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Of words and actions

Last couple of days had 2 experiences which were really interesting and felt were worth mentioning as well. One was about a book that I am presently reading – Year of Intern by Robin cook and other was an interview on a Youtube channel of a director.  I have read many of his novels, but this particular novel of Cook had a different feel from beginning page itself. The foreword by Cook mentioned that the entire novel was written from inside a submarine and probably was one his earlier novels. Initially I couldn’t put a finger on it but when I realized that the first chapter went never ending, finishes at 102 page, something struck. Whenever I write blog posts, I just keep typing whatever comes to mind. Never ever had I any thought of converting any of the stories into books or even to write one for that matter from scratch. But realized that, if at all I had tried my hand, the end result would’ve been something similar. The novel that I am reading is just half way down and rest of the h

Dil Bechara – movie review

With blockbuster creativity, Hot star gave away the movie for free to everyone who cared to download the app. What a way to cash in on the current sentiment over the deceased hero!! Wonder why no one bothered to raise a finger, whichever one it is, to this unabashed attempt at free publicity. But they are not alone in this. Ever since Sushant committed suicide, entire Bollywood is up in arms against its ow self. Any one who has vendetta against anyone else, takes to air to vent out, stating all they want to say and tagging they suffered just like Sushant. His death has become a public vehicle for movie fraternity to wash its dirty linen in public. If not for covid, we would’ve have supplementary editions of every single paper on print, having cover to cover interviews of every so called celebrity. Nevertheless, the movie did make it to the public and people lapped it up like anything to say the least. Whether it was because of the ongoing euphoria around Sushant or for the fact that it

Abhimaan – music I love

Restarting the movie musical series with this one, pending since I saw Gulabo Sitapo. It is a repent in a way to get over that movie!!! I don’t remember the first time I saw the movie, but it sure must be on doordarshan. First time when I saw the “Meet na mila de man ka” song it made me immediately realized one of my childhood photos with dad, where I had similar checked shirt/suit over a round neck. The song being a nice drawl was an addition to my thoughts on vanity. “tere mere milan ki” was an immediate favorite and the sadness on kishore’s voice coupled with the anguish on lata’s voice was mesmerizing. It has always remained as the favorite across many a playlist of mine. Wonder how that Mangeshkar lady makes magic just with her voice alone to suit to the situation and lyrics. But to me the best of the lot was, “tere bindiya re”. Rafi in all his mellifluous best coupled with shy yet clear quality on lata’s voice was magic. When I saw the picturized version recently, was amazed at a

Trance – movie review

First of all, a huge shout out for the immense guts with which the movie has been made. And kudos to chettan and chechi’s for not burning Kerala down. Can’t imagine this theme or concept being released anywhere else in India. The movie deals with addiction as the theme and how religion is used/misused rather, as the all potent addictive of all time. The story travels on how people use blind faith as a cash cow and Christianity has been marked as the sample religion. Replace it with any other religion the situation and scenes would exactly be the same. After watching this movie, my respect for Fahadh as an actor has grown leaps and bounds. Not that it is of any matter to him but my movie watching list is surely enriched by one greatly talented actor. He owns every single minute of the 150 plus minutes of running time. Initial scenes are having tamil dialogues and I was wondering whether I am watching the tamil version. Later realized that the setup was in Kanyakumari. Be it as a over en

Online class alapparais

Ever since they started this online schooling, more than junior, it has been a pain revisited for me. Naan padicha kaalathulaye school and teachers na avlo “ishtam”. Sitting even for 45 minutes in these online classes, that too so early in the day at 10 AM is becoming a boring routine. Both me and junior adichify kottam till 1AM and would be halfway into dream land when mommy dearest would ulukkify both of us from our slumber. Junior would sleep walk, literally, into brushing his teeth and if luck/mood permits might even take bath. I have the luxury of staying gabbu. Once the video is switched on, both of us would yawn in unison. The moment the session is logged out, junior would be at his sprightly best. Wonder how the parents who doesn’t have net connection or system at home manage? The school management has “generously” and graciously permitted the children to even come on mobile phone to attend the class. What if they’ve siblings and having two classes at same time is a multiple co

Of advices and other vices

The thing with Junior is, at times he does things like Chitti Robot. Podu sonna potruvaan. To stop him from watching Tv non-stop, we used to tell him that current bill will increase and we shouldn’t waste electricity. Never realized that he will take it to his heart so deep. Matha nerathula laam solrathu edhuvum kaadhula poatukarathu kedayathu is usual story. I was taking some calls from my laptop one day and Junior was setting up his Jurassic park mylapore version nearby. I just stepped out to put my mobile on charge, immediately he came behind me and scolded me. “Appa..amma enna solliruka” I looked at wifey with “Eppa paaru edaachum sollitu thaana iruka..idhula ivan ennatha mean panraan” look She responded back with “Evolovo solren..edaachum mandaila erinaa thaana” look. Eventually we asked him. “Enna solliruka?” “Current waste panna koodathu” “Seri..adhukenna ipo” “Adhaan” “Enna adhaan?” “Adhaan laptop shut down panniten..good job sollu” “goo..err..whaaaat??!!!” I Immediately rushed