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Payanangal Thodargirathu - Londonil vaangia laddu :(

Kadisia oru vazhia flight vanthu senthuchi..Seri munnaidye poitu seata pudichiralaamnu round security check onnu iruku solitu again shoe..socks..belt..bucklenu athanaiyum checked. Enaku minna pona aal was talking to the security person in hindi. Atha ketutu antha security maama..avan hindikaaranaannu asked. Athuku antha beku "..illa naan intha oor thaan aana hindi nalla theriyumnu" perumaiya mandaiya aatichi. That security maama then said "chaaval khaane log..hindi bolte hain..waah.." Antha dialog ketutu enkulla iruntha pacchai manjal sevappu tamizhan somersaulted. Badiluku hindila.."yenga.. arisi saapta hindi pesa varaathunu evan sonaan"nu keten. Oru veera aavesathula vaaya vitutenenaalum..saptha naadiyum enakku adangi poidichi. "Maatina mavanay..unnai POTA sattathula ulla thalli muttia pekka poranga paaru"nu derror aaidichi. To the contrary the security maama felt very sheepish and said.."apdi ileenga..intha oorla generala y

Payanangal Thodargirathu - Bye bye Chennai :(

A long over due post. Ever since i landed in Chennai, i was expecting this day, when the city would shun me away. It lasted a year and half this time. Had a lot more doubts than usual this time and the role of dice chimed in way too many changes. Was dreading the D-day and with each passing day, the waves of change were raging towards my shore of comfort and finally they did cross the line, washing me into its realm. Feeling as comfortable as a solitary log on a stormy sea, i swallowed down the bitterness and embarked on the journey into unknown. In short - Chennai ennai poda vennai endrathu. Ennada..etho pei pada intro mathiri irukku paakreengala :) kitta thatta apdithaan. Athenna therila..romba naal kazhichi blog adikka vantha oray petera thaan varutu!! Seri...kathaikku varuvom. Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha gils..marched again into Meenambaakkam airport, my favourite haunt spots of kodumais. The last time i visited an aiport for departure, i had enough kodumais to p

3 - Review

First weekend in US. First movie outing. Ipdi neria memorable milestones cross panni paakka pona padam. Was it worthy? Very tough to say yes. How do you say a movie is good or bad? Expectations that you have about the lead pair or director or storyline or your take on the subject that is being told. This is one movie, which is out to confuse you, even if you go in with zero expectations. The ensemble cast (given their royal background) and crew make it sound a delicious one. You got the pairing of the year for the lead roles with Kamal's daughter and Rajini's SIL donning them with Rajini's daughter manning the ship as director. One thing is sure as eternity. How many ever national awards Dhanush goes on to win and how best ever Shruthi performs on screen or catch a controversy or two off the screen, neither He not She will be able to get over the cloud of their father and in law from hovering over them. As far the movie, both have given wonderful performances. They hav