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An awesome blog

It always pays to be courteous and especially more so in blogsville, for there are so many excellent bloggers abound, you will always end up with more than what you bargained for. Happened to follow a link from a comment to this blog and wow. A gem of a blog strewn with amazingly witty posts. Sample this  Bashed- Abashed    . Proof again that real life incidents are always show stealers. But again, the way in which its presented also adds up to the content, which needless to say is topclass.

A treasure for all ages

Finally!!! Today will be a very special day, having been reunited with my childhood companion (As per Gilstionary childhood is a period stretching over two and half decades), with whom i lost contact for a while in between. Something that been part and parcel of my life for a major portion of my school days, stretching well into my college life as well. To me, like for millions of other fans, Ambulimama (Chandamama in other languages) , played the role of a caring friend, loving relative who wouldnt mind spending time telling stories to you, a treasurehouse of knowledge about our rich and diverse culture and above all, the master entertainer. Maybe my dislike for serial stories began with this magazine i guess, unable to bear the suspense of waiting for a week or two to get to the next episode. I remember the days, when i used to pester my mom for 50 paise to get the ragged old editions from near by kaayalan kadai, who will dutifully refund 50% of the amount (the lumpsum amount of 2

Barfii - review

Physically challenged centric themes are sure shot winners at Box Office. 50% of the job is already done when you got people rushing for their tissues, be it a cute scene or senti. Rest is settled, if you dont screw it up with your screenplay. Barfii does the balancing act pretty well. Given ample scope to make it a cryathon, with possibility of  tear jerker-scene-a-minute, the director has ensured that the melodrama is never overboard. In fact, he has made a clever use of the lead pair's disability. There is hardly any dialog in the movie, with the only few being spoken by the side characters and the narrator. But those sections involving Ranbir-Priyanka and Ranbir-Ileana are etched out so well that, it settles light on the eyes and never wears you down. The scenes that otherwise could've tested the histrionic abilities of the actors, have been picturised in a Chaplinsque way, leading to funny and clumsy situations, giving a humorous touch to otherwise grim sequences. There

Vaazhkkai is a vattam

"chellaam" "Kannaaaa" "Raasaaaaaa...epdi pa irukkaa..thurumbaaaaaa elaichitiyeee" After a gap of 3 months, if a mother sees her kid, ipdi ethachum dialog varumthaana expect panuveenga. Athaan illa. Had a skype chat with mom. Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudan muraiyaaga was the first ever time my mom was in video chat. Solli vacha mathiri, video was not appearing in their end due to some connection problem. After a few minutes of voice chat, suddenly the video issue got resolved. First question from mom. "Ennadaa thalaya ipdi vachitruka!! anga poitu hair cuttay panniakalaya?" Avvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv..... Rapunzel ku aduthabadia intha hairstyle issuesnaala ivlo kushtapattathu gilsa thaan irukum. For me, intha yogi sithar mathiri jadaa mudi hairstyle romba pudikkkkum. My reminder to get hair cut would be that if and only if, it falls like wiper blade on my specs. There was this Pomeranian naaikutty called Julie next to our


Serialsay pudikaathu..serial paakrathelaam oru pozhappa...apdinulam dialog vittutu maanju maanju serialsa paathutruken :D I like the variety that these series offer. Oru pakkam semma original comic series and innoru pakkam action thrillers. The amount of effort and money that they pump into these series is amazing. Each episode resembling an individual movie in itself. As mentioned in previous post and after numerous attempts, finally a post on 24. When my friend recommended this series an year back, never did i imagine that i would be this much addicted to it. First episode paathapo to be honest avlo impressiva illa. DVD print was bad could also be a reason. Enna thaan nadakuthunu paakalam sollitu tried the second episode and avlo thaan matteru. Got hooked right into it. Every single scene goes lighting fast and you will never feel like hitting the stop button till the finish. Right from the way they've structured the series, to editing to dialog to characterisation to screen

The bigger of the halves

Last weekend i met my colleague and his wife on a supermarket. Even before i could say "hi" she gave me that look, which damilnaatu poleece like gabtun  reserve for theeviravaathis. "Is this the one?" asked her, to which the hubby was non-committal, after which the tirade started. He gestured something to me from behind her, which i couldnt quite make out, but that he wanted me to keep quiet was very clear. "Enpaa...neengalaam neram kaalam kedayaathu...eppo venumnaalum thoongalam pogalaam varalaam...ivara yen kedukareenga....rendu pasangalaachu...innum kooda chinna paiyannu nenapu manasula..athenna padam? 25 ya?" "24" came the quiet correction from behind her. "Rombaa mukkiyam..sathaa sarva kaalamum athey gathi nu ukaarara vendiathu. Nethu enna paneenganu sollatuma?" Now i was really curious to know what happened. Knowing that i am going to pour more oil into the inferno, he waved frantically from behind not to

Imagineering myth

America as a country might enjoy just its third century of Independence. But culturally, its even younger. Historically even more so. Unlike other civilisations, which stretch across millenniums and are rich culturally, the natives of this country had hardly anything to tell their children. They had a tough time in wiping out any signs of resemblance to their imperial masters and were busy in resetting every single thing that related them and went about meticulously in changing everything to opposite, right from the way they drive to their door knobs to switches and the very basic current voltage. They were always at war with England claiming every single invention with a American patent in response to English. As much interest they showed in expanding geographically by purchasing lands from so many countries, they hardly showed any in their own history, may be covertly but never in open. The one thing that they were never able to change was that their history began with banished conv

Bulbu bulbu burning bright!!!

Gilsbert and Edison are similar in one aspect. Avar kandupudicha bulba athigapatchama vaangina perumai (!!) Gislbertaiye saarum. Throw in few kids, Gilsbert and are guaranteed a Bulb vaangum ceremony. Ipaadi thaan paarunga........(tortoise coil suthingss)... Venue: Spice Garden restaurant Occassion: 2 Birthday party of colleague's kid Gilsbert seen roaming around the buffet table in semma pasi, waiting for the cake cutitng to begin. "Yaenga..eppo cake cut pannuvaanga" "Gilsbert..ithoda naalavathu thadavaiya enkita kekara..en paiyana vida unna meikarathu romba kushtama iruku..poi apdi ukkaru. Cake cut panni mudinjathum first panthila unna kootitu poren" "avvvvvvvvv......ithey thaan one houra solitrukeenga..pesama naanay cake vetitu happy birthday paadida poren" "Murugaaa....Mahathi..inga vaa...uncle paaru..paavam bore adikuthu solraar..konja neram uncle kooda velaaditru" First day schooluku porachay thirumbi thirumbi paath