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12 Hungry men

"guys..we are going to have a movie session tomorrow..make sure you attend it" The moment he saw the mail content he felt happy yet was confused looking at the sender. It was from the quality team. "Movie session? guess another mokka presentation time..should give credit to these guys..they invent newer ways of putting blade" wondered Anil "oru vela nejamavay nalla movieya iruntha?" queried Ram "Not possible Ram..tell me one reason why would they" "To spend "quality" time?" "Ivanelaam edhala adikarathu?" nu Anil started searching while Ram escaped from that place. Next day the entire team assembled at the conf hall. "Machi..did you check that table? its full of chips and popcorn.." "So? soru poatu mokka poda poraanga solla varia" "Ilada nejamavay oru movie watching atmosphere they are creating" "Folks..settle down quickly please..thank you all for making it to

The illusive green grass

The strange SMS from his friend few days back set him thinking. Strange for two reasons. It being the first ever SMS in several years for he always picks the phone and talk secondly the formal tone of the message. Sensing something he decided to call his friend. "Ennada ivlo scena message vitruka..enachu" "Nothingda..want to discuss about career change..yar kitayachum idea kekalam thonithu..since you change company like t shirts thought will check with you first" "Bangam. Intha avamanam unakku thevaya poattu kalaai vaangikarathay velaya poachu unakku..bye" "Dei...scene podama solla varatha kelu..." "Koorum..koori tholayum" "I've been with this company for over 8 years now" "Adhaan oorukkay theriyumay..vaasalla unakku small size selai vaikka erpaadu nadakuthaamay" "Solratha thavira ellam kelu..saniyane" "Sollu sollu" "I'vent got any promotion si

The never ending quest

What is the upper limit for growth? Take any start up for example. From being the brain child of a really passionate individual, it takes form as a small entity and struggles to catch the fancy of investors. Once its value is realized, soon its swarmed with funds. The idea slowly becomes an organization with increasing head counts. It becomes the mother hen that has to feed many a hungry mouth that is not restricted to its chicks alone. One hardly realizes that, end of the day, its a solitary idea of an individual that lives up to its potential. Like all celebrities who invariably are considered to be master of every subject under the sun and are expected to have an opinion on anything and everything, the idea very soon undergoes the 4 cycle stage of success- Birth of the idea, Rise of nay sayers,  Attack of cheaper clones and Merger/acquisition by a bigger player. Irony being, the bigger player usually have promoting innovation/value adds as the best part of their company culture.

Generalizing the specifics

Off late this has been the theme favoured by all and sundry in media and politics. Any issue, whether its worth getting tabbed as one or not is a totally different story, is picked scrutinized and debated..sorry..argued in detail and is used as a weapon to derail any legislative/parliamentary proceeding. It could be as simple as a comment by a lady to leave the country in fear or as comical as the current JNU "crisis". Is the government over reacting in pressing sedition charges? Are the opposition fools to sit in protest supporting those shouting anti India slogans and chanting praises of the very guy who attacked our parliament? Take each of those questions individually and try answering them and put them in context to verify your response. I am dead sure the results would be oxymoronic. By repeatedly calling a lie in different forms and tones, the mainstream media has really established in making the nation intolerant. Everyone is jumping at shadows and wants their indiv

Weekend Movie Watch

Aranmanai 2 -  I wish i had written something about the first part so that it can be copy pasted here as review. If they can do to the movie, why not the review!! If you ever have this pathological compulsion to waste few hours of your life with no other better option, watch the movie. Else suffer in silence for wasting precious data pack on this muck of a movie. Trisha looks older than kovai Sarala. Her high maintenance makeup fails big time. Every one in the cast has a blink and miss role right from lead pair to the supposedly comic relief except for Sundar C who does all the fights, thrills and even becomes ghost and does the mandatory ghost dance with relish. Enpa..producer/director na enna venumna paniklamna apo micha peruku edhuthuku wastea kaasu kuduhtu padathula podanum!! Poor Sid. His looks reflects his wretched feelings of having delivered flops of what are really good stories. He simply is not lucky. Aga motha padam.. dhanda karumanthram. Kathakali - Oru comedy scenala Sin

Tales from past

Suyama oru post poda idea varalaina enna pannanum ...sila pala saga bloggers post padichi.."inspire" aagi, antha idlya kothu barottava potra vendiyathay aaga vazhigalil saala siranthathu nu Aristotle sollirukaru. Eppo sonnaru epdi sonarunu kelvilam kekapdaathu. CBC the CNBC of bloggers world, has/had come/came out with this topic of posting love letters on condition of anonymity. Kalyanam aanaprum intha anony binami perlalaam post poata Anjaan pada Lingu mathiri kathukitta motha viththaiyum mela irakkpadumnu sila pala symptoms terinjathala will try to stick to as close to the theme as possible bordering on risk. For the regulars of this blog, if at all you've read any of those content labelled "stories" you would know that "Ram","Uma" and "Priya" are the lead characters in all my stories. There is a reason why i chose those names for they are simply the easiest to type. Had been posting mega serial posts stretching over 10 plus

Work from Home

"Its 8.30 already..not going to office today" Uma asked Ram. " working from home..client no calls" said Ram. "Great..then handle the kid while we take care of cooking" Before he could say anything, junior was sitting on his lap in all smiles and lifted both his arms ala Shahrukh Khan. He always smile when left with Ram because, he had already figured out that Ram was a sucker for his smile and would lift him to his shoulders. Amma came from kitchen and was surprised to see him with Junior. "Why are u still not ready? if you play with him now you will be late again to office and would be jumping on me as if my five minutes of cooking delayed you" "No ma..working from home today..not going to office" "Hmpf...if you had known it early couldnt you've told before. Atleast i would have done things slowly" Grumbling over the loss of a possible rest she went to kitchen. "Do you know that he was no