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Review time

Rommmmba seriousa poitrukara postsku nadula, main purposea maranthida koodathu sollitu, kadamai ganniyam kattupaadoada here are the reviews for the deepavali block busters Vedhalam - This movie and Puli before this one, introduced me to the world of troll memes on the lead actors. OMG!!! Shudders at the amount of venom spewed forth on those pages. I am not entirely convinced that its the blind fanatical support of the fans or just their hatred towards the other actor, but its definitely beyond any of these. Every single act of the actors are defamed in derogatory terms and are rejoiced madly!!! Hope their creative ire can be directed better. Now to the movie. Even before i could watch it, as like for any major release, social media is abuzz with reviews and majority of them had written off the movie. So my expectation levels were sub zero when i started watching it. I felt it to be a typical masala entertainer which could have been better cooked for a bigger result. Ajith is one of

From Third world's war to World war III - final part

Any or all of these questions can form a nice movie script for conspiracy buffs. But this is the very sad fact that is going to lead us to war.This apathy towards whatever that happens in Kashmir, stays in Kashmir is what, that has the potential to severe the very thread that unites this great country. Else news channels wouldnt be covering Sheena Bora's death when millions are stranded on the southern end due to never before seen floods. Its this apathy towards major happenings on anything remotely south or north east that is going to bring down the concept of one nation. Its this seriousness with which they enquire every single sneeze or fart of a person sitting on parliament and the callousness towards farmers committing suicide, without bothering to understand how come so many kill themselves despite the world's biggest write off on farmer's loans is going to bring the downfall. Its this silly attitude of asking for the caste and religion of a victim before deciding on

From Third world's war to World war III - part 2

It all traces back to the myth that having scrapped the rest of the world off their resources and pride, the western world has created an image of a safe haven about themselves where roads are paved with gold and peace and prosperity is birth right of its citizens. That they care so much about their citizens that every single loss of life is condoled world wide, raises goosebumps and becomes symbol of something to follow world over is something that restores faith in humanity time and again. But why such price tag of protection applies only to its own citizens and not to humans in general? why is that every single life of a being born on their land is much superior than one born else where? Its the answers to these questions that are growing in to the Hydra of terrorism which is raising its wicked heads back at its creators spewing venom. Again the victims are no one else but common men who have no say over the policy decision on their law makers. Surprisingly neither the elected gover

From Third world's war to World war III - part 1

My prediction is, WW III will be more like a rehash of WW I. Imperialists brought in mirrors and Bible in exchange for gold and land and that triggered the dog fight of WW I. Replace that with Democracy and we've the recipe for WW III ready. The sequence of any recent war goes like this - There will be a corrupt democratic government, ruling over a land flush with oil, with the people of those countries who couldn't care less for who ruled them as long as they don't get into their rulers blacklist. The government would soon be over thrown by a military coup or an army strongman with western backing. He would get all support to let leash his tyranny on his own folks with the blessings of the biggies.  By the time the people of the country come to terms with the new order, one fine day, the tyrant would wake up to mess up with the business leaders from the biggies which would cause them to suddenly realize the absence of the very same democracy that they over threw. Since t

Tracking a leader

A recent hot topic of a debate that raged in one of the FB pages that i follow is the seed for this post. There were serious arguments supporting and opposing our first prime minister, who to me has always been a riddle wrapped in a mystery incensed with enigma. Majority of his political decisions are baffling at best with obvious help of hindsight. His decision on Kashmir and dealing with China are still haunting the nation and are Yet, that he was accepted as one of the leading statesman of the world at his prime and time was unquestionable. The NAM movement pioneered by him resulted in dictatorship in almost every major country that participated. Even he for one never relinquished his post till his death bed and sowed the seeds of dynastic politics in Post Independence Indian politics. The fore mentioned deed probably attributed to his own heritage having been connected to the throne of Delhi that stretches back to his grandfather's time. Him along with Gandhi muddled the conce

From Imperfect past to I'm perfect present

Not a day passes by without any uproar over some or other controversy stirred by the right wingers and the far left. The latest fad being "Tipu sultan". People who cry foul over the state government's patronage towards pushing Tipu centenary to the very day when he massacred an entire village over suspected attempts to overthrow his government must voice out the reason why they were silent all this while? Or had they been regularly vociferous but the media is selectively highlighting the issue now to stir the country against the elected government? In either case, its a blatant abuse of playing with people's emotions. Coming back to the Tipu issue. Not just Tipu, any Indian king for that matter, have always been painted as a picture of benevolence. As much as their arts and cultural deeds were glossed over and their victories cherished, their war acts were mere one liners which never spoke of the cruelties inflicted on the opposing forces and the struggles faced b

To meet and part - the "HP" way of life

They've done it again. The high lords of HP have decided to split the company in two and the divorce has reached an amicable(??) situation. I've most of my fondest memories of my career and personal life in HP, a place where I've spent more than half of my small career. From what I've observed the company as an employee and also as an eager follower, the management, irrespective of the so many chopping and changing at the top level, always favour the "7 stones" games approach, when it comes to structuring the company. They go on a shopping spree of purchasing every company in their sight only to de-cluster based on the whims and fancy of the Lordship (wo)manning the board. When i joined, they were on the cusp of completing probably the most controversial and criticized deal of the industry - the ill famed HP-COMPAQ merger. Co-incidentally my first project was around the AGILENT spin off from HP. I've no inputs to offer on debate of whether it was a succe

Destiny's child

As the phone kept ringing again, without any answer, i was praying for two things - firstly for someone to pick the phone and second for that person to be her. As i was about to cut the call, it got picked and to my joy it was her. "Heyyy..finally you lazy bones managed to attend the call" "Lazy bones who? one who hasn't called for months or the one who have to eat extra course of medicines just to boost up her energy for this useless phone talk" "Ok..i am hanging up. bye" "Stop your nautanki...ok. whats are things your end" "Nothing much..but for...yeah..we had a baby boy" "Aahaa..ok mister modest..just because i can't kill you dont take that as an advantage. I am halfway through to the process of ghosthood and you are right on top of the "to be haunted list"..hahaha" After listening to my troubled silence..she continued "you are still so dumb when it comes to celebrations, arent