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Naan Rasikkum Vaanavil

Dear Makkas n Makkis... Thanks for all your responses for the previous post. Evidently was not in a great frame of mind to take a major decision. Its still no better but feels lot nice to have so many good people around me..Just like heaven (overa star movies paakrennu thonuthu :) ) Mugavarila oru scene varum..When Raguvaran comes home with some extra cash he would want to spend it on his would suggest Raguvaran to get a shoe..Sitara wud want to buy something for the sister who in turn wud be suggesting something for her..kadisila Ajith mattum thanakku walkmano ennamo venumnu ezhuthi seetu kuliki poatu athula varatha select pannalamnu decide panuvanga..kadisila paatha elarum Ajith pera ezhuthirupaanga..appo rainbow form aagum..everyone will be watching it...Ajith kita Raguvaran nee vaanavil paaka varaliyanu kekkarapo naan erkanavay paathutenu Ajith solra mathiri antha scene mudiyum...Needless to say i've seen Mugavari umpteen times..but everytime for this scen


Should one be overtly optimistic about things and stretch on with the positive mirage or be prepared for the pessimistic reality??!!! "What will happen if"...huh..these are the hardest four words to answer in life i guess..

The Gilvinci Code...solved :D

This post is special for two reasons..I have given 3 clues for deciphering..First two are related to special reason one and third clue (this is a sitter..shd've given the answer directly :) ) is for reason two......find the relation and you got the post :) 1) To utter harsh words when sweet ones would serve Is like eating unripe fruit when ripe ones are at hand. 2) C 3) William Loughborough's most famous creation When you've eliminated the impossible..whatever remains..however improbable..has to be the truth... Elimentary my dear watsons :) Latest blob in office: A: "intha field nalla irunthichi athaan change paniten" B: "y? iduku munaadi asingama irunthicha" ..there was a silence... A: "boss..i meant NULL..." Ok..overa scene poatachu :) now answer time... Guys..this post is to celebrate the double event of completing a century of posts and also the first anniversary of this blog :) namma gabtun stylea sollanumna... 100 posts in 12 months..oru