How the hell kids will follow this instruction!! And the worst part being, the entire me

Predestination – movie review

Yet another movie review post. Vara vara movie reviews thavira vera post poda ideavay thona maatenguthu!! Vidhyasamaana bloggers blocka irukku!! This movie watching happened like starting your scooter. After several kicks and starts I had given up on the movie. Happened to see an interesting review post and it rekindled my curiosity. Incidentally, every time I gave up on the movie, it was always at the same scene, where the reporter person chats with the bartender, starting to narrate with the dialogue “when I was a woman”. Apparently, the story was beginning to take off with that very line. It goes through so many twists and turns that the ending was the most paradoxical one I’ve ever seen or read in a story. The theme deals with time travel and it resembles the “Dark” Netflix series to an extent. But the thought process was much simple with just a couple of characters involved, should is say one (oops..spoiler).  The story literally begins with a bang and the supposed protagonist, ge

Of sweets and memories

Sweet is probably the most important of all tastes. We compare everything pleasant with sweet – from memories to molar, gestures to occasions, with even the very own concept of life being called “essence”, its omnipresent. That is why Diabetes is probably the cruelest of all diseases. Like foodies who associate every town or place with a delicacy or restaurant, whenever I had a particular sweet for the very first time, I always remembered that place/person. Rather than the dish reminding about them, it was the other way round with, whenever I visited them, I always used to think that they would be giving me the same sweet, with same taste. Needless to say it turned out to be a huge disappointment most of the times, for it often ended as a one-time experience.  There was this relative of my dad whom we visited once. They were filthy rich even then and had a huge bungalow. Their hall had a tiger skin for carpet and I always used to address them as “puli veedu” relatives. When we had visi

Haseen Dilruba – movie review

There used to be a famous joke during the Doordarshan days that movies were like a treadmill, whatever be the runtime you start watching the movie, the story will still remain stuck at the same scene. If anyone had started watching this hindi movie, they would’ve been perplexed and wouldn’t be wrong to think if they dozed off and woke up into a different movie with same cast!! The movie begins with a bang and the first 10 15 minutes are laugh riot. Especially the mother character of the hero, she steals the show from literally every single person on the frame. Till half way through, wasn’t even aware that the guy who gets married to Tapsee is the actual hero of the movie!!! That is the disadvantage of new comers in connecting with audience who keep hoping to see some familiar face showing up and taking the movie over. Not that this guy is bad performance wise, but looks more like a tv soap opera personality stuck on a big screen. Tapsee’s character starts on a mischievous note, turns i

Jagamay thandhiram – movie review that wasn't

Karthik subbaraj (director of the movie) in discussion with Rajinikanth. “Thalaivaray..oru semma script vachiruken..story kekareengala” “Sure sure sure..sollungalen” After hearing the story, Rajini goes into a deep trance. When the trance is accompanied by slight tenor, Karthik realizes that the superstar has slept. Not knowing what to do, he waits for him to get up. Once he is awake, Rajini says “Well..naan Babaji nenachu medidate pannathula enna therinjuthuna..already intha mathiri oru story naan panniten. Movie peru Kabali” “Andha padatha pathi nenachathukkay ungaluku thookam varuthuna paatha audience nelamaya yosicheengala super star” nu mind voice ketaalum Karthik continues “But adhu Malaysia Don coming to Chennai. Idhu Madurai don going to London. Totally different” “Enda dei..naan career start pannapo bus conductor. Enakkay route solria” nu mind voice la think pannitu “illa Karthik. Naama vera padam pannuvom. Intha storyline venaa neenga Danush kita solli parungalen” “Already un