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Trickling Thoughts - Asynchronous happiness

At last the endless torrents of English sitcoms is getting over. Managed to reach the last season of all those series that i had downloaded. Aduthu ennada panrathu..paakarathukku series illama poidumo nu romba kavala(!!) pattu kittu irunthapo...roomie was talking about Marma Desam and how he used to follow it with vigour when it was running Live in the early 90's. Seems when he was onsite during his first assignment, there used to be a tamil website where they uploaded an episode a day for this serial and it used to give the same thrill of anticipation of watching it on TV. When those programs were aired, we didnt had cable connection at our house. Rommmmmmbaaa naal kazhichi thaan dad finally relented. I used to hear all my class mates talk in excited tones about Marma desam and the disappointment on their voices when the finale happened. They couldnt quite grasp the concept of multiple personality and felt the director, not knowing how to end the story, cooked up something. Wit

Trickling thoughts - In a NewYork Minute

Yyyyaayyy...NYC paathuten :) hehehee...The feeling still is sinking in slowly. I want to cover every single city i dreamt of visiting in this country. But i always pinch myself and check the photos for me in them, to really believe that i had actually been to the 'N' the 'Y' the 'C' :)) It was always a dream to visit NewYork. All those novels and movies and sitcoms have created such a fond visual memory of the city that visiting it was a life time ambition. But working in foreign land was never on the same list. Somehow i failed to work out the logic that they are not mutually exclusive. Anyways. Before the dream is over and i wake up to real world, i want to visit as many places as i can here :) Coming to the trip. I had already posted about the amazing time i had at my friends place, that was my base camp for the trip. The best part i loved about NYC was that, every single place that i had visualised in my memories, i could see them in reality and i was

Trickling Thoughts - Gaana Galattathara Gils

There is a Facebook page dedicated to moments where one end up with the classic-foot-in-mouth situations. Namakku thaan intha mathiri situations regularaachay. Apdi thaan paarunga....Tortoise coilings... One fine day..i had this sudden fetish to hear Ilayaraja song. Took out my phone, which is my poakkuvarathu pulliyangoattai for listening to music and started playing songs. Unlike India, where i never used ear phones, inga thappi thavari ring tone sound keatta kooda bomb squad rangeku ella sidelenthu makkal will come. So i was double jaakrathai before playing the song and checked to see if any sound is coming out. I the usuala max volumela vachu thaan paatu kekara vazhakkam you see :) "Sangeetha Jaathi mullai..kaana villai..." Pakkathu cubicle colleague was smiling at me. Oru vela "Kaathal Kondein" Dhanush rangeku mandai aatratha paathutaangalo sollitu i sat still for some time. This time it was the one to the right. I removed my ear phones to hear him singi

Trickling thoughts - Right at that moment

When you can make a baby smile in all its cuteness, with its bokka vaai full of laughter, enjoying your antics. When you get to hear the very song you are humming  on your mind on a passing car or on an unknown radio station When you raise your head to the sky only to feel the first rain drop (at times its not necessarily a rain drop..but posting only about ecstatic moments here :) ) When the evening breeze combs through the hair, making a mess of it and yet prepares a cool hairdo. When the cute girl on the lift smiles at you ( this could also be categorised under those moments that lead up to nervous breakdown in some cases. Usually makes one wonder what's wrong with him!!) When you feel hungry and some one gets you a parcel of your favourite dish. When you miss your morning alarm and still wake up to find enough time to waste. When you arrive late to the bus stand and still manage a seat on a near capacity bus. When you think you are broke only to find a solitary note st

Weekend Music Watch :)

Usuala weekend Movie watch post poduven. Since the movie was something which all of you would be very familiar with thought will alter the theme a bit. Heard this track from "I am Sam" movie. Never been a big fan of the Beatles nor have heard very many of their songs. But this one just hooked me right into it. Semma smooth lyrics and simple tune. And in a way more than reflects my mindset :)  Two of us riding nowhere Spending someone's Hard earned pay You and me Sunday driving Not arriving On our way back home We're on our way home We're on our way home We're going home Two of us sending postcards Writing letters On my wall You and me burning matches Lifting latches On our way back home We're on our way home We're on our way home We're going home You and I have memories Longer than the road that stretches out ahead Two of us wearing raincoats Standing solo In the sun You and me chasing paper Getting nowhere On our way back home We're on our

Trickling thoughts - Orampo..gilsu vandi varuthu

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha vikramaadithan mathiri ..naanum post poda topic yosichi paakaren..uhumm.. Naalu lineku mela thaanda maatenguthu. Ennada kodumaiye kaanumay oru vela namma time work out aaga aarambichidicho nu yosikka start thaanga pannen. "Alauvuddin" padathula Asokan vanthu nikkara mathiri "Aaalampanaaaa..itho vanten" nu aajar aaidichi. Intha ooruku vantha..vela iruko driving licence kandipa venumnu ellarum told. Oray the imsais of india..pestered me to take the test. Seri..namma oorla thaan carlye 8 poattu licence vaangirukomay inga vaangida mudiathaa sollitu paatha...nejamavay test pass pannanum solitanga!!! There was one big booklet. Atha padichi exam ezhuthi pass pannanumaam. Appo thaan learners permitay tharuvangalam!!! Ithennada vamba poachu sollitu paatha...namma makkals athukum vazhi sonaanga. Some punniyavaan had downloaded dumps. Itha mattum padi pothum sollitu he circulated it to everyone of us. The day finally came