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Of Avvaiyar, Comics and life

There is a song by Avvaiyar, which talks about how events/duties if not performed at the right time, even if they were carried out at a later point of time, serves no purpose or they are as good as bad!! Though I couldn’t recollect verbatim, the essence of the lines were more about late marriage and its fallout. When I received my comics bundle few weeks back, it was the exact same feeling that I experienced. I finally did manage to get hold of the entire lot of reprinted editions of Irumbukkai maayavi (steel claw) comics, courtesy lion/muthu comics online site. It was a dream come true, 2 decades late to say the least. It was a long pending childhood desire, that had burned to its embers, which got reignited after seeing a post on FB by one of my friends, who had proclaimed his joy on buying the lot. I immediately rushed to the site only to find the books out of stock. Tried again after a few days and this time the payment gateway didn’t open. Finally after several unsuccessful atte

ERP and block chain

The sales story that drove the ERP industry, and made many a multi-million dollar ERP sales person, was pretty straight-forward – Build/Buy a relational database, centralize all your data; Buy an integrated applications for all the business functions; Share trusted data between and across silos within the enterprise. Once that’s in place the enterprise’s operating leverage can be leveraged. Now, if you step back and think about it, what are we doing in blockchain tech? 1.      For many (not all) use cases, we are again focused on business process flows, except this time we’re focusing between and across multiple enterprises. 2.      From a database perspective, we are focused on offering a single version of trustful data that multiple enterprises can share. 3.      From an application perspective, we’re creating new software co’s that integrate and optimize the process flows of multiple enterprises. Essentially, we are back to eliminating silos and removing interfaces all by f

Demon crown - book review

James Rollins does it again. A pulsating thriller that is a rushes at bullet speed to finish. I don’t know how he manages it, but every book of his is an adrenaline pumping thriller that starts with a “big bang” literally and the ripple effect of the issue spreads lightning fast,  taking the story, across the world, with so many plot lines happening in parallel, only to culminate in a cinematic finish of a climax. Be it his Map of Bones, Amazonia, Devil colony, Judas Strain, Last Oracle the situations that he choose are fantastic and the ease with which he creates a story out of it is extraordinary. He is probably a poor man’s Michael Crichton/Robin cook rolled in one. The story begins with some of the well-known controversies surrounding Smithsonian museum. Its baffling that his tombstone has his birth year wrongly mentioned and for someone from old country (England) to make such a huge contribution to set a library on the other end of the world (America) without any traceable reaso

Hello 2018

The rate at which days move past, even before you could say Merry and complete it with Christmas, you are facing New year’s eve and before you could contemplate switching over to writing 2018 instead of 2017, you are already into the first weekend of the next year. Travelling within such superfast time period wonder for how long the fixation on the first date of the first month will continue as against specific cultural celebrations of new year, be it Vishu, Utkal, Gudi padva, Tamil new year or the lunar cycle of the Chinese. With ever increasing commercialization, anything that doesn’t have its roots in the right place is bound to get displaced. That applies to rituals and festivals and customs as well. 2017 ended with Rajini announcing his arrival into political scene. Nothing could’ve been more sensational and confusingly stupid as that declaration. He claims his arrival was due to the imminent nature of the present situation in TN. But its crystal clear that he finally relented t