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Trickling thoughts - Wattan idea Sarjeee :)

Door opens and roomie enters the house, carrying that aura of sadness and gloom and with a look of a person fed up with the world. (okay..before you proceed any had nothing to do with my imsais) "what happened" "mumble..mumble..mumble...vaazkhaiye sogam" came the reply. "congrats..great news" "Dei...naan enna sonnentu..nee congrats solra?" "enna sonnanu purila..seri..positive newsa thaan irukumnu oru nambikkaila sonnen" "Enda..enna paatha positive news solravan mathirya iruku?? kaduppula irukken..nee vera verupethatha" "Enna machi...y veruppu kaduppu nu TR mathiri pesitrukka? aapeecela problem? pakkathu seat aunty propose panidicha??" "athu onnu thaan kuraichal...enda intha velaikku sernthomnu irukku" "unna recruit pannavanum itheye thaan solitrukannu kelvi patten" "seriousa times..yen itha panrennu enakkay purila..enaku suthama Java pudikala...naan adikar

WMW- Dark Knight Rises

Than muyarchiyil satrum manam thalaraatha Gils is still in search of his elusive good movie in the land of Hollywood. And after three fairly unsuccessful attempts of 3, Saguni and Billa -2, the fourth one was largely on target. But it didnt quite meet the sky high expectations that surrounded it. I wanted to see the movie on an IMAX theater, having never been to one. But wonder would've if my disappointment would've maxed watcihng it on IMAX. I am die hard fan of Christopher Nolan. His movies are like mind games. Be it Prestige or Inception, even Memento for that matter, they are so full of layers and layers and what you see, in many scenes, is not what is given. There will always be a hidden meaning, a cryptic reference, a clue to what is coming and what he might tweak to create a mind blowing scene to follow. The second part of the trilogy, Dark knight, fuelled so much hype into the third one, that it almost killed the movie. Till date i always thought, Lord of the Rings c

Trickling Thoughts - You've got mail

It all started with an innocent one liner mail. "Hi, My application is not working. Can someone please look into it." And then..all hell broke loose. "Hey..i am no longer supporting this. Please dont mark me in loop" Another reply came with somewhat similar content followed by a dozen "Me too"s. The "Me too" flow got broken inbetween by an awakened sage, full of rage. "Hey..stop spamming others mailboxes. Dont reply all. Just mark it back to the sender alone" Just like the monkeys that repeat anything newly taught to them, this mail was followed by sporadic explanatory mails on the usage of "Reply all" option and how one shouldnt abuse it, ofcourse the mail was addressed to all. He even went to the extent of taking screenshots and preparing a word doc on where is the "Reply all" button located and marked it in bright red color with all ambu kuri pointing to it and 'warned" people from using it. One

Trickling Thoughts - To be or not to be

I've always felt that people who have lived abroad for a decent number of years and having come back to India fall under two types - those who are overtly critical of Indian lifestyles and look out for chances to catch the next flight out and those who bring in their experience of living outside and try to simulate the same friendly environment on their home country. When i was talking with my friend, he said, Indian women in general, find it easier to live outside India. The reason being, they dont have the pressure of the tedious norms of our culture that even on its best days are predominantly male chauvinistic. They feel they've more freedom to lead the way they want to live more at abroad than in India. Sila chinna chinna intrusions on their personal space like, what time they get up, what do they wear, what do they eat and cook and how they address or interact with their spouse and friends, in general avanga pesonal life, even after marriage or even while studying, the

WMW - Naan Ee

Intha vaaram Weekend Movie Watchla its "Naan Ee" time :) Oray samayathula tamil, telugu and one more languagela release aagi kalakitrukara movie. The director, Rajamouli, is the hit machine of Andhra. Consecutivea 8 blockbusters he has directed and this one had lot more expectations riding on it. The fact that, Thalai's "Billa-2" got postponed because this one occupied all the theaters speaks for the publicity and hype. Storywise perusa onumilla. Usual revenge-reincarnation matter thaan. For a change hero takes "E" avatharam in his second innings and villaina samhaaram panra kathai. Nyayapadi intha padathuku hero villain thaan. Right from frame one, Sudeep dominates the movie like anything. Herova vara Naani ku romba kammi screen time. Kedacha gapla Samantha va maanju maanju love pannitu mandaiya poturaar. Samantha....avvvvvvvvvvvvv...veyil kaalathuku etha ice cream sundae. Romba alatikkaama...lighta smile..lighta fear nu...kozhantha ennaamaa act p

Trickling Thoughts - Fear factor

The very first outing i went after coming here, made me realise one thing. This is my chance to really come out and try things that i've never even thought about before. A chance to really test the truthfulness of my fears. Many a time i mistake my timidness for fear and didnt even consider so many fun things in life. One such example would be - amusement parks. Never been a big fan of any of those rides, still am. But after coming here and knowing that its the major and main source of entertainment around these places, i had little choice but to participate. I am terrified of heights, but trekking had never been an issue. But somehow, the mighty water scares the wits out of me even from the shores. Always had huge respect for the all powerful sea. Inga vanthu pona first eventay turned out to be water skiing. Bay of Bengal paathu bayanathavanukku Atlantic ocean back watersla athuvum swimming theriyaama water skiing :) I went in with an empty mind and came back with my heart fill

Jillunu oru kaathal kathai :) -10

"Veyil ennama sutterikuthu..shabba..thaanga mudila.." entered Priya with a deep sigh. "Neenga thaana madam ippovay shopping poganumnu single leg la stand panneenga....resign pannathukaaga shopping poi celebrate panna oray aal neeya thaan iruppa" "Hey...oru chinna test. Un facelenthu antha thuppattava edu?' said Ram. "!!?? ok?? en?" "Illa..Azhagaana ponnunga veyil adikarapo mugatha thupatta vachu maraikarathunaala avangala paaka mudiathaa kovathula suriyan micha perai sutterikuthu nu oru poem la padichiruken...ipo veyill soodula oru changeum illangaratha paatha...haioo..amma..pisaasu..en  ipdi killara" "Naan azhagaa illanu nakkal panrathoda matumilaama..atha tabu shankar poem vachu vera solriyaa...pichuuuu" "Paravalaye..Tom Clancy padikara peter nenacha..Tabu Shankarum teriyuma...niceee" "Halloo..he has more girl followers than guys...en ponnungalaam kavithai padika koodatha...elaa pasanugalumay h

Trickling Thoughts - Gilsbert the re"form"er

Intha ooruku vantha first week poora..form fill panna solliye saavadichitaanga. Address register panna oru form..register panna addressa upload panna oru form..SSN ku oru form..athuku register pannitennu oru form..number vantha udanay innoru form..antha form ozhunga poacha check panni another form!!! ippadi full formla en HR team enna verattu verattu nu verattified. "Machi..ithana form epdida track panraanga? ethachum fill panalaina epdi teriya varum?" "Adai..ozhunga ellam submit pannalay salary varumangarathu doubtu thaan..intha detail missing..athu sari illainu 2 months aakiduvaanga..unaku ipdi vera aasa irukka...raasa..nee ethachum sothapina enna thaan uiyredupaanga..ozhunga pannidraa" "Seri..enakaaga ilaatiyum...unakkaaga....NANBEENDAAA" "Kashtakaalam" "hey..aanalum..inga konjam overda...ooruku vanthu..first first login panna systemay Fax machine thaan!! enakenamo xerox kadaila vela paakra mathiriye iruku..." "Paech

WMW - Ground Hog Day

Romba naalachu movie review poatu :) Though have been watching movies by the dozen, not a single one was interesting enough to merit a review. Ellam timepass movies. But this one was pretty interesting. Many a time i've felt that my life is stuck in a rollercoaster portion of the timeline where despite the high's and low's its always on the same track. Every few years it never fails to repeat itself. Be it the same situations or at times even the same characters with surprisingly same names too!! The first thing that stuck me while watching the movie was how the lead character finds himself in such a situation, his frustruations and how he eventually turns them in his favour. Its a story of a Weather forecaster, Bill Murray, who takes up a grudging assignment to cover a not so interesting event of a Hog predicting the weather, a local event. To his dismay he finds himself stuck on the sameday, The Ground Hog day of Feb 2nd, forever. At first he gets scared and tries to

Where is that maanasthan called Gils?!!!

In every parallel universes abound, the maanasthan by the name gils would be declaring Black day today..probably disowning any link to me. Finally, as Arjun says in Mudhalvan movie climax...Ennaiyum arasiyalvaathi aakitaanga :( Kept Rasam today. Surprisingly it was decent enough to taste with little bit less on the salty side. Intha blog aarambicha naal thoattu..silapala topicsla maanavaria mokka potruken...aanaa.... avvvvvvvvvv....ipdi oru post intha blogla varumnu sathiyama naan nenachu kooda paathathilla. Samayal topic!!! athuvum en blogla!!! Let me click publish and login tomorrow to confirm if its a nightmare !!!


A slap in the face wouldnt have hurt more.